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Chapter 4: Chasing Ghosts

Ray charged through the vegetation in his path shouting, "We almost got it!"

Sunflare and Spyro were right behind Ray hoping to end this chase quickly. Two days ago Ray picked up the Shadow on his radar systems and they had been pursuing it since.

"Which direction is it heading Ray?" Sunflare asked.

"Southeast," Ray replied, "It's heading towards the small coast village a few miles from here."

Sunflare looked at Spyro and said, "Another attack."

"We have to stop it before it kills another dragon," Spyro stated.

"Agreed," Sunflare replied as he quickened to a sprint.

The sun began to set and the dragons exited the forest they were traveling through. A large open plain stood before them, golden colored as the sun's last rays fell upon the grass. The dragon scanned the landscape for their target but found nothing.

"Picking anything up Ray?" Moonicus asked.

"Nothing," Ray said, "It just vanished off the radar."

"Let's head into town for the night," Sunflare suggested.

They flew to the town and found an inn to stay for the night. They bought a large room and headed upstairs to the room. It was large enough for all five of them so they all picked a spot and rested for the night.

Spyro quickly succumbed to sleep, as did everyone else but Sunflare. Sunflare simply walked out to the small balcony and looked out at the darkened land.

During the night Spyro's sleep was troubled as where the last few night's rest. Without Ember beside him his sleep revealed haunting visions of Malefor returning and all being destroyed. He woke up and looked around. Spyro got up and walked out to the balcony to get some fresh air.

"You feeling alright Spyro?" Sunflare asked.

Spyro was slightly startled at finding Sunflare out here, "Sunflare shouldn't you be resting?"

"Should you be as well?" he questioned.

"I had a bad dream," Spyro replied.

"Have you had a lot of them recently?" Sunflare asked.

"Yeah the second night of this hunt I began getting them," Spyro answered.

"It's the lack of a mate beside you," Sunflare calmly stated.

"How do you know that?" Spyro asked out of curiosity.

"I once had a mate," Sunflare shared, "Two years ago she died."

"I'm sorry," Spyro said remembering Ray's story.

"It's fine," Sunflare replied, "That's the worst thing that has ever happened to me. The next worst thing was what my father did to me."

"What was that?" Spyro asked.

"Gave me these burns," Sunflare said as he brought a claw up and traced the area with a claw. Spyro realized then that it was charred scales. "My father got angry one day and I annoyed him and so for that he burned these rings around my eyes."

Spyro nodded understanding why Sunflare hated his father so much now. It was also understandable that the son of the most hated dragon in the realm would hate his father since it wasn't hard to dislike someone who wished to enslave their own race or kill them all off like Malefor almost did.

"Tomorrow will be a long day," Sunflare stated.

"Yes," Spyro replied, "Yes it will."

The next morning the dragons flew northward since the Shadow was coming from that direction. They flew over the forest that they passed through yesterday, avoiding any more delays trying to navigate the thickly grown vegetation. They continued flying northward to cover as much ground as possible.

They passed the ruins of the Well of Souls around mid-afternoon, which meant that they covered four days worth of walking in half a day of flying. It was now that they had to be extremely careful. They had no idea where the Shadow was heading exactly so spotting any clues or the Shadow itself would be extremely valuable.

Hours passed as they continued without any sign of the Shadow. They landed and decided to make camp for the night and fell asleep as darkness fell upon the land.

A purple dragon watched them with grey eyes from a distance, carefully planning out what would come next.

The next morning the dragons woke up and were preparing to leave when four dragons stood before them.

One was a purple dragon that had a scar running down his left side of his face. The dragon looked a lot like Spyro, but more sinister and cruel. A large red dragon with black strips on his back stood next to the purple. He was unique due to his horns. Two horns grew from the back of the head and were quite long, but not as long as the one that grew from his nose which was three feet in length. A female that looked much like Spyro's mate, but her eyes were red and she had feathered wings, white in color. The last was a robotic dragon just like Ray, but this one seemed more destructive due to his cruel grin.

The purple one took a step forward and said, "Well look what we found, the Aquamarines. It has been some time since we last saw each other isn't it Sunflare?"

Sunflare growled, "Enough talking spawn!"

"That's no way to greet your brother," the dragon replied.

"No my father created you in his image," Sunflare roared, "My father wanted his son to be a purple dragon and I let him down as he always told me. You Twilight are not a true son of my father and you are never going to be considered as my brother."

Twilight shook his head and noticed a fifth dragon that he had never seen, but looked almost identical to him.

"So who's the new recruit?" Twilight asked.

"Actually he is the one who recruited us," Sunflare stated proudly, "This is Spyro, the same Spyro that killed Malefor."

Twilight's cocky smile turned into a frown of distaste.

Sunflare now smiled, "The old fool couldn't stand before Spyro's might."

"I kill now?" asked the large red dragon.

"In a few minutes dear Rex," the female named Rosa said.

Spyro softly asked Moonicus, "Who are these guys?"

"The Black Claws," Moonicus replied, "They are group of assassins. We had a few scraps with them in the past and have won each time. They also killed my sister and my friends from my home."

"Ray told me about these guys," Spyro said, "Think you can do it again?"

"With you," Moonicus said, "It will be easy, especially since you were able to kill Malefor."

"Trust me, you don't want to see what happened to Malefor," Spyro replied with a soft chuckle.

"As long as I live I'm fine with whatever you do," Moonicus responded.

"Hey whitey, stop talking to the purple one," said the robotic dragon.

"Fine," Moonicus said, "I see that you want a rematch since I beat you down T9."

A small metal plate opened and a small missile was launched from it. Moonicus quickly responded with a blast of ice, freezing the missile. It fell to the ground and shattered when it hit.

"What are you here for Twilight?" Sunflare asked.

"The purple one's head," Twilight replied.

"Can't have it," Ray growled as he readied his weapons.

"Then we'll take by force," Twilight said.