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Clashes and flashes of light.

That was all Ericka heard and saw. The clashing of metal as both boys- or man- seeing as Ericka didn't really know the age of the armored guy, fought one on one; and the flashes of light of them moving so quickly. She could barely keep up! All she could do was stare in awe, both of them using fighting styles that were unheard of.

But it seemed that the boy who saved her was having a bit of a hard time keeping up with his opponent, 'I can't blame him…that guy is wicked fast! The armored man disappeared and reappeared behind the boy and had hit him to the other side of the street they were fighting on. He had hit a tree and was having a hard time standing up.

"Now that the pest is out of the way, let's deal with the real problem." The armored man had now turned his full attention towards Ericka as she tried to inch her way towards her savior. But now since he was completely focused on Ericka, she froze on the spot. She couldn't think of anything that would be useful in her situation, and kept glancing at the blued-eye boy.

As the man walked towards Ericka, she had made eye contact with the beaten boy, and he was telling her with his eyes to run. 'No… .I can't run.' Ericka stood up straighter with her hands in fists. She was full out glaring at the man that was coming towards her.

"HAHAHA! You think you can stop me with just a look? Oh please. A runt like you can't defeat a Master such as myself." And the armored man gave another menacing laugh. Ericka's glare had deflated just a tad, and she glanced back to the fallen boy. He was now on one knee and was using one of his blades to keep him upright. He was mouthing at her to run, to leave him there. He was telling her to run like a coward?

Even if Ericka didn't have a weapon or any means of protecting herself, even if she was completely defenseless, she wouldn't leave him here to die!

'You have the power'

Ericka had mildly jumped at the new voice and quickly realized that she was the only one who heard it.

"Be a good girl, and come with me." The armored man had extended his arm towards her, as if he was expecting her to take it. "Don't you want to learn the truth about your parents?" Unbeknownst to either teenager, the man had smirked under his helmet. He completely saw the confusion and the pain written all over the girl's face. 'Exploit her weakness. Brake her until she falls…Then nothing will stop us from crushing them all!' His arm was still extended when he heard a cry from behind him.

"NO! Don't take it! Just whatever you do, don't take it and run! Don't look back. Just get to safety." Roxas had recovered enough to shout at the still un-named girl. He didn't care if he was badly hurt; all he cared about at that moment was the safety of the girl that he had a connection too. He had felt the pain run through him, just as he saw the pained expression on her face. Clearly the subject of her parents was a sore one, and he couldn't help but think; what had happened to her in the past?

"You insolent brat, I'll finish you here and now." Just as the armored man raised his blade to strike, another cry, this time feminine, had interfered.

"Stop! It's me you're after! Leave him alone!" Ericka was tired on being on the side lines. She decided to take the matters into her own hands. But the problem was, when the man turned towards her with his blade ready in a fight position, all ideas instantly fled her mind. 'Oh wonderful idea idiot! Now what?'

"Ha HA HA. You? A pitiful little girl, is challenging me? HAHAHA! Well I WAS ordered to just capture you." The last part he murmured to himself, but the situation was clear. The armored man wasn't here to hurt her, but to capture her!

"What! There's no way I'll ever go with the likes of you jerk!" Ericka was terrified now, but there was a warm feeling where her heart is that helped calm her just a bit, but only a tad.

"Now my dear, who ever said you had to be conscience?" The man was preparing for another fire attack when Ericka heard the same voice as before.

'Do not fear, for you have the power. Friends will always help you in your time of need.'

Ericka didn't know it, but the voice was…familiar; as if she heard it once before. A flash of a woman with blue eyes and blue hair came to Ericka's mind, and had somehow produced a shield around her self.

As the man sent the magical ball towards her, with the intention of knocking her out; Roxas couldn't do anything but watch helplessly. 'No…damn…Ryu, where are you?' Roxas was pleading for a miracle to save her, but when he looked up, it shocked him that she was looking at him.

Ericka didn't even see the fire coming towards her. All her attention was on the boy that saved her. How he saved her when they didn't know each other, how he risked his life for hers, how, even now; he wanted her to be safe when there wasn't a scratch on her and he was badly beaten. She couldn't help but remember the look he gave her, the look of desperation that she flee and leave him to deal with the wicked man. 'We don't know each other, and you saved me. You risked everything…for me?'

Ericka looked forward and didn't even try to jump out of the way. All she could think of now was the voice in her head and how familiar it was, how loving the voice was. Ericka clutched at her heart, and had a look of determination on her face. 'No, I'm done running. If he wants me, fine. But I'm gonna go bitching, complaining, and fighting the entire way.'

'That's my girl.'

