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The Aquamarine Brigade

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Chapter 1: Worrisome Events

Three years have passed since Spyro's court trial. He was released after Ember came to his rescue and spoke for him. The Council allowed him to leave without a penalty. Spyro ended up with Ember and he couldn't be happier. The three years were simply the greatest years of his life and he hoped for many more of them to come.

Ember was also happier then ever. After save him from the trial she made sure he didn't get into any other problems with the Council. She wouldn't be able to watch Spyro be taken away from her if he was sentenced to any punishment. She made the vow three years ago that she would free him and flee to the corners of the Realms to be with him.

Perturis, the Council's leader, didn't have a care for Spyro and would rather see him in jail or dead, preferably dead, since he wouldn't be able to cause problems as Perturis' mind frame was set. The old dragon couldn't erase the thought of Spyro being a stuck up, popular, dragon that thinks he could get away with anything. That was altogether the wrong idea about Spyro and luckily most people were in favor of Spyro's freedom.

The two were heading to the temple in Warfang to teach a sparring class for the dragons that had just reached the age to begin learning combat and elemental abilities.

Flame, a red dragon who had very similar looks as Spyro, was heading out to a large coastal town that was a Freeport. He unlike most of the population of Warfang and the Realms hated Spyro immensely. Though this wasn't always the case, but now Flame swore he would have his revenge on Spyro and he looked forward to that day.

For three long and hard years he had been searching for a group that would have no opposition about taking down Spyro, most of his cases ended with groups of outlaws telling him he is crazy and that Spyro can't be killed.

A week ago he went to see a group of outcast dragons that were called the Roaring Dead. He asked if they would be willing to take out Spyro and they simply laughed at him. As he was leaving a dragon who sat in the corner near the door asked him to take a seat. This dragon was purple and looked a lot like Spyro, but had many scars and grey eyes that seemed dead.

The Roaring Dead asked if the dragon was crazy to ask what Flame was proposing. The purple dragon was out of his seat in a split second and had knocked out the dragon. The rest of the dragons in the gang fled, hoping to avoid similar outcomes. The purple dragon sat and accepted Flame's idea.

During the hard times of the last three years he was emotional uncertain. Luckily Cynder was there for him through out the search. Sadly he hadn't been able to spend as much time as he wanted to with her, but she knew he was busy, just not with what.

Not until a week ago, he shared his idea, only a much less lethal idea so she wouldn't freak out and leave him. He created a story that ended with the Black Claws as they called according to the dragon he talked to last week beating up Spyro. Cynder was a little uncertain, but remembered what Spyro did to her. She thought it was fine. A beating by some intimidating fellows wouldn't be bad and she knew that Spyro would be able to take them on for a little while before he tired. Spyro would live through it, he survived against the Dark Master, nothing could kill him.

The coastal village wasn't under any faction's control so they made themselves a freeport allowing anyone to come and find safety. Outlaws typically took advantage of the conflict free zone that was a mile in radius around the town. No one whether they were dragon, ape, orc, Avalarian, mole, pirate, northern merchants, or south islanders could kill or disturb the peace in the area.

Flame entered the town and after a minute he found the inn where he met the purple dragon that was willing to help him. The red dragon entered the building and looked around for his target and found him in the same spot as last time a few feet from the door.

The dragon stood up and motioned for Flame to follow him. They headed up the stairs that was towards the back of the inn and went up several flights of stairs. At the top of the last flight was a door. The purple dragon pushed open the door and entered followed by Flame.

The door closed behind Flame. He looked around the room and saw three other dragons. The purple dragon sat down on the empty pad on the ground. Flame sat on the floor and waited for his contact to speak.

"I am Twilight, leader of this group, which you know is called the Black Claws. This is the group," he said.

Flame noticed that his eyes constantly changing. Different colors appeared in his eyes, but they were dull and had a grey tinge to them. Flame looked away after a moment and saw a female that looked very similar to Ember, but had several noticeable differences. Those differences included the feather wings, large claws and fangs, and the blood red eyes.

