hello people this is my second story and yes I know that the first one isn't finished.

I can multily task. I promise….

anyway this is a new one… and I have warnings for you idiots out there.

1. this is rated m….. humm you will never guess why.

2. this is a yaoi, (naruto x Itachi), in this naruto is young and I mean young as in a child like around 6

is a lot of violence, abuse, and well its about slavery in part

another note…. naruto is kind of evil… ok a lot evil…

every ones dream an evil 6 yr old naruto…. yeah my imagination.

and again I own nothing…. absolutely nothing… don't you all feel sad for me.

.. meow…..

this mission had been going on for way to long now, and Itachi was ready to just behead everyone involved in this filthy business and take his leave. He had been assigned by Akatsuki to go undercover into this slave trading ring to collect data. this slave ring was supposable ran by the big guys in the area and Akatsuki wants the area for themselves. So Itachi gets to spend his time acting like a rich slave buyer to collect data about the workings of a business that is later going to just be destroyed.

God what a fun mission.

But the fact that bugged Itachi more than the stupid idea of collecting data and then destroying the place was the idea of slavery itself. Yeah the all mighty heartless and cold Itachi Uchiha hated the idea of someone's freedom being restricted like that. He had been controlled back in the Uchiha compound before he had slaughter all of them, and he didn't like the idea of being controlled like these depressing humans where before him.

He had been here for a week now looking at slaves. He had seen worker slaves used for hard labor like farming and mining. He had looked at household slaves, maids, butlers, cooks. They had them. But the worse were the sex slaves, and lucky him that was what he was looking at today.


"well Mr. Uchiha we have a wide selection of pleasure slaves to choice from."

Naruto's head raised as he heard the boss bring in another customer.

Naruto had been hear off and on now for years. It was comfortable here, peaceful even. He had already creped out or down right scared everyone in the place so he was left alone. no one wanted to deal with the small murder. Yeah he was a murder and living in this place was just another part of his plan to escape this place and start over.

He had started living here with the slaves when he was 4. He had just appeared on the boss's door step and said he wanted in. Naruto had figured if he hung around here long enough he could be bought by someone that would take him away from this sad land he had been born in.

So that's what he has been doing. Waiting for a foreigner who doesn't know who he is to come and buy him and then cluelessly take him out of this land.

Of course Naruto could just walk out of here himself but then he wouldn't have a cover for who he was. Plus since this land was full of ninja, it was dangerous to show up at a village gates without someone with him. He could be mistaken for a spy or something. And although he was a murder, he wasn't quite good enough at killing to beat well trained ninjas at their own game.

So here he would wait. He had time on his hands. He's only 6.


"We have women, men, even children. What ever will strike your interest." If this man did not stop sucking up to him soon Itachi might just break his emotionless mask just so he can laugh in his face as he kills him. God he was irritating. Like Itachi need a slave to get sex.

Itachi looked out into the room of sex slaves. All where just standing or laying naked in front of him. So many people with their only purpose in life to please another sexually.

Itachi was on his last day of his mission and couldn't let himself be found out now. He had of course bought slaves through out the time he was here. making sure to buy good and expansive slaves to keep up his image. But if he didn't buy a sex slave after he had specifically asked to see all the slave groups it might bring up questions or at the least make it seem like he was looking down on the business. And he doesn't need a mad idiot trying to kill him in his sleep.

Now he just had to pick one from this group of people.

That women was good. big firm breast and a small figure. That would be in good taste with his image. But to have to put up with a women for even the couple hours it would take to get out of the area. It's not worth it.

So maybe one of those men. they had good hard muscles, lean and tall, good face, no scars at all and they could probably be a good top. Then again his image is a little to dominate for a toper. So he would need someone smaller younger. Shorter than him. Humm

A child yes that would do. It wouldn't blow his cover. Rich men bought children all the time here. So which one would he pick. Which one. hummm


naruto was humming to himself. It was an old song about a battle fought and the soldiers that die for nothing. A lovely song. One of Naruto's favorites, but the customer made him forget his place without even trying. He was hot.

Naruto had been here for years he had seen man after man. Women after women. But this guy toke the cake. He was god like. Sex on legs. He shouldn't of had to buy sex. Unless he had a sick fetish. Or maybe it was Naruto's lucky day. Here could be a sex god that like children. Just what he needed to escape.

Naruto was finally having a lucky day. this customer definitely didn't come from here. No this was an outsider, he knew it. even if he looked like a normal citizen , his air was wrong. This was a land driven by emotion. By hate, greed, love, lust, and envy. This guys whole body position and looks screamed off an emotionless shell. No one from this land would be so cold.

This was his ticket out. Now to get his attention.


Itachi was wondering through the grand room, looking at the choices before him when he was caught off guard by a small force.

A child had tackled his legs. actually it looked like the boy had tripped and kinds of splayed against his legs. Itachi couldn't help but stare down at the boy in shock.

"Naruto sorry mister." Itachi watched in a daze as this little body looked up at him with nothing more than shame written on his face. This boy was gorgeous. Long blond hair. Eyes the color of calmest sky. Blue so blue. But there was a feature that separated him from the others. On his face he had scars. 6 small whisker like scars.

"Is mister mad. Naruto sorry." Itachi felt panic start to rise as he saw tears start to form in the boy's blue eyes. Itachi was panicking. Itachi didn't even know that he could panic.

"Naruto Sorry. Naruto sorry." Itachi felt his hand move without thought to land on the small child's hair. Brushing through the smooth beautiful locks.


"I'm not mad." This man's voice was soft. It sounded kind. Naruto looked up at the foreigner, as he felt the older boys hand stroke his hair.

a kind master was a lie. But then again so was Naruto. fake tears, fake shame, a fake mask of innocence. That's all Naruto had been for so long. None of that mattered this man was a pawn. A tool to be thrown away as soon as he started a new life outside of this land.

Naruto wasn't going to get attached to him.


Itachi was captured by the sudden grin that appeared on the child's face. yes the boy still had tears in his eyes and little water stains on his whiskered cheek but his grin was so happy. Like he had given the boy a present or praised him.

this child was special. He made Itachi feel again. Something that hadn't happened in long time.

A little ray of sunshine.

"I'll take this one."