Engagement Sex

Laying back on the bed in the hotel room they had booked in Wales Meredith was content, the shiny diamond ring sparkling off the third finger of her left hand. Derek had finally put it on her finger when they had stopped cuddling and kissing, they had watched the sunrise and then started their decent down the mountain.

Derek had bandaged her ankle and placed it back in the boot, luckily it supported the sprain rather then made it worse, and so she had been ok walking back down, needing to lean on Derek when it was more of a rough trail.

Never in a million years had Meredith though that she would want to get married, but when the challenge had come about she had thought of nothing more than she wanted to do. Derek made her happy and nothing was going to change that.

He had been down at the desk in the lobby for ages, Meredith had wondered where he was, and her question was answered moments later when he came in the room with a tray balanced on his hand as he opened the door.

"Derek what is all this?" She smiled as she sat up from the bed and took him in.

"I thought we could use a little celebration, hope you don't mind?"

"Not at all, I'm famished actually." Her stomach growled for effect.

"Who wouldn't be after what we have just done, it will be all I can talk about for a while." Derek murmured while setting the tray down and smiling at her.

There was another knock on the door and Derek disappeared as he rushed to answer it, coming back in the room after saying his thank you to the hotel staff he held two champagne flutes in one hand and a bottler of champagne in the other.

"We are pushing the boat out aren't we Dr Shepherd."

"Only for you Dr Grey." He bent over her and kissed her quickly but firmly before standing again to pop the cork on the bottle.

He poured out the champagne and offered Meredith a glass.

"Are you trying to take advantage of me, Dr Shepherd?"

"Of course, Dr Grey" Derek says before kissing her, Meredith accepts his kiss, Derek grabs her glass off her, and putting it on the bedside cabinet, has Meredith laid down on the bed, and Derek was on top of her, kissing her, running his hands through her hair, Meredith moans into his mouth, just has her stomach rumbles, Derek laughs, before rolling off her.

"I think someone needs some food", Derek says helping her up.

"I'm sorry" Derek kisses her.
"Eat up, and we can celebrate after" Derek tells her has she tuck in, he was always surprised at how much she ate when now, considering how slender she was. He kissed on the head, and went into the en-suite, he started running her bath, pouring in some bubble bath, and setting up candles around the bathroom, especially for his fiancée, the word fiancée made him smile.

"Derek, what are you doing?"

"I will out in a moment Mer" he called back after checking the water, and turning it off, before walking back into the bedroom, to find Meredith had eaten everything that he had ordered.

"Hungry, Mer"

"I am sorry, I really was famished"

"I can see that Mer" Derek holds his hand out of her, which she takes and Derek pulls her up, and covers her eyes with his hand.

"What is that for?"

"You will find out" Derek says making her walk toward and into the bathroom, once Derek removes his hand; she sees the candles, and the bath.

"Just for you Mer"

"Thank you" Meredith gasps, turning to face him, and kisses him hard.

"Are you going to join me Dr Shepherd?"

"Not this time Dr Grey, this is for you to relax in, I need to you relaxed for the rest of the evening" Derek said kissing her, and then leaving her alone in the bathroom, she looked around the bathroom, and she couldn't believe what he had done. Once she was in the bath, she couldn't stop looking at the ring again, that he put there only hours before, and it felt like it had been there forever.

When she climbed out of the bath, wrapping the towel around her, she exited the bathroom, has she walked into the bedroom, she gasped in surprise.

There were candles everywhere, she thought there was enough in the bathroom but this was even better, on the bed side tables, on the windowsill, all over the room, Derek was sat on the bed relaxed against the pillows, wearing nothing except his black boxers, hands behind his head smiling over at Meredith.

He held out his hand to her then so that she would join him on the bed, she did so with ease, after joining him on the bed she was handed another fresh glass of champagne, looking around before asking her question.

"Derek how did you do this?"

"Hotel management can be persuaded very well and this was all forward planned."

"What? How did you forward plan this?"

"You nodded off in the car on the way here and I called ahead to ask for a favour, this favour."

"Derek what am I going to do with you?"

"Whatever you want to do with me Mer, you can do what ever you want."

She kissed him then, urgent and intense, he kissed he back just as hard, managing to take the glasses from their hands and putting them on the bedside table, but finding that they had fallen short and had spilled on the floor.

Shrugging his hands found their way to her wet hair and he wove his fingers into it while he felt Meredith rake her fingers down his chest, pain mixing with pleasure as the kiss intensified even more, tongue exploring each others mouths.

Managing to free one of his hands from her hair, reached down and untied the knot in the towel that was holding it up, watching as it fell from her, exposing her slender form. He reached to cup the weight of her breast, before stroking her nipple until it was erect and she was moaning into his mouth and gasping for air.

