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Chapter 3: "Arrival of the knight"

Train's POV

I finally made it to princess's school thanks to Sven's little map. But the only problem left is the person who is now blocking my way and that person is right in front of me...

"When I said no means no!" said the stern guard at the school gate.

"Oh come on, I just got heeeeeeereeeeeeeeee..." I whined clutching on the bars of the gate.

The guard glared at me. Like any guard I'm probably sure he doesn't want a suspicious person in the school especially he had a gun! Damn it! I forgot to hide my Hades… I groan in frustration "I'm the guard of this school and I can't allow any stranger pass through me!" He clenched his fist into a ball and placed it on his chest.

I look at the guard in disbelief. 'Is he trying to be honourable with me?' "Umm yeah... but I'm not a stranger, I came here to visit a friend"

"Then will you show me your identification ID?" said the annoying guard.

"Here, I don't have any identification ID but will this do?" I handed my sweeper license to the old fellow.

The guard examine my license "Very well you may go-" His eyes widened when he spotted my tattoo. 'Ah crap! You know that my tattoo is one of my trademarks for being the infamous assassin'

"I'll be going now." I was about to enter the gate hoping he'll just let me pass through without any difficulty but unfortunately this guy's arm block the entrance "Great…" I muttered in sarcasm.

"I'm sorry Black Cat if you're planning to ruin the peace in this school you have to go through me" the guard said positioning his posture in battle mode. I can feel the fire burning in that dude.

I sigh "I try to be polite but since you insist." I quickly jump over him and throw a bomb that contained a sleeping gas.

"Aaaaaaahh!" the guard try to cover his nose from the gas but it was too late his eyelids are starting to shut close.

"Since you're doing your job so seriously, I'm going to give you a break" I said looking at the snoring guard.

I smirk as I run towards the school building "I got to hand it to Sven; his invention sometimes can be handy from time to time."

Eve's POV

I went to my classroom put one book that Miki gave me on my bag. I sat on my seat and start reading twilight.

'Don't worry you will be soon'

Miki's word kept on coming on my mind. What does she mean by that? That I'll soon find someone that can love me back.

I took a piece of paper and listed down the male I met:

Sven –I think of him as a dad

Kevin –He's like a big brother to me or a good friend

Creed –He changed but he still creep me out

Jenos-He's womanizer

Lin-He's nice I think we're friends

Leon- We're just friends

The other guys are friends or acquaintances, except doctor and the other apostle who kidnapped me and almost covered the world with nano machine rain!

I look at paper for awhile. I think I forgot someone is missing on the list.

'Princess!' Train's face suddenly flashes in my mind.

"Oh him..." I whispered to myself. 'Train... I never thought about what he is to me. Even though he always childish, can be annoying sometimes when he teased me, I missed him'

'He always saves me when I'm trouble and comforted me when I'm down. He was like a knight to me. He's my knight and I'm his...princess'

I felt my face heats up so I just buried my face behind the book, concentrating on the story.

Too bad my concentration was ruin in just a second by my female classmate's squeal who just came in the door. I almost dropped my book because of that ear piercing scream.

"Kyyaaahh! Have you seen that guy wandering around the school?"

"Yeah! I saw him, he's so hot!"

"What guy?"

"Seriously you're so slow in catching up on information, Stacey"

"Not my fault that I'm not queen of gossip, Jenny"

"Hahah very funny, okay so do you want me to tell what he looks like or not?"

"Of course I want to know!"

They all giggled and squealed at same time and started kicking their legs in excitement while they chatted. I sweat dropped 'Ugh! I really don't understand them a bit. Do they have to make a fuss of some guy who just got lost in the school building or something?'

'I'm so glad Miki wasn't like that. It's a good thing she interested in dogs not in guys'

I sighed 'I think I'm going to read at my favourite reading spot'

I stand up from my seat, took my book and left the classroom.

I couldn't swear I heard them say 'He has spiky brown ruffled hair, catlike slitted eyes, XIII tattoo, and a choker with a bell attached to it' before I left the classroom.

'Impossible! The only person who only had that appearance is Train...'

I stopped walking and quickly went back to my classroom and opened the door loudly. All the heads of my classmate in the room eyed on me but I was too darn curious to find out if this guy really is Train.

