Train finally returns after Eden 2 years ago and Eve started to develops some feelings for him. Is it love?!

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Chapter 1 " A Reunion"

It was quiet morning in the Cait-Sith Cafe, where we can spot a Annette viewing sweepers and criminal's record at her laptop. She look around at her customers they were her regular customers coming to her cafe although she felt something was missing and yes it was that high-spirited man name Train Heartnet. He was one of most noisiest customer she ever had always barging at her cafe and starts ordering milk and salmon rice balls not even waiting for his companions. Annette sighed "It has been a 2 years since Train left the group and starts his own journey but i wonder when will he come back?" Annette hate to admit it that she really miss Train not only her but all his allies Sven, Rinslet, and Eve.

Eve...the nanomachine girl that Sven adopted have changed throughout these few years. Ever since she went to school, started to become more like normal teenager. It's good that she have friends in school. Sven had been taking good care of her.

While Annette was organizing the records she didn't seem to notice the door of the cafe open with a Cling. The man with a pair gold eyes smiled and walk toward the counter where Annette is. " Hey can i have some milk and a dozen of salmon rice balls, Annette?" This voice was familiar to her. Annette stop moving her mouse and look at the man in front of her. Her eyes widened in surprise "Train?" she said in a I can't believe it! voice. She even drop her cigarette.

"Who else?"said the spiky ruffled hair man.

Meanwhile, Sven is walking at the street where the path leads tto Cait-Sith Cafee. " I'm so broke i could use a high paying target now..." Sven manage to pay the debt he and Train have but mostly Train's. With that amount of money it was like having a hole in wallet plus he need to pay for the rent of the place he and Eve are staying in and Eve's school tuition too. "Well at least i don't have to worry about me being in debt since that idiot left us behind again he's probably goofing off somewhere" He imagined Train is drinking a bottle of milk with his feline companion at the roof or maybe taking a cat nap who knows! He sometimes never understand Train... He was willing to know why he left the group after the Eden incident back then.

Lost in his thought, Sven wasn't aware that there was man running straight forward him. The man seems to be in a hurry like he was being chase by someone "Outta my way old man!" shouted the man. Sven twitched at the word old man. "I'M NOT AN OLD MAN!" He suddenly recognize this man identity he was on the sweep list. He was Jack Bruce a man who kills his wife and his children merciless because he plan to sell their organ for a high price. He broke out of prison 2 weeks ago, the reward cost 500,000. "500,000 is enough to last a whole month."Sven use his attached-case that shoot out the net that covered the man.

"Aaaahh!" Jack fell hard on ground. He keep on struggling in the net, Sven step closer to Jack "Your coming with me , Jack Bruce" Jack glared at Sven and shouted "In your dreams ,pop!" He use the knife in his pocket and cut through the net. Jack went charging him with a knife on his hand. Sven didn't see this coming and didn't have the time to react. Sven closed his eyes shut waiting for the knife tear his flesh.

BAM! Sven heard a gunshot. "A gun? but wasn't he carrying a knife?" He slowly open his eyes and saw Jack holding his right hand which was sore red. He spotted the knife a few inches away from Jack "Nows my chance!" He use his attached suitcase again but shoot out a wire with a kunai at the end. Jack manage to catch it "Is that the best thing you got!' taunted Jack. Sven smiled and push a button on his suitcase and Jack was electrified by the conduction of the wire and kunai. "Heh, they always fell for it"

Sven heard someone whistled nearby "The old man still got it. Your improving, Sven-chan." Train walk beside Jack's electrified body. "You barbecued him hahah" Train turn his head to Sven staring at him in a shock face. "Hmm? Is there something wrong Sven?" He step forward to Sven and wave his hand in front of Sven's face. "Hellooooo anybody home?"

Sven muttered something "Where..."

"Where?" repeated Train as move closer to hear what Sven is trying to say.

"WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS YEARS, YOU IDIOT?!" yelled Sven at same time punching Train on the face.

Train flew a meter away from Sven. He rubbed his cheek to ease the pain "Ouch! That hurts, Sven. You violent old man!"

"I'm not an old man!" scolded Sven on Train. Train shield himself with his arms for protection " Help! An old man is harassing me. " joked Train.

Many people stared at them thinking their crazy. Sven faced Train and whacked his head "No more jokes... and thanks for saving me back then I owe you"

Train smirked "No prob... come on let's take this guy to the police station and get our rewards already!"

Train's stomach growl. Sven laughed nervously he feels like his wallet is gonna be empty before the month even end.

"Sven, hurry up! I'm hungry..."whined Train as he drag Jack behind him.

Sven sighed "This is gonna be a long day..." as he watched Train smiled in delight.

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