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Part One

A thousand years ago, there was a war to end all wars. Between the Key Bladers and the Knights of Lucifer, who had a deep grudge between one another? It was between 1,000 Bladers and 15,000 Knights, and the Key Bearers' numbers were quickly diminishing in the fierce battle between good and evil. They were beginning to fall back to the safety of their mountains, for they were fighting a lost battle. But six people remained behind, the three legendary Key Bladers and the three Guardians. In the end, they combined their powers together to create the most pure of magic. The Bladers combining Light, Dark, and Twilight, but they knew the sacrifices on using this much power. They wanted….no, needed to stop the Knights from destroying everything dear to them. The Guardians couldn't do anything to stop them from sacrificing themselves to end this war. "Don't do it! Please, I beg of you!" one of the Guardians called to her lover.

"It's the only way to stop them…Please be safe, and take care of our baby!" one of the Bladers called back, Twilight to be specific. The eldest Guardian put her hands on her stomach while a single silent tear ran down her cheek, thinking of their child who would grow up without a father.

"Melody, we're going to help them defeat the Knights. We can't let them go through our borders!" the youngest Guardian yelled over the roar of the winds that were coming from the power of the Bladers.

"Wait, I'm coming with you," Melody yelled at the two remaining Guardians.

"I don't know if that's a great idea." The Dark Guardian answered as she looked over Melody.

"Your pregnant, remember…." Melody looked down at her stomach and sighed. "…..and besides, Ryu won't like that the mother of his child is in battle. Your child is our future, now go take cover, for the blast will be enormous," Light had said to ensure her safety.

Melody went to take cover behind a sturdy hill; the remaining Guardians went towards Ryu and the rest of the Bladers. Ryu sent one last look towards Melody before he whispered, "I love you." Then they unleashed their power to make an enormous blast that had not only ensured them their victory, but had cost them their lives.

Melody stepped out behind the hill to see the damage that was done to her beloved and her dearest friends. She walked towards the spot that Ryu had last stood and fell to her knees. Melody grabbed her stomach once more before it had kicked, bringing a small smile to her face. "Oh Ryu, your child will never know his father, but he will know of the battle that took place here. No one will forget of the great battle of the Key Bladers." Melody looked behind her to see the rest of the bearers as she shed more silent tears.

A lonely girl, who seems to be about 16-years old with shoulder-length black hair, lies on top of her best friend's rooftop looking at the sky. "Wow," she says as she sees so many shooting stars. She decides to use one of the many falling stars to make a wish, but unbeknownst to her, that star was no star, but a heart with no body to inhabit it. This heart once belonged to a great hero, who had fought great battle millennia ago. This heart has been looking over this girl for sometime now, and she reminded him of someone he had loved. He saw that she had the will of his lover, and the strength to protect her friends and love ones. He saw that she was talking, and decided to listen, "Why does everything bad happen to me? Can I have something good for once?" As she was saying all these things, she had begun to cry, with the moonlight shining off her tears. As she looked up, she saw "her" star twinkling at her, as if it was saying, 'I'm here.'

"You will always be there for me huh?" As if the star heard her, it twinkled in response. "Well all righty then, starlight, star bright, listen to the wish I make tonight…..I wish I can find my perfect somebody."

The heart heard her wish and the emotion behind it, and decided that she did deserve some good in her life, and set of on a journey to find her perfect somebody. This somebody could be anyone, but being a heart it read the girl perfectly. In a millisecond, the heart traveled the world known as Earth, but couldn't find anyone it deemed well enough. It went back to the spot that it saw the girl, and she had wiped off the previous tears, not wanting to be questioned about crying. "Ericka, come inside. Its time for dinner!" someone said from inside the house.

"Coming!" the girl known as Ericka said as she climbed through the window to get back into the house. The heart was sad that it saw the girl leave, and it was determined to find her that someone. So it flew to a different world, hoping some one was suitable for the girl called Ericka.

The heart had flown a great distance, until it came upon a world called Destiny Islands. Something was pulling the heart towards this world and it thought that it had found Ericka's perfect match. The heart flew down to this world to see a house on a beach. The heart sees two people walking towards said house.

"And to think Sora, a few months ago we were fighting for our lives against Xemnas," a boy with shoulder-length silver hair said towards a boy with spiky–brown hair known as Sora.

"Yea, I know, but its too bad Roxas had to merge back with me, huh Riku," Sora said looking down with an unreadable expression.