"That's Rosa," Twilight stated, "I would recommend staying on her good side."

She simply smiled at the comment and went back to studying the crystal in her hand.

There was a large dragon sitting to Rosa's left about five feet away. He was easily ten feet tall and extremely fit. He had red scales and bore black strips that ran across his back. Two long horns grew from the back of his head, near the eye ridges. The horns were two feet long and black colored. The most unusual feature of this dragon was the three-foot long horn that grew out of his head on the top of his nose. It too was black and extremely sharp.

"This is Rex," Twilight said, "He's not bright, but his strength makes up for it."

The large dragon stopped tearing the meat slab he had and asked, "What?"

"Nothing Rex," Twilight replied, "I'm just introducing you to your new friend."

The dragon seemed uninterested and returned to his meal.

"And lastly we have T9," Twilight introduced, "A dragon armored up and stuffed with a nice arsenal."

The metal plated dragon looked up from his sharpening of his claws and starred at Flame with his piercing yellow eyes. After a moment the dragon simply nodded to Flame.

Twilight asked, "Shall we work out all the details?"

Flame nodded and they began the discussion.

"So are there any questions or are you ready to watch the demonstration?" Spyro asked.

"Let's see what you got," a dragon commented.

"Ok," Spyro responded, "I'll be sparring Ember for this demonstration. Ember?"

"Ready dear," she said causing all the dragons to start a long, drawn out "Owww".

Spyro shook his head as he and Ember made their way to the center of the training ring.

Spyro asked jokingly, "You really had to say that in front of them didn't you?"

"Well you have an excuse when I beat you," Ember replied.

"And what is that excuse is that?" Spyro asked

"That I'm your girlfriend and you let me win," Ember smoothly said.

"It's not going to be that easy," Spyro replied, "You are going to have to earn it."

"Fine," Ember said as she dove at him.

Spyro avoided the tackle and swung his tail at her legs. Ember leapt into the air and hovered for a moment before shooting a fireball at Spyro. Spyro countered with his own fireball. The two fireballs collided and exploded. Spyro took to the air to find Ember. Ember came up from behind and crashed into him. Spyro was sent tumbling onto the ground. Ember dove again at him. Spyro managed to get up before she collided with him.

Ember landed as she missed Spyro and he threw his body at her, knocking her over.

Ember gasped, "You know that was horribly rude. You should never hit a female."

"Yeah you were going to tackle me," Spyro replied, "It seems fair to me."

"You know what's fair?" she asked.

"What?" Spyro asked.

"That I get a free hit on you," Ember demanded.

"Fine," Spyro responded.

Ember quickly swung her tail over his head and Spyro was about to move in to attack when his legs gave out from under him. He hadn't noticed that Ember faked the first attack and brought her tail back the reverse direction connecting with his legs.

Spyro fell to the ground and Ember pinned him down. She had a smile on her face and asked, "Wasn't I right?"

"Yes you were," Spyro sighed in defeat.

"Cheer up," Ember said as she licked him on his check, "I'm happy."

"Because you won," Spyro replied.

"You should be happy I won," Ember commented.

"Oh I am, don't get me wrong about that," Spyro said, "I'm just surprised that I lost to my dragoness. You know what this means right?"

"What?" Ember asked.

"Next time the world is in trouble you're saving it," Spyro said.

"Why me?" Ember quickly asked, "Last time I looked you were the purple savior."

Spyro countered, "Yeah well, you just beat me."

Ember shook her head as she laughed, "I love you."

"I love you too," Spyro replied.

They got up and headed towards the group of dragons that watched. Most of them were wide eyed, never have they seen a fight like that before. It was nothing close to what either of Spyro or Ember could do, but it was enough to stun the new dragons.

Ignitus came out and quickly dismissed the class and asked for Spyro and Ember to follow. They entered the grotto of the temple of Warfang where Volteer, Cyril, Terrador, and the Dragon Council waited.