Chapter 11: Counter of Shadows

"Flame?" Spyro asked.

The red dragon before them was larger than Flame, but the response told them otherwise, "Yes Spyro. Impressed? I have been doing my own study of certain powers for this moment."

"What powers? Flame what are you doing?" Spyro asked.

"Something I wish I did many years ago," Flame replied.

An aura of black mist surrounded him which quickly flew from him towards Spyro. Cynder tried to push Spyro aside, but he held firm hoping that he would be able to overcome this.

The darkness struck him and seeped through his scales. Spyro's body fell to the ground as his breathing became erratic and rapid, it was killing him. Cynder dropped down calling his name. Veil rushed forward and stood in front of Spyro and closed his eyes. The darkness slowly began to withdraw from Spyro's body and entered Veil's.

The young shadow dragon didn't react to this, but simply continued to draw out the darkness that dwelled inside his adopted father. A few moments later and the darkness ceased to come from Spyro and Veil's eyes opened. His irises were a deep grey color and the Shadow appeared next to him.

Flame looked confused, he was unable to understand how his powers failed him, but then he had no idea that Veil was a shadow dragon. The Shadow advanced on Flame who responded with using his dark powers, which had no effect on the Shadow. It reached Flame thrusting his claws into Flame's neck and ripped them out, killing Flame.

Spyro slowly was able to get to his feet and his breathing started to return to normal. The members of the Aquamarine Brigade starred at Veil with disbelief.

Spyro noticed this and asked, "What is it?"

Sunflare spoke saying, "Did you just miss that whole thing?"

Spyro nodded, "Yeah, if you didn't notice I was being attacked."

"Veil just saved your life," Sunflare said," I'm not sure what he did exactly, but the darkness left you and went to him that's the best description I got."

Spyro nodded to him and looked at the young shadow dragon who simply said, "Bad one gone."

Spyro smiled and said, "Yes, yes he is."

That night Spyro, Cynder, and Veil were huddled against one another. Veil was already asleep, but Spyro and Cynder were still awake. Cynder smiled as she was watched Veil.

"He is so cute," she said.

Spyro chuckled, "That he is. Listen Cynder I was wondering…"

She pressed a claw to his lip and said, "Yes."

She removed the claw and gave him a kiss.

"You do know that I was asking you to be my mate right?" Spyro asked.

"I had a feeling that you would," Cynder said.

"Man I have become predictable haven't I?" Spyro asked.

"Not totally, I just know you too well," she replied.

"I love you," Spyro said.

"I know I love you too," Cynder responded.

To the north in a remote cave Twilight and Rosa were recovering from their loss.

"By the Ancestors you are in horrible shape," Rosa said with a bit of concern.

"Yeah," Twilight groaned, "That dragon caught me off guard. Luckily he is in as bad of shape as I am."

"They are pretty good fighters I do have to say," Rosa admitted as she was applying an herb to his wounds.

He hissed as the pain shot through him and Rosa pulled the leaves out, "Oh come on. You managed to fight with this and you are telling me you can't handle a little burning?"

"I was concentrating on my enemy," Twilight countered.

"Fine I'll help you counter this then," Rosa said as she turned his head and locked lips with the purple dragon.

As she did this she pressed the leaves of the herb into the wound, which caused him to growl and break the kiss.

"Get it out of me," Twilight growled.

"Just let it sit for a few minutes and it will stop burning," Rosa said.

"Fine," Twilight replied, "You said you had an idea about the shadow dragon?"

Rosa wrapped up the wound and smiled, "Yes, yes I do."


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