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Naruto awoke in the guest room of Minato's house before the sun had even started to rise for a new day. Of course the human's in the house hadn't even started to strew yet. Human's were lazy by nature after all. All the ones he had ever absorbed slept the entire night away. Since no one else was probably going to get up and he didn't want to look too un-human he didn't bother leaving the room he had been given the night before. Instead he took the time to ponder more about his decisions and actions. Had he messed up? Was he still alright or was his plan failing? What did he need to work more on? What was he going to do next?

The day before had gone alright considering he had stolen that women's child. Minato had calmly handed Miyuki back to her mother when they got back and then the man had spent the rest of the night keeping Kushina from killing him. Like the women even had a chance, even with their ninja tricks it would probably take more than one of them head on to defeat him. But by the time Minato had gotten Kushina calm enough to not strangle him the sun was long gone and Miyuki had fallen asleep curled up in her crib. Minato had tucked him in and the day was over, Naruto had fallen asleep only minutes later from all of the stress of the day.

Stress he wouldn't and couldn't forget. He had messed up yesterday. He had let the remains of some human emotion he couldn't even remember the name of control his actions. Demons did not allow emotions to tell them what to do. That was a human thing to do and he was not human. And because of that one mistake he would have to be even more in control and even more cautious. He couldn't be found out here. Not in the mist of all these ninjas. He wasn't stupid if he was found out here in their home he would probably not make it out of here in one piece.

He had always known it was going to be a gamble coming into the ninja village. Especially since his first plan had fallen through. If only Itachi had been the right guy.. pawn for the job. He would have had a cover story everyone would believe and a man to cover up any mistakes he had made. But no he was alone and he would have to cover up his own mistakes. Which he should have been able to do.

But he hadn't expected anymore of those human emotions to make him mess up. He hadn't started off on the right track.

Minato might have seen him unmasked. Not to mention if the guy had heard anything. This one mistake might have screwed him over. However Minato hadn't mentioned anything. So his choices were clear. Continue this and hope that Minato heard nothing or little and doesn't figure it out. Or cut his losses and try a different village. Did he want to run before he had even collected a little data.

Naruto listened motionless in his borrowed bed as Miyuki started to cry down the hall. He could hear the mumbled voices of Kushina and Minato arguing whose turn it was and the swear from Kushina at Minato's victory as she climbed out of their bed. It seemed that babies weren't as lazy as most humans. The sun had another hour or so before it was due to raise.


Naruto had remained lying in the bed for hours after Miyuki had first stirred. The sun had risen a while ago and the day had started outside. The house was quiet and empty besides form him. Kushina had left an hour after she had gotten up taking a now giggling baby with her. Minato had awoken only an hour after dawn. He had checked on him once, Naruto had faked sleep. Slowing his breathing and heart rate without any problem, Minato hadn't seemed to notice the difference. He had thought to give it another hour or so and then get up himself but someone had arrived and Minato had rushed off before he could.

What would a human child do in this situation? He had debated on just leaving the house. But he didn't know anyone or any place in the village. Plus he didn't want to be caught sneaking around again. After the incident last night it probably wouldn't be good to be running around. So that idea had been rejected almost as soon as it had came about.

In the end he had spent another two hours laying in the bed debating it, before finally getting up with a sigh and started to make his way down stairs.

The house was quiet as Naruto sat down at the kitchen table he had eaten at the night before. He couldn't leave the house and he didn't have anything to do. He couldn't even eat breakfast like most of the humans he had seen do. He didn't know much about human food. What little he knew came from either the time he was human or from the small amount he had seen from the humans at the slave ring and the way here.

The first really wasn't a very useful source of data since he hadn't been allowed to eat much in those days. Only the small amount of left over remains of his parents meals he had been able to grab before they feed them to the dog. Or the edible trash he could find in the garbage. The small amount of berries and herbs he had stumbled upon had probably been one of the only things keeping him alive. He didn't think doing any of the above would help him. He didn't want to risk going outside. He hadn't seen any children in those house he had killed eating out of the trash. Even the slaves were feed better than that.

But living with slaves did not help him understand the workings of the human house. He didn't know where anything was. He didn't understand cooking. The sex slaves' meals had been made by household slaves. They weren't taught to cook. That wasn't there job.

He had eaten at this table yesterday. He had enough knowledge to use forks and knives now. He might not have used them when he was human but he had used them when he was with the slave traders. So he hadn't had to worry about that aspect. But last night the food was already on the table. Minato had filled his plate with the stuff. Kushina had made it. He didn't know where or how and he didn't want to investigate the cupboards and risk not looking his part. Did children even cook?

This was really becoming a problem. He didn't know enough about normal children. The only children he had really observed for any length of time where the slaves. He hadn't planned for having to know this data. He had seriously thought he would have his master to back him up and explain things he had to know. He had trained to be the best sex slave not the best normal child of a normal family.

He would have to plan this in. He couldn't stay with the humans 24- 7 that was just asking himself to be caught. Naruto was good at acting a part. But without knowing the character he was going to make mistakes, he wasn't going to lie to himself. It would be best to shorten the time he had to interact with the humans. The less time he was with the same person the less likely they would notice his mistakes.

He wasn't giving up. It was just a small bump in his plan. He was here in the village. He had a back story. He was going to make the most of it. It would just take some more work then he had original thought.