A flash of a man with brown hair and aqua blue eyes had flashed in Ericka's mind, and he was smiling a fatherly smile just as the fire made contact. Ericka heard a yell of 'NO!' when it did, and she assumed it was the boy that she was determined to protect. But Ericka quickly found out that the fire surrounding her didn't burn, like fire should. Ericka opened her eyes, when she closed them was beyond her, and found a shield of some sort protecting her form the deadly flames.

The shield was shining with blue magic; and Ericka was astonished as to how it formed around her. All she was concerned with was how the magical shield came up to protect her, when she saw another fire ball coming towards her. Completely forgetting about the shield, Ericka dodged rolled to the side and landed safely on the lawn of one of the houses. She looked up just in time to see the fire ball shatter the shield that she was behind, and silently sighed to herself.

She felt more heat near her, and out of pure instinct, she rolled to the side as fast she could. Ericka saw out of the corner of her eye that the grass was completely burned from where she had previously landed. As fast as she could, Ericka got to her feet and started running again down the street with evil laughter following after her; determined to lead the ass away from the person who risked everything for her.

With Emily and Becka

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Emily and Becka were hiding behind a fence of Becka's next door neighbor, while the two weird boys began to fight the mysterious armored man. It was apparent to the girls that the guys were keeping up with the man; however, the man was just getting faster and stronger.

"Becka, how did you know what those things were called?" Emily couldn't shake the weird feeling she got when Becka had murmured the name under her breath when the fight began. She also couldn't figure out how her dreams were tied to this.

"I…I…I've been dreaming about them for so long. And just last week, I had a dream about a….war." Becka looked back at the shorter of the two boys, and kept thinking that he looked familiar, but she had never seen him in her life. She too was just as confused.

"A war? I'm so confused….I—" Whatever Emily was going to say, she didn't have a chance, because one of the boys had crashed into the fence that the girls were hiding behind, and he appeared beaten. Bruises were already starting to form all around his body, and blood was coming out of his mouth from the impact of the collision. Both girls took the chance and ran around the fence to help him; and had barely managed to drag him to their previous spot.

"SORA!" Riku was beyond angry, this armored guy was just too fast and too strong for them. He's fighting so effortlessly….he's obviously stronger than Ansem and Xemnas….we're going to need the King's help…. "If we get out of this alive." As soon as Riku said the King's name, he heard laughter.

"Do you actually believe that that pathetic King can save you? I would think not. No one can save you." The armored man was approaching Riku who was on the ground breathing heavily. He had no strength to move and could barely see through his black eye that he had gotten when the man punched him in the face. Just as the man was about to strike, Riku had closed his eyes and prepared for the impact.

However, it never came. What he heard instead was a loud CLANK!, as if something had hit metal. When Riku looked up, he saw the girl he was connected to, Emily, standing in a defiant stance and tossing rocks back and forth between her hands.

"Leave him alone and pick on someone your own size!" Emily was sick of the situation, and she was tired of being left in the dark, and the only way to get answers was to get them herself.

"Emily! Get back here! Are you suicidal?" Becka was going frantic behind the fence, and she had the brown head boy's head in her lap, and he was fighting to stay conscious. He was mumbling something that sounded something like 'mure,' but she couldn't be sure. All of a sudden, he was surrounded by green light, and all his visible injuries were gone. What the hell was that?' Becka had jumped back in surprise and was looking at the brown haired boy in surprise.

Sora just got up and smiled one of his famous smiles at her, and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Sora." When he saw that she only nodded her head, he got to his feet and started walking towards the other girl with his keyblade in hand.

Becka too got up, and was trembling, from what, she didn't know. All she knew was that they were all gonners if something big didn't happen. Then she remembered Emily, and she had that look she gets when she wanted something, and she was going to get it.

"Awww look. A bunch of teenagers are trying to take charge. I'll deal with the pest later." Riku sort of felt insulted when he figured out that the man had called him a pest. But he couldn't do anything about it, and felt that his magic was a bit too low for him to use Cure. Riku was also kicking himself for not remembering to bring any potions or ethers when they left Destiny Islands. How could I have been so stupid? Way to go bone head.

The armored man was walking towards Emily, and all she felt was anger and irritation. The temperature around her had dropped a few degrees, and Emily's hand was covered in black smoke. The armored man had stopped walking, a smirk on his face that no one could see. I see that her power is awakening….If we cannot take the Twilight Guardian for ourselves; then we can take both girls for the same purpose. He had stopped walking in time to see the expression that was written on everyone's faces at the revelation that the girl with the fiery temper just achieved a whole new level of power.

"What the heck?" Emily couldn't believe it. She had woken up this morning, expecting it to be a normal day: but no; she just had to go through this crap didn't she?

Both Becka and Sora were dumbfounded, he more so than the girl next to him. There is no way there could be ANOTHER person who wields a keyblade right?

"Man, things are so screwed." Becka looked towards the boy next to her, and figured that if he was saying something like that, then indeed; they were all screwed.