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"Merlin!" the prince yelled at his manservant that was cuddled up in his thin covers. "Get up, you idiot! It's almost noon." Arthur said as he removed the sheet from Merlin's cold body.

"Ugh, go away." The warlock grumbled into his pillow.

It had been three months since Uther's final decision to let Merlin live. Obviously he had not gotten on the king's nerves since then. The people of Camelot were starting to get used to having a legal magician in the kingdom. Although some disagreed with their king's choice to let Merlin live, while other's liked the idea of him being around. Even the head knight, Sir Leon, was starting to warm up to him a little. The people who tried to pick on Merlin always had to answer to Arthur, which of course made them cower off, cursing under their breaths as they went.

"That I will not!" he said and lifted Merlin by his shirt. As always, the warlock stumbled over his feet. Arthur rolled his eyes at him and pushed him out the door. "Gaius," he greeted. "My friend, Merlin here, needs something to eat before this hectic day." The prince informed the old physician.

Gaius responded quickly, not asking any questions, and shoved Merlin a slice of bread. Arthur grabbed it and forced it in his mouth.

"What are you doing? I can feed myself." Merlin said with his mouth full of dry bread. He was still tired and in a daze. Gaius chuckled at the boys' strangeness. "Why is today going to be hectic, anyway?"

"Aw, well we are going hunting!" Arthur informed a groaning Merlin. "I haven't been hunting in a long time. You've had it easy around here, lately." He slapped the warlock on the back.

Merlin sighed. "I'll go get the horses, sire." Arthur stopped him.

"They are already ready." He told him and dragged him along. "Wave, goodbye to Gaius." He said as though he was talking to a three year old. Merlin just groaned exceedingly loudly.

Merlin and Arthur rode off into the woods with five knights behind them. Arthur thought that having those knights follow them was ridiculous since he had Merlin, but Uther seemed to think that having them around would keep Merlin 'on his toes' so he doesn't try anything 'suspicious', but if it kept Merlin alive, neither one of them would say anything about the knights.

They rode deeper and deeper into the woods before Arthur stopped and jumped off of his horse, followed by his servant and then the knights.

Merlin handed Arthur his crossbow as he crouched down in the underbrush. There were two deer a few feet in front of them. The prince took his aim just before an arrow flew out of nowhere. Arthur drew his sword as did the knights. Merlin was spinning around looking for the attacker. Another arrow flew by, this time hitting a knight in the arm.

"Merlin," Sir Leon called. The young warlock already knew what he was going to say. He was supposed to do what he always does; save Arthur's life along with a few knights of Camelot.

Merlin nodded to him and was filing through every spell that was cemented in his memory. He didn't know who was attacking, and the arrows seemed to have stopped. Unfortunately, about fifteen armed men circled them and enclosed them into a tight group.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Arthur said with his sword still held out even though the bulkiest man had his sword pointing right at the prince.

"You're out numbered, Prince Arthur of Camelot." The man said in his gruff voice. His clothes were patched up and he had a bushy beard that was very unkempt. "We can take you and your men out in a matter of minutes, unless of course you'll do as we say."

Arthur raised his eyebrows. "You've messed with the wrong person." He said cockily. "Are you ready, Merlin?" he thought to his servant that was standing directly behind him.

"More than you think." Merlin thought back.

"And who's going to protect you? If you would look around, Prince Arthur, all of your knights are restrained and unarmed." Arthur and Merlin looked around to see that indeed every man was being held captive by one of this raider's men.

Arthur lowered his sword and stepped aside to let Merlin be seen. The man boomed with laughter. "You're servant? That scrawny, big-eared thing can stop me?" he laughed more and more, and this was getting on Merlin's last nerve.

The young warlock smiled slyly and raised his arm. This made the raider's eyes widen as he started to catch on to what this 'scrawny servant' was. "Ospious grouty hatiourh" His eyes flashed a bright gold and the magic did all the fighting.

First, all of the sword handles got to extreme temperatures making the enemy drop them. This also broke their concentration on holding the knights and they were freed.

Second, a huge gust of wind was conjured. The treetops rustled and its leaves shook, threatening to fall on top of their heads. The wind flew the raiders back deeper into the woods or up against trees, knocking them out cold.

Finally, the worst was over. The knights retrieved their swords and just stared at Merlin with amazement, and perhaps fear as well. Arthur seemed to be the only one who was completely fine and wasn't shocked.

"What?" he asked his men. When no one answered Arthur rolled his eyes. "You're scared of Merlin? Merlin?" he sighed with frustration. "I'm not even scared of him, for goodness sakes! And he's my servant, that was right under my nose the whole time!" he argued and shook his head. "We're riding back to Camelot." He said and jumped back on his scared horse.

Merlin rode right by his as he usually did and began talking, or thinking. "You know you didn't need to say that."

"Yes I did. You're my friend and they need to start understanding that you have the kingdom's full trust, warlock or not."

"Thanks, Arthur."

"Don't start getting all mushy on me, Merlin, or I'll have you thrown in the stocks!"

The 'talking' ended after that followed by the two of them laughing loudly at their little inside conversation. This got them strange looks form the men riding behind them. They also couldn't help but laugh at the knights as well.

They arrived back to Camelot twenty minutes later. Merlin went back to his chambers when Arthur went to see his father.

"How was the hunt?" Gaius asked.

"Horrible, we got attacked." He said with a yawn, acting like it was an everyday thing. Merlin laid back in a wooden chair. Gaius looked very concerned despite Merlin's casual tone to the subject. "Don't worry," he said as he raised his hands defensively. "I took care of it as always, just I get the credit now." He closed his eyes hoping for some well deserved rest.

"Merlin," Gaius started before the door flew open.

"Merlin, you have a job." It was Arthur. "My father is in need of assistance from the only sorcerer in Camelot."

"Oh, great," He groaned. Uther had been ordering him around more than Arthur had ever done. He always wanted Merlin to see if some crimes were caused my magic or if he could fix something that was unfixable without magical assistance- sorry 'if' was the wrong word to use. More like ordered or threatened him to fix something or it would be the stocks or worse…

"Let me guess, more griffins on the loose or another girl who enchanted you and tried to sacrifice you." Merlin asked with a hint of malice.

"No, it's not… wait, what girl?!"


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