While I was not able to come up with my own fanfic, I was still able to review fanfics of others. Now I finally have a fanfic to give. I hope you all enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I am sad. I am sad because I do not own Naruto. Kishimoto owns Naruto.

Your Eyes

Hinata Hyuga

You are very special to me

What had attracted me to you was your eyes

Your eyes held something that no one else did

When I looked into everyone else eyes

I saw fear, anger, and hate

When I looked into your eyes

I saw something that warmed my heart

Instead of fear, I saw acknowledgment in your eyes

Instead of anger, I saw kindness in your eyes

But most of all instead of hate, I saw love in your eyes

Hinata Hyuga

When you looked at me you saw me

The real me

You saw someone that was sad, someone that was hurting

Someone that was alone

There was a hole in my heart

Yet your gentle and caring eyes filled it

Hinata had your eyes not shown me love

I would have given up

I thank you

My love

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