Khimera Awaken

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Raven groggily opened her eyes, her head aching. She found that she was in a dark room made of stones. With the little lighting provided by nearby torches and her mind still clearing, it took her a moment to realize she was bound and upside down. She looked upwards, to her feet, to see a brown substance that resembled dried mud or clay covering her body from the neck down. To her continued surprise, she found nothing holding her up. She wasn't against a wall nor was anything below or above her. She found out something else as well.

She noticed her emotions, Fear, Hate, and Vulgar nearby and in similar states. To her dismay, they all seemed to still be unconscious. The memories of the fight came back to her quick enough, leaving her to wonder what Khimera's Wisdom had against her or his fellow emotions. Despite the situation, she couldn't help realizing how odd Khimera's emotions were. She couldn't tell if they got along or just put up with each other. Not to mention her brief look at Khimera himself.

Shaking her head of those thoughts, she returned to her current situation and tried to concentrate, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," She chanted as her powers engulfed her cocoon. Just as it would have broken the cage of earth, the black energy broke. Instead of fading, however, they flew forwards, converging at some spot in the dark room.

"Hmm, was hoping for a sample of your magic," Insight muttered, stepping out of the room's darkness, his brown hood covering most of his face. He gave off the impression of an elder or cripple with the way he walked with a hunch and his staff tapping the ground with an echo.

"Insight," Raven said as she registered who he was, the others starting to stir from their sleep.

"Raven," Insight greeted grumbly with a nod, "I'd ask if this was Fear's idea if I didn't already know," He said, turning to the others slightly.

"As all-knowing as ever, Shit Coat," Vulgar said with a grin, earning him a whack from Insight's staff, "Fucker!"

"Why did you leave him mouth open?" Fear asked sleepily, still tired from his transformation.

"You weren't even there, you insufferable piece of garbage," Insight said distastefully, ignoring Fear's question.

Hate spoke up before Vulgar could, "Ignoring the walking dump yard for the moment, what the Hell was that about? I get sicking a few monsters on us, tradition and all that, but fucking Wicked Scaries? Made of metal? Were you trying to kill them?" Hate yelled in rage.

Raven sweatdropped at that, 'It's tradition for them to do stuff like that?' she thought in amazement.

"Do you care?" Insight asked, shocking all of them, "Can you honestly say you cared if I was actually trying to kill the half-breed?" he asked coldly, getting wide eyes from Raven and her flock of emotions.

"Insight," Wisdom whispered, almost whimpering.

"This coming from the guy that told us to turn back? Come on, when was the last time you put up a warning? Four, five years ago?" Fear asked with a smirk.

"Your games won't work on me Fear, nor the one you played on Hate to get him to help you this time," Insight warned as Fear looked startled, "Didn't think I was watching?"

"What game?" Knowledge asked curiously.

"Yeah, he just asked," Happy pointed out.

"Wrong, childish one," Insight countered, "If you recall, he said he had one reason Hate should help him."

"Insight, stop," Fear said, sounding worried.

"What you don't know is what his body language was telling Hate at the time," Insight continued without pause.

"Shut up, Wiseass!" Hate yelled.

"The lengthening claws and pointing of his eyes suggested that if Hate didn't help him, he'd do the job himself and kill you, Raven," Insight finished as the entire room went silent as his words sank in.

Raven shakingly looked at Fear, "Is...Is that true?" She asked as Fear adverted his eyes

Khimera's Hell

The mythological-named shapeshifter watched the scene through his portal with interest. Insight always had a rather annoying personality. He was wise, yes, but was a bit too harsh with some things. He seemed to enjoy watching others react to harsh truths, like a grouchy old man that loved seeing young people lose their innocence to cruel realities. Not one of Khimera's favorite counterparts, he'll admit. Still, Insight wasn't inherently cruel, so Khimera couldn't help pondering on why he revealed that to Raven. And calling her a half breed...was he stating fact offhandly or hurtfully? 'I've been distant from them for so long that I'm having trouble grasping their intents,' Khimera realized with a sigh.

