A/N: Mae govannen, all. For those of you who have been wondering whether I intended this poetry collection to be finished – no, I don't; I do plan to continue posting poems until there are pretty much no characters (and possibly places) left to do. I mean, I haven't even completed the Fellowship yet! How often I will post the poems is apparently another matter, but I will be sticking with this as often as time and inspiration allow. Thanks to everyone who's still been reviewing despite the fact that this hasn't been updated since 2012. Cheers :) - SG


Shrouded in mystery, shadows, and lore,
The Pony's guest will watch and wait.
Ring-bearer's aider? Or could he be more?
Isildur's blade speaks of his fate.
Dare you, Frodo, to follow this guide?
Evil and foul or fair be his side?
Ranger's garb a king's heart may hide…