I walked straight toward Jenny and Stacey and the other girls that I'm not really familiar with. They all just stared at me in confusion, blinking a few times.

"Ummm... is there something wrong, Eve?" Jenny asked slowly.

"That guy you were talking about, do you know what he is looking for?" I said in a serious tone.

Jenny fidgets a little at her seat "I really don't know but he kept calling out princess all the time"

"Do you where he might be right now?" I try to make my voice more polite, I don't want to be rude.

"He's probably still at the first floor" Jenny said seem to be unsure.

"Thanks a lot" I bowed my head and dash out of the classroom in a speed of light.

Normal POV

The girls look at each other's face, puzzled.

"Why would Eve ask something about the hot guy, isn't she interested on books only?"

"Don't know"

"From the looks on her face I think she know this guy."

"Her brother?"

"Hell no! They don't even look alike, idiot!"

"Maybe that guy is her boyfriend!"

"No way! She can't be that lucky."

"Girls, if you really want know. How about we ask our bookworm friend later?"

"That's a great idea! She might even introduce us to that bishie"

They squeal again together and sighed, daydreaming about their mysterious stranger.

Back to Train

Train stroll around corridor until now he can't find his princess. All girls are gawking at him while the boys are glaring at him because all of the attentions of the girls center to him.

"Princess!" Train called out. He sighed 'I never thought looking for princess is really tough, especially when the people around you are useless...'


Train finally entered the school building and continued to look for Eve. He notices that the entire student's face is on him.

He glance at a group of girls staring at him 'They might know where princess is'

He grinned at them and tries to approach them but they all scream in happiness and ran away some even fainted.

Train sweat dropped "Did I do something wrong?"

Next he tries to some guys around but...

"Excuse me, can you-" Train asked the guy but stopped because he was glaring at him.

"What do you want?" the guy growled at him.

"I'm looking for someone" Train said trying to stop himself from strangling this guy's neck

"Go look for by yourself!" the guy snapped and walked away.

'What's that's guy problem?'

End of Flashback

Train was too busy remembering what he encountered earlier that he wasn't aware that he bumped on someone.

"Ouch!" The girl fell on her butt. Train snapped out from his thought and help the girl up.

"Sorry... my mind was somewhere else."Train apologized, scratching the back of his head.

"No don't be sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going anyway." the girl laughed, dusting off her skirt.

Train examined the girl; she had a shoulder length brunette hair and had pinkish-red eyes like princess but lighter. 'She's not running away from me not like the others. This is my chance!'

He cleared his throat "Do know a girl who just transferred here around two years ago. She had a blond hair and likes to read books"

"You mean Eve?" the girl asked.

"Yup! Are you one of princess's classmates?" Train asked, hoping that he can finally apologize to her and drink some milk.

"Princess?" the girl asked again, confused.

"That's what I called her" Train said, a small tint of blush across his cheeks.

"Oh! Yeah I'm one of her classmate, Miki Taylor" the girl said cheerfully.

Train couldn't but to smile 'Finally! Someone who is nice enough to help me.' "Do you where she is know?"

"I think she's in our classroom 2-A upstairs" Miki said.

"Thanks and here." Train hand her a coupon as he ran to look for the stairs.

Miki look at the coupon "A milk coupon?"

"It will expire in a few weeks so you better use it" Train shouted.

Miki just stood there for a minute "Okay..."

Back to Eve

Eve rush her way to the stairs, panting. Many questions are playing on her mind like:

'Why is he suddenly here in my school?'

'Why Sven didn't call me about this?'

'Did he come here just to see me?'

'If he did, why won't he wait for school to end?'

'What should I say to him?'

Eve's mind was so confused that she didn't pay attention on where she is heading. She bumped on a guy who is carrying many school papers near the stairs.

The papers scattered. Eve lost her balance and was about fall backward to the stairs.

Eve wasn't able to use her nanotech because of the sudden event and because Sven told her not use them in school. All she does right now is close her eyes and wait for her body to crash on the ground.

But for some reason she fell on someone's arm instead on the cold, hard ground.

A familiar voice rang to her ears "Princess, are all right?"

She opened her eyes slowly as her pinkish-red eyes met a pair of golden one.

"Train?" Eve said in a small voice. Her eyelids started close. Before she loses conscious she heard Train whispered something. 'Your knight has return'


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