Khimera Awaken

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Summary: What if instead of recruitng Slade, Trigon tried to posses Beastboy and found that the "Dumb Shape-shifter" is more then anyone could have guessed. Takes place about a month before Raven's Birthday.

Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

non-demonic Higher Beings will change depending on mood

It seemed like any other day for Beastboy. It was early and he was still asleep. Then suddenly something seemed to be attacking his mind. He clutch his head, kept squirming about his bed causing him to fall off, and tried to scream but the pain itself stopped him. He could smell something that could only be described as evil. Most would find the smell unbearable with his heighten senses, but he had smelled it or something similar to it on more then one occasion one in particular. Although near unnoticeable most of the time, was a certain half-demon on his team. This presence he could already tell was Ravens' father, Trigon the Terrible.

'You are an interesting one, most mortals wouldn't have been able to hold off at all.' Trigon said directly into his mind and sounded somewhere between amusement, interest, and slightly impressed.

'Well how many mortals do you know of having green skin and can change into animals?' was Beastboy's retort

'Haha, true and that is why I choose you for this.' Trigon sounded like he was enjoying Beastboy's pain, and with his history, he most likely was.

'What, starting the prophecy so you can come through and take over the world?' He seemed to be stating this ragther then asking it.

'How do you know of the prophecy?' Trigon was curious now, he knew for a fact Raven hadn't told any of her friends about prophecy, so how did this boy know of it.

'Ha Higher-beings, you and mortals have one thing in common.' Now Beastboy sounded amused about something before he felt the pain increase.

'And what is that?' Trigon all but snarled at this, as he hated being compared to mortals.

'You both assume that animals are unintelligent and stupid, when every animal knows that Raven is your daughter and what you plan to.(1)' Beastboy smirked at this.

'Hmm, I guess you'd be right there, but enough talk its time to end this, Garfield Logan.' Trigon said increasing his attack on the changelings mind.

Beastboy had one last thing to say before Trigon got into his mind, 'Thats where your wrong. I'm not Garfield Logan, and when you meet him, you best hope he appreciates what you unintentionally did, Trigon The Terrible.' This confused Trigon but he ignored it thinking that the boy was trying to scare him. That was before he was dragged into the depths of the boy's mind


Raven was asleep in her room and it would be obvious to any on looker that she was having a nightmare. It was a nightmare that she had every so often, but this one was different. Her standing on a tower, the city destroyed, fires every where, the bay turned to lava, and streets red with blood. This time Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg were still alive but dieing and calling out to her for help. She rushed to try and save them, but someone grabbing her arm stopped her. She looked and saw a figure covered in shadows. All she make out were the four red glowing eyes.

"Trust me." The figure seemed to hiss this out.

She looked back and saw her friends consumed by the flames "NOOO!" She screamed. She looked back at the figure, who was laughing like mad. "Trigon." She said venomously. The figure stepped forward as the shadow and eyes faded to reveal green skin, eyes, and hair. "Beastboy?" She said in shock, fear, and confusion. The response she got was him giving a final laugh before shoving her off the edge and into the fire below. She screamed at the top of her lungs, before she finally woke up, panting.(2)

Looking around seeing everything was normal, for her room any way, she tried to calm down. 'Just a dream, it wasn't real.' She repeated this several times. 'Why, oh god why did that have to be Beastboy?' Raven asked herself with tears starting to building up, as the image kept replaying itself in her head. Unlike most people Raven got a response. 'Raven, are you, ok?' One of her emotions asked

'Yeah Brave, I'm fine.' Raven wasn't a very good liar sometimes especially to herself.

'I doubt that considering whats going on in here.' Brave said sorrowfully.

'W-whats going on?' Raven was almost to scared to ask.

'Well, I DON'T want a fight right now, Happy is quiet and not smiling, Knowledge isn't reading or using big words when she talks, Wisdom is barely talking and giving straight forward answer, Rude is thinking about doing a little cleaning, Love is silently cring, Lust is covering herself up and not making vulgar sex related statements and well... you may want to look through mirror to see Timid and Rage.' Brave answered sadly.

Raven had been getting more and more shocked that her emotions were acting the opposite of what they usually did. She went to her mirror with a sense of dread. As she looked into the mirror, she focus on Timid. She was at the exit of the maze and she had collapsed right there. The statue was looking at her and she stared right back, but not with fear, just dead eyes as though she didn't care if she lived or died. 'Timid... can you hear me?' Raven asked worriedly.

Timid only asked 'Wou-would he really do that? Does he-he hate us that much?' her voice just added to the broken look.

'Timid, I don't think Beastboy hates us at all.' Raven tried to reassure.

'Why wouldn't he? After all we put him through?' Her voice seemed even more broken.

'He never been mad at us about that before.' Raven reasoned.

'He never SEEMED mad, but you never seem to care about anyone even though you do.' Timid seemed almost angry, but at herself or Raven, Raven wasn't sure.

Raven paused before saying sincerely 'Timid I promise, if Beastboy hates us, then I'll do anything I have to make him forgive us.'

This seemed to help because Timid's eyes were no longer dead and had some hope in them. 'Thanks Raven.'

Raven then turned her attention to Rage. The first thing she notice was instead of struggling against her bonds, she was sitting against statue giving her enough length to hug her legs to her chest. 'Rage?' Raven called out. Rage lifted her unhooded head to show normal purple eyes with tears.

'Raven... I'm sorry.' Rage said, shocking Raven to her core, Rage NEVER apologised for ANYTHING.

'Rage what's wrong?' Raven was seriously confused.

'It's Trigon I tried to stop him but I couldn't. He was to strong. I'm sorry Raven, I'm so sorry.' Rage seemed more like Timid with a red cloak now.

'Rage calm down, what did he do?' Raven had bad feeling in her gut about this.

'It's the reason you had that nightmare. He-' Raven cut in at this.

'What, is he trying to get me to turn against my friends.' Raven was getting more and more worried.

'No, hes going to posses Beastboy and use him to make us complete the prophecy.' Rage broke down at this.

'WHAT?' All the emotions, will upset, came to hear what could possibly make Rage act like this. They all shared one thought 'This can not happened!'.

Without another word Raven ran out of her room straight to Beastboy's room. The closer she got, the more of Trigon's power she felt.(A.N. I have no idea how far away their rooms are.) She didn't even bother knocking and used her power to fade right through it. What she saw nearly killed her. Beastboy was on the floor, twisting about in pain(3) She rushed over and tried to help but it did little at all. A moment later, there was a black flash from her powers and she and Beastboy disappeared.


'Hmmmm, so the Traitor is no longer on the throne. I guess I'll let the Demon go this one time.' A being chuckled in the dark 'Ah and Demon's daughter is has come well I hope the others don't scare her to much will shes here, though, I wunder(?) how she'll take the truth.'

End of Chapter

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1. Its an animal thing.

2. I got this idea from 'Lion King 2', which I do NOT own.

3. is just before the end of the beginning conversation between Beastboy and Trigon.

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