He flipped her on to her back then and felt her legs kick round the back of his legs instinctively pulling him and keeping him there so he couldn't move away from her she didn't want to let him go at all. He was hers.

And there was nowhere else he wanted to be, he leant down to her erect nipple, taking it in his mouth, flicking and massaging her nipple with his tongue, and with his free hand he was cupping and stroking her other nipple, before giving it the same attention that he had the other, Meredith was moaning loudly as he worked his way over her stomach, and down to her navel, he ran his tongue inside her belly button, before continuing to work his way down, until he reach her clit, his tongue teased her clit.

"Oh..." Mer moaned, causing Derek to suck that little harder, has Meredith whole body start to shake, has her first orgasm of the night overcame her.

"DEREK" she screamed has she came,, Derek licked her clean, before working his way back on, a light suck here and a little nip there until Mer pulled him up to her, kissing him deeply, tasting herself in his mouth, has he flipped him over to his back, leaving her on top. Derek wrapped his arms around her tightly so she couldn't move, and only pulling away when coming up for air, before crashing their lips together once again.

"I love you" Derek murmurs against Mer mouth quietly, as she started to kiss his neck then on to his earlobe attacking it with nips and licks and sucks, then moving back to his neck as she murmured "I love you more."

Giggling slightly as she moved her way down his body, tracing her fingers up and down his sides, feeling him flinch and writhe under the pressure she was changing and exerting on his sides, her mouth was sliding over his body now, while her hands trace the patterns her tongue was making before she reached his hips.

She bit each of his hips tenderly and began to pull his boxers away from his waist, a little more urgent now as she moved to him, watching as his erection sprang free, jutting up towards her mouth as if it was taunting her to take it in her mouth.

Which she did slowly at first grazing him slightly with her teeth, then sucking just the tip of his cock, hard and fast before slipping all of him into her mouth, back and forth up and down then circled her tongue on his shaft.

Derek writhed and bucked up to her mouth his reverie wearing thin, as he was felt himself becoming closer to the edge, Meredith's mouth worked wonders with him, and he could never get enough of her, how he didn't take the on one of the mountains was beyond him, just to find a secluded spot where he could be with her.

Her mouth took him in once again and he was focused again, so many thoughts going on all at once, but he was back with her now as she worked her tiny mouth up and down his ever seemingly growing cock, his hot seed rising threatening to spill.

Her mouth mobbed faster using her tongue and the expertise of her mouth, which was it now, he was moaning and ready to explode.

"Jesus Meredith, how do you do that?" Derek panted.

"Fuck Meredith you are going to make me cum."

He let out a loud roar of satisfaction as he spilled over the edge and into her mouth.

"MEREDITH, FUCK MEREDITH." Meredith smiles, as she licked him clean, as her hand ran up his leg, and grabbed his balls, causing Derek to pull her up to him.

"What are you trying to do Dr Grey?"

"Nothing" Meredith looks at him innocently. Derek once again captured her lips in his, as he rolled her back over, and Meredith ran her hand up and down his shaft, her touch giving him and instant erection, Meredith indistinctively opened her legs, causing his cock to fall in between her legs, and at the tip of her core.

"Make love to me Derek"

Derek reaches over to the side of the bed, for a condom, and rips the package open, and Meredith helps to put it on him, Derek dips his cock inside of her before pulling out slowly, teasing her, enjoying it.



"Stop doing that, I need you, I want you" Derek smirks and enters her, filling her up, he kisses her, Meredith raised her hips off the bed, causing him to go deeper, has he starts to move inside of her, slowly.

The heat that absorbed them was intense, as Derek moved on top of Meredith, slowly deeply, using his control to keep the same pace, pulling her fingers across his back and scratching as the pleasure inside her body grew.

Derek was losing his control and the thrusts began to get faster and deeper, Meredith wrapped her legs around his waist making him enter her even deeper moaning at the feeling of their bodies molding together as one.

"Oh god Der, I need you, faster."

He moved faster still letting him fall to the edge before stopping and slowing to calm a little making sure that Meredith had all the pleasure she needed.

"Der don't stop."

"I need to slow Mer or I'm gonna cum."

"Deeper then, deeper."

He did as he was asked, thrusting in deep and pulling out so that he could give her the same again, but couldn't keep it going for long, he felt Meredith's walls tighten as she closed the gap on oblivion.

"Oh shit Der I'm coming, I'm coming Der."

Faster and harder he pumped, riding out her waves as he sent her into another one, as he came as well, letting out a satisfying roar as Meredith screamed in pleasure.



Falling back against the pillows as Derek fell to the side of Meredith, they lay their panting, enjoying the fact that they had done the challenge they had set them selves and they were spending the rest of their lives together.