Naruto had only had to wait about another hour before Minato had sent one of those masked ninja's to get him from the house. An hour of staring at the wall and thinking. Thinking for so long wasn't probably good for him. It made him over think things. He had revised his plans a dozen times. Rejected his well thought of ideas over a simple worry. He had just plain out thought of a hundred things that could so easily go wrong. Then he had simple stopped himself from pondering it any more. Instead he had turned his mind towards the skills he had seen so far.

The ability to run on roofs and jump between trees wasn't a new skill to him. He had been able to do that since he became a demon, but humans didn't have the same strength and speed as he did normal. So that brought up the questions of how there were doing it.

He had watched as the masked man had ran over the roofs of the village, but he hadn't been able to see or smell anything different than when the man had appeared in the house. So what every they were using wasn't visible or in his range of senses.

He had pondered over it a bit as he watched Minato stamp paperwork for some reason. But soon gave it up to look at the place he had arrived at instead. Minato had a nice office it would seem. Just him in this big room. Bigger than even the sex slave boss's office had been. He had noticed that about humans you could tell how much power or wealth they had by the amount of space they surrounded themselves with. The poorest and weakest were crowded together with dozens of others. No personal space at all. Just a simple piece of floor to sit on. The wealthy and powerful didn't have to share their space and kept things like vase and pictures as models of their wealth. Minato had a nice collection of paintings of old men on his wall, there was even one of him up there.

The wealthier you were the more room you had to house other and the less you actually lived with. The poorer you were the less room you had and the more people who you lived with.

"Sorry about that. The paperwork never seems to end here. Did you eat yet?" Minato had finished his work and was now staring at him. Smiling again. Naruto surrounded himself in his mask. Smiling right back as he said he hadn't and allowed Minato to convince him to go out with him for an early lunch.

The walk to the ramen stand had been filled with chatter. Minato's talk about his family and work. Naruto's fake laughter and responses. Naruto tried to focus closely on what was said but he easily got distracted by the lively streets they were passing. It wasn't the first town he had seen. He had destroyed more than a couple of them on the way here, but this one he would have to become use to.

The ramen shop itself was more of a booth with a over hanging to keep out the rain. Minato had ordered for him after learning Naruto hadn't had it before. He had tried the noodles and broth with a hidden grimace. Human food wasn't his favorite thing. But he could and would eat it. As it was the ramen wasn't the worst human food he had tried. He had quickly eaten three bowls to try to convince his stomach that he wanted to eat it. No he wouldn't rather eat the ramen chief. The ramen was just what he wanted.

"I'm glad you like. Ramen has always been a favorite of mine. But if you don't slow down your going to choke." Naruto finished the fourth bowl and smiled up at Minato with as much glee as he could muster.

"But it's so yummy. I love Ramen. Can I have another one?" The hand that ruffled his hair was almost expected. Minato was a little touchy feely for even a human.

"Not right now. We have to decided where you are going to be living from now on." Minato smile was gone and he looked sad for some unknown reason. It wasn't like Minato's parents had died after all. He didn't really have a reason to be so sad.


"I can't go home. I know you said my parents weren't there but I can live by myself. I'm a big boy." Minato wasn't really shocked at the boy's ideas. The boy had such a happy attitude, or at least he seemed to. That it wasn't that shocking the boy thought he could go home and do it alone. But no child could live alone in a ghost town and that's what that place had become. He had sent ninja team to burn the bodies but there was still empty buildings covered in blood splatters to prove what had happened. He couldn't send a child to live there.

"No I'm sorry but there is no one to watch over you there. Your going to have to stay here since you don't have any other relatives. We have an orphanage that will take you in…"

"NO. I'm a big boy I don't need to go to an orphanage. That's the place for abandoned babies. My parents didn't abandoned me. You said they died. They died right?" Naruto was almost screaming at this point. His eyes were glistening with tears. Minato felt bad for causing the child to doubt his parents. He hadn't meant to hurt the boy. He hadn't thought such a idea of orphanages had spread. Of course orphanages weren't thought of in the best light at any time but he hadn't realized it had gotten so bad.

"They did die. The orphanage is a place were those without parents go. Not just abandoned babies. It has a lot of other children there you can play with and some nice people live there to take care of you" Minato tried to calm the boy but the tears just started to spill over and slid down his scars checks.

"I'm a big boy mommy said so. I don't need to live in an orphanage. I can take care of myself. I can cook and clean. And I can dress myself. I promise to be good. I want to go home. I'll be good." Minato looked away from the boy as he tried to think what to do. He couldn't let the boy go home. There wasn't really a home for him to go to. He would take him in himself but Kushina would kill him. Plus the council would have a fit, If he took in an un-clan child.

"You are a good child, but you can't go home. However I could let you have an apartment here in town. Of course someone would have to check up on you every day." Minato almost fell out of his chair as the child threw his arms around Minato's neck. Minato rubbed the boys hair as he listened to the boys thanks, even as he worried about what he had agreed to. It wasn't the first time a child had to live alone. This was after all a ninja village, but most times he would have waited until they were academy age to let them live alone. He would have to find someone to look after Naruto. Someone who would get invested and take an active part in the boys life. Someone who would actually make sure he eat, cleaned, and actually lived. The question was who?


The stupid human tears covered his face making his skin itch as they dried onto his skin. He hated tears. What a waste. They caused his body to dehydrate and gave him a headache. But they had their uses too. After all they do a good job of convincing Minato to give him his own place. Even if he was going to make someone check on him everyday. It was better than an orphanage full of young pathetic human brats. He would just have to convince the man or women checking on him to find something better to do, or he could eat them. Yea eating them wouldn't be a bad plan either. After all he had to eat, he was a growing boy.