Supernatural & Grey's Anatomy

The Crisis

"I have many names. I used to go by Jamie Roland, Danny Grove or Andy Robinson. But you will either know me as John Winchester or Denny Doucette. These are the names that I have lived a long time by. Either my whole life, John Winchester. Or the last few months of my life as Denny Doucette where I fell in love with this amazing girl at Seattle Grace Hospital. Isobel Stevens.

Now it seems I'm back. You see this amazing girl has cancer and her tumour seems to be brining me back from the dead. She thinks it's her tumour anyway, I know better. I'm actually here with her. It's great, but dangerous.

I need my sons here. Sam and Dean Winchester. They'll know what to do. The cancer may not go away, and God I hope it will, but I can't be here. I'm here because some sort of demon or evil spirit is after her also. She doesn't know it, but that is why I have been sent to her. To protect her. But of course I can't protect her as a ghost.

When I'm not here, I try to warn them. But they're either hunting demons or arguing. Not that I blame them, it's a serious time, and can cause tension.

But this is important, not just to me, otherwise I will not have been sent and she will be allowed to die. But no she can not die. She is important to the world, and she doesn't even know it. She needs to fight it. She can not die.

I'm sure you've guessed by now that Lilith is after her. If you haven't, well unfortunately no it's not to play tea-parties and dollies. Izzie is so innocent and kind-hearted she'll fall for Lilith's little act. My sons' job. Kill Lilith before she gets to Izzie or save Izzie anyway

Why, you ask? Because she is one of the seals, which must be broken in order for Lucifer to escape from the fiery depths of hell."

Hey, this is it and I really hope you like it :) I don't know when it will be posted. In Grey's Anatomy Izzies cancer may have disappeared, or Izzie might not be around (:)) and in Supernatural all the seals may have been broken or they have been saved.

But right now it's 17th May 2009, so none of that has happened yet so I can write this :). I won't be posting now, but I got the idea into my head and had to write it.

Whenever I post, hope you enjoy :) - I think I shall be keeping it as a one-shot because I've lost all idea for this but I quite like it so .. Yeah, I'll just post it randomly. :)