Hi, longtime "Shape" readers—it's me, your worthless author. I'm about on par with George R. R. Martin in terms of frequency and speed of updates, huh? I don't have any excuses except general real-life stuff and a short attention span and, more specifically, writing myself into a bit of a corner. I think that's what I've done with this story to a certain extent: rushed things and narrowed my options a little too much. It's been ages since I'd reread it, and now that I have, I'm thinking changes may need to be made if I'm going to salvage it.

My writing style has changed a lot in the six (six!) years since I posted a new chapter here, and my overall knowledge of English history has been significantly expanded upon. (As one of my reviewers pointed out, there's precedent for a royal son—albeit not the heir—marrying his mistress, and I know a lot more about those kinds of things than I did back in 2012.)

So while I certainly don't think I can muster the motivation to totally revamp "Shape," I might scrap a few of the later chapters and "start over" from the mid-1520s. What do you all think? Some of you have faithfully read, reviewed, speculated on, and waited for more of this story while I have fallen short—so I would love to hear your input.

Thank you so much!