"Yea, I was beginning to like that kid, and don't forget that Kairi leaves for Hollow Bastion first thing tomorrow afternoon." Riku looked towards the ocean.

"And we have to lose Kairi too, man this sucks," Sora threw his hands in the air as he said this. For being sixteen years old, Sora acted like he was six.

"I know how you feel Sora, but c'mon, we have to suck it up and be strong for Kairi." Riku looked away from the ocean and to his best friend.

"Who said I wasn't strong?…" Sora looked angry at Riku for even saying that, he had saved the worlds!, and twice for that matter. "….I'm just saying that I'm sad that she has to leave, anyway, I'm going home. See you tomorrow." And with that, they both went home. The heart had heard every word that was said in the conversation between the two. But for some odd reason, the heart was being pulled by the brown headed boy. Sora walked into his house; pass the living room, up the stairs, down the hallway, and into his room until he just plopped down on his bed. Sora turned on his back; he looked at the ceiling and started to think about the past two years and the journeys he's been on. The things he learned and the struggles he went through. But no matter what happened, his friends were always there. But all his friends were leaving him, first Donald and Goofy left to be with the King at Disney Castle, he left all his new friends on their own worlds, and now Kairi's leaving to rule Hollow Bastion as the princess. Life sucks. With that, Sora turned to his side and fell asleep.

The heart couldn't figure out what lured it to this boy. His heart wasn't right for Ericka, but it was close enough to grab it. But the heart sensed another in this boy, so the heart went to investigate. It went straight to his heart, but he soon found nothing but black.

How long do I have to be here? A boy with spiky-sandy brown hair thought to himself. Ever since he merged back with Sora, he was doomed to be walking around his heart forever. The boy sighed; all he could do is wish for a miracle that he can get out of this place he deemed as hell. As the boy was walking around, he saw a light in the distance, and ran towards it. This has to be real; this warmth just has to be real! As the boy neared the light, it had become stronger, until a blinding light came to his sight and he couldn't see for a few seconds. When the light had dimmed, the boy known as Roxas saw a floating heart. What the hell?

The heart saw a boy, just standing in this darkness. 'Who are you?' It had spoken to the boy. The boy just jumped back a bit, startled to know that a heart was talking to him.

"You can talk?" the boy said a little nervously, afraid that he had gone insane in this hell. The boy was wearing nothing but a black cloak that covers his entire body, but his head and face was clearly visible.

'Of course I can talk; I was once a human as well, sometime ago.' The heart said while thinking, Idiots! They don't even know that hearts are IN a person. HUMPH!

"Well no, I didn't, I never had a heart. I'm a nobody," the boy had said while looking at the ground, thinking about how nobodies were not meant to exist.

'Maybe you could be a somebody for someone else,' the heart was remembering the girl, Ericka, back on Earth. Even though he doesn't have a heart, I can see he is a good match for her. Exactly the person who she needs….The girl who reminds me so much of her…This boy….he reminds me of….me. The heart was at a loss for words, time couldn't be repeating it self, can it?

"What do you mean by that? I'm no good for anyone," the boy sighed.

'Look boy…'

"The name is Roxas."

'DON'T INTERRUPT!' The boy, er Roxas, jumped back. 'Now, as I was saying, I'll make you a deal, if….'

"What kind of deal?"

'Didn't I just say to not to interrupt me!' The heart was getting annoyed way too fast. This boy is acting too much like me, that it's scary.

"Sorry, geez!" The bo– er, Roxas said shaking his head, while trying to hide a smile.

'I'll just say this before you talk again…..' Roxas looked offended. '…..if I give you a heart, will you promise to find someone for me?' The heart was hoping that Roxas will take the bait. If he feels incomplete like I do without her by my side, then he will say yes…..Once he sees her, he will know that she is the one…..

"Hmmmmmmmm, a heart huh," Roxas was thinking this through; this heart did just appear out of nowhere and is now offering him freedom? There has to be a catch. The heart grinned at his evil plan of playing matchmaker, considering that the two people he was trying to hook up are probably already destined to be together. Just like him and Melody. Oh, how that names both saddens and fills him with joy. "Sure, I'll take your deal, but tell me more about this person you want me to find." The heart would be jumping in joy, that is, if it had any legs.

'Trust me, you'll know who that person is when the time comes,' the heart was literally jumping for the skies now.