He returned his attention to a sleeping Demina in his lap, her head on his shoulder as her wings tried to 'hug' him, for lack of a better term, 'Well, a cute little demonic angel is the best company that I've had in...ever,' He thought to himself humorously, smiling lightly at her as she snored softly. Staring at her, Khimera couldn't help gaining a new loathing for the Azarathians. He was no fan of Trigon, make no mistake, but his creation could never have been possible without them. No, what he loathed was that they did this to Demina. They nearly broke her for being Raven's demon half. They threw her into a Hell too similar to his own not to emphasis with her. What Innocence did in fear, they did in the dogmatism that anything dark must be reprobative, 'These mortals can be so repulsing...'

He took a deep breath to calm himself. Brooding for him never did much good, and it'd do worse with Raven and Trigon in him. He felt Demina's wings twitch as she started to awake. Mortals weren't all bad, he decided. After all, Raven was half mortal and Demina wouldn't be herself without that, "Have a nice sleep?" He asked softly, getting a nod, "We need to talk," He said seriously, getting her full attention quickly.

Intellect's Laboratory

Intellect sighed as he put Rage in a make shift bed comprised of a semi-solid gelatinous blue-colored substance, an anti-gravity device, and his cloak as a cover. He hoped she didn't ask just what that blue stuff was, he really did. Last thing he needed was her vomit on his lab floor after he just cleaned it. He took a quick glance around and found it was clean- or cleaned as in everything was where he wanted it, which seemed messy to others.

Still, the destruction of his lab gave him something to do while he waited on the others to come get the Red Raven. It also gave him an excuse to mess with his old experiments a little, bringing his usual smile back, which is how he found the stuff he used for the bed any way. There were also a few dangerous devices he'd like to keep out of Rage's hands. 'Like the White-Hole generator. Or the Energy-Mass converter. Or the frogs with laser vision. Or the...,' Intellect decided that he had a lot of theoretically dangerous experiments, organic and mechanical, that may damage his domain in the wrong hands. While none of his fellow emotions were stupid, crazy, or smart enough to do it- Raven's angry side might not be so sharp.

He also found a few books he had left out as of late from the library section of his domain. Most on half-demons, 'Maybe I should put these up?' He thought to himself, looking at A Million and One Ways to Cook Half-Demons, 'Than again, I wonder what a being of fury looks like when scared?' He thought with a small chuckle.

Cheerful's Plain

Courage grunted as he carelessly dropped Innocence's bound form on the ground. He had been lugging the 'piece of shit' from the Forest of Fear to his own desert and onto here-The Plain of Cheerful. All around, it wasn't a bad place. It was a long flat area with tall grass, a few trees, ponds, and a rare hill every now and then. It was a good rest stop between domains, even Hate agreed with that. No one stayed long though, the sky blue emotions of happiness weren't a group you wanted to stay near. Especially Cheerful, the Alpha Cyan.

It wasn't that they were annoying, exactly. It was that these emotions played rough, 'It's amazing the fun you can have when you won't die,' Courage mused, shuddering slightly. He really hoped Cheerful had...lef-

"AHHHH!" Innocence screamed, causing Courage to turn around and see the eternally grinning emotion of Khimera, Cheerful. He was crouching over a groaning Innocence, smiling delightfully at the pained traitor.

"Awww, you brought me a present!" Cheerful said happily.

End of Chapter

There you have it. Short, I know, but this was a bit of a recap for us all and a little revealing. Also, my beta pointed out that Reprobative isn't recognized by Word- it essentially means amoral or damned by God. Now, for my old Questions to Ponder- Is Insight Lieing? If not, why did Fear plan it? Does KKhimera and his emotions truly care for Raven? What does Khimera want to talk to Demina about? What else does Intellect have in his Labrary? Why does he have those books any way? What did you all think of Cheerful? Lastly, your opinions on Khimera and his individual emotions?