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Hey everybody looks like was able to update this quicker then I thought. Okay like I said in the ending of chapter 8 of my other story this will be a naruto x xion,hinata,tenten, haku, anko, tayuya, rinoa, kyuubi ,konan and mizukage. Now the only summoning naruto will get in this one will be the gyrados contract. Remember the entire council willed be filled with dick heads. Kushina and the uzumaki clan will be bashed in this story. They will probably be introduced in chapter 3.

Alright let's get on with the show

It was a beautiful night in konoha, the moonlight was beautiful, the stars in the night was beautiful. Now the only problem that we see here is a 6 year old little boy running from a mob.

Naruto uzumaki, born on October 10 was running for dear life. Why was he running you ask, well it may have something to do with the mob that's trying to kill him. Ever sense he was born, villagers hated and ridiculed him for being a container of one most powerful bijuu, kyuubi. He was currently running like hell from them.

"Get back hear kyuubi"

"Demon ill kill you"




As naruto ran he found a alley way and went through only to be cornered at a dead end. The mob was closing in as naruto huddled in the corner

"Why cant they leave me alone?" naruto thought as he heard a deep feminine voice in the back of his head

"Kit kill them." The voice said as naruto felt a large amount of chakra forming in his chest.

"what?" naruto thought

"Kill them kit I've given you some of my chakra that has formed in your chest." Unleash when I say now if you want to live." The voice said as it mentally counted down

"3…. 2… 1…. NOW!" the voice said as naruto unleashed a chakra blast sending the civilians flying through the alley way.

"Wow." Naruto thought felling the energy he unleashed.

"That my kit was a jutsu called chakra blast it unleashes a large amount of chakra at one time. Use it when you need to protect yourself". The voice said as it went quite. An ambu member with the mask snake came up to naruto and said.

"Naruto uzumaki, you are to come with me to the hokage office immediantly." The ambu said with naruto nodding his head and following her.

Council room

"I KNEW IT, I KNEW WE SHOULD HAVE KILLED THAT LITTLE DEMON THE MINUTE HE WAS BORN!" a civilian council member yelled getting yells of shouts and aprovels from inside the room.

I knew we should have killed that little monster years ago." Tsume yelled getting nods and yelles of agreement from the shinobi side

" I call for a vote to banish the little freak banishment." Koharu said getting yells of approvment.

"I call the vote who hear wants the demon banished from konoha out of konoha." A fat ugly civilian member asked getting hands raised by all of the civilian council and danzo.

"Those who disapprove." She said getting no hands of disagreement.

"Alright then the vote is final we will go to sarutobi's office and tell him of our decision." Said the same fat civilian said as he danzo, koharu and the rest of the council went to the hokages office.

In sarutobi's office

Sarutobi was talking to one of his long time friends from the past xemnas, the hakumei kage of twilight village. he wore a ying yang robe with black spiked thunder, he had silver spiked hair. While they were talking

"So sarutobi tell me what did you want to talk about." Xemnas asked. Sarutobi was about to answer when the council busted in the room.

"Hokage-sama we have come to a decision we demand that the demon known as naruto uzumaki be banished from konoha." Danzo said but he immediantly paled when he saw xemnas shocked eyes

"Did you just say naruto uzumaki?" xemnas asked letting his chakra slightly flare. A ugly civilian however decided to push his patience

Yeah we are banishing the little demon what of i-

He never got the chance to finish that word cause a chackra like saber made out of chakra stabbed him straight through his chest.

"HOW DARE YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTAREDS BANISH MY NEPHEW?!" at this everybody was shocked naruto uncle was the kage of another village!

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" YOU LIED TO ME " xemnas said pointing directly at danzo who was fuming

"You mean he's my godson?!" tsume said shocking everybody even further.

"That's right my true name is xemnas uzumaki, brother of kushina uzumaki.!" Naruto my nephew son of minato and kushina namikaze." Xemnas said to everybody.

The civilians, shinobi council and elder council was scared now. They just banished the last namikaze in the village. the last one with the namikaze bloodlimit. ( the bloodlimits from naruto from the darkness to the light).

He then looked at sarutobi and said

"Where's my nephew?" xemnas asked sarutobi was about to answer that when the door opened and the ambu was carrying naruto on her back.

"I brought young uzumaki-san here hokage sama." Snake said as she shushined away. Naruto looked at xemnas and asked

"Who are you." Naruto asked xemnas smiled and said

"Hello naruto, my name is xemnas uzumaki and im your uncle."xemnas said shocking naruto

"I have a uncle!." where have you been?" why haven't you come for me. Naruto said on the verge of tears.

"Im so sorry naruto, I didn't know you were still alive. "I was told you died by a certain old fart I know." Xemnas said looking at danzo.

if you want I could take you to my village ." It would seem that your dumbass council had decided to banish you just for defending yourself." Xemnas said with naruto getting mad

"fine if this village can't appreciate me then I will just leave. Naruto said getting a nod of approvement from sarutobi.

"NO.!" HE CANT LEAVE NOT WITH OUT GIVING US A CHILD FOR THE VILLAGE." danzo yelled getting nods of approvment from the civilian side and the shinobi of the council, while sarutobi side looked at them like their were stupid.

"Shut up danzo." Because of you naruto wasn't able to have a family for the first six years of his life, and I could have you charged with treason just for that. Sarutobi said shutting danzo up

"Alright naruto you could go with your uncle, but promise me that naruto will come back to take the chunin exams, he doesn't have to join the village if he doesn't want to." Sarutobi said as he handed xemnas a scroll of jutsu and how minato blood line worked.

"Alright old man I'll see you in six years." Naruto said as xemnas opened a portal through the darkness as they stepped in. a they watched naruto go through the portal tsume had one thought going in her mind,

"Naruto. What have I done." Tsume said as she had tears in her eyes

Twilight village

Xemnas stepped through the portal with naruto. They ended strait into his office building. They walked up to the secretary as she told them.

"Hakumei kage- sama you have received a letter from he uzumaki clan." His secretary said as she handed him the letter.

Dear xemnas

"Hello my son". We have received a little from knoha stating that naruto really was the son of the fourth hokage. "That being said we of the uzumaki clan wish to reinstate you and naruto as full fledged members of the uzumaki clan".

Jack uzumaki, kushina uzumaki, and Jessie uzumaki

Xemnas finished reading the letter and crumbled it and through it in the trash can.

"Uncle." What did the letter say?" naruto asked

" naruto. The uzumaki's and your mother want me and you back into the clan." Xemnas said getting a shcked look from naruto

"My mother is still alive?!" why hasn't she come for me? Why did they abandon me? Why?" naruto asked getting sad and mad at the fact that noe his family wants him back after all these years.

"Don't worry narut they wont get you. None of them not even your own mother could beat me in a battle anyway." Xemnas said assuring naruto that he will be safe.

"Alright uncle." Naruto said following xemnas to his new home."

Alright people that's it for this chapter now I know I put things differently know but trust me it will get better later in the story. Now as a last second decision I have decided to turn this into a harem. So ja-ne.

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