"WHAT! Then no deal, if you won't tell, I won't go." Roxas folded his arms and turned his back on him. The heart broke into pieces with what he heard.

'But, but, but, but…..This person is important to you, you're already…. Probably….. Destined to meet!

"I do-Wait…what?" Roxas said, sounding confused. Destined to meet? If that is true, which I'm not saying it is, shouldn't I already have met her?

'Yup, over a millennia ago, there was this horrible war between Good and Evil. The Good side, our side obviously,' Roxas just nodded, 'only had about 1,000 Bladers willing to fight. But they had over 15,000 Knights!' Roxas' eyes had just widened when he had heard the difference in numbers. There's no way they could have one…..right? 'But not all the Bladers were capable of fighting, and only six had stood in Evil's way.'

"Only six? Who were they?" Roxas was intrigued about this war, it sounded like a defeated cause.

'Well they were known as the three legendary Key Bladers and the Guardians.'

"Guardians? What did they guard?" This story was too overwhelming for Roxas, there was no way that six people could have fought against all those Knights, it was impossible.

'Why they were chosen to guard Kingdom Hearts.'

"WHAT! If they were suppose to guard Kingdom Hearts, where have they been for the past two years? Both Ansem and Xemnas tried to take over Kingdom Hearts!"

'Well no need to yell, sheesh. But yes, they were suppose to be there, but the worlds didn't deem it necessary for the guardians to be there y-'

"Didn't deem it necessary? What?"

'You didn't let me finish! Didn't I tell you to NOT interrupt me!...Anyways, I was going to sat yet.'


'Yes, yet. History is about to be repeated.'

"Wait….what do u mean by that?"

'The war boy! The one I was telling you about! It will be repeated.'

"…Ah hell…." Roxas didn't know what to say, the same war that Good had almost lost to is about to repeat itself. This did not sound good. He needed to warn Sora, Riku, and the others…..but how?

"I'll do it."

'…Huh?...Do what?'

"I'll take up your offer of finding that girl." Roxas didn't know what he was getting into, but it WAS a way to get out. And out does mean freedom, which means he could warn everyone of what is to come.

'Excellent! By this time tomorrow, my boy, you'll be breathing fresh air.' The heart was floating in circles around Roxas' head.

"Wait…how did the war end?" By this time, the heart had stopped going in circles and was thinking about how Ericka was doing.


"How did the world end?" Roxas wasn't about to go empty handed, if he was going to help in this war, then he should know how the first war ended.

'I can't tell you that.'

"What?! Why not?" Roxas was beyond furious, wasn't the heart that said that the war was going to happen again? And yet he was keeping mum about it? What the fu-

'I can't because if I do, then you will just repeat what happened. And I want everyone surviving this time.' The heart had floated some ways away from Roxas, reliving in his past.

"What do you mean? What happened?" Whether the heart liked it or not, Roxas was getting some answers.

'The three Bladers and two of the three Guardians had sacrificed themselves to save everyone, and ended the war.' The heart was breaking, not literally of course, just remembering what had happened. How he had left Melody and his son all alone to fend for themselves. Not again! That will not happen this time.

"What happened to the remaining Guardian? Why didn't she sacrifice her self as well?" So many questions were running through Roxas' mind. Will that happen a second time? No….I won't let that happen.

'She was carrying the child of one of the Bladers. He didn't want her to commit such a crime, and not let the baby grow. She and the baby were the future of the people back then.'

"You're afraid that will happen again. Aren't you?"

'Yes I am.' The heart was not lying, history will not repeat itself.

"So why me? Why choose me?" This question has been in the back of Roxas' mind since the heart started his tale of the war. Why did the heart choose him?

'I thought you would have figured it out by now, boy.'

"Figure what out?"

'You're one of the chosen three. You're a Key Blader.' Roxas had not expected this. Sure he had thought about it, but had quickly diminished the thought as soon as it had crossed his mind. Sora and Riku of course would have been chosen…..but me? Without Roxas knowing, the heart had started the process of bringing him back, and with a heart. All of a sudden, Roxas had begun to feel drowsy, and he feared that he will never see the heart again.

"Wait…If you were a person before, and had been there during the first war, does that mean you were one of the Key Bladers?"

'…..Yes, I was.'

"What is your name?" Roxas could barely keep his eyes open, and his world was starting to go fuzzy.

'My name is…Ryu.' And with that said, Roxas drifted off to slumber, not knowing what was to come.

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