Alison Pov.

"I can't believe you spied on us!" I yelled disapprovingly.

"Alice it's not like I could turn off my power it just came to me!" She yelled back.

"Alice! That's the worst excuse ever!" I replied.

"Ladies, chill out we all know that when it's that time of the month. All girls should stay away from each other because this happens" Emmett explained in what he thought was a professional voice.

"You idiot I don't get that.I'm a vampire!" Alice yelled as she jumped onto Emmett and started daintily slapping him.

"Jasper!" She yelled.

Jasper suddenly appeared newspaper in hand and started whacking Emmett on his head and arms with so much force the newspaper crumbled to bits.

"Children!" Esme yelled from the door.

One week later

My first day of school in the future, I wonder if they teach the same way they used too. I am going to be so behind and I won't know a thing.

"Don't worry I'll always be there to help you." Edward murmured soothingly as he held my hand.

We were driving in the future car again and Edward said we would be at school in only a few minutes. Alice had picked out a great outfit and I was sure to do my hair and my light make-up extra nice. I hoped the other teenagers like me but Edward assured me they would because I didn't give off the fear level vampires do.

I had watched a lot of television and read some teenagers magazines to get as much information about living this life as I can. Edward turned into the lot and even though they couldn't see me yet I could see them. They looked friendly enough but I don't know if I could trust my senses these days. The wonderland I went to so many years ago looked nice until I found out that everyone was crazy.

Edward cut the engine and hoped out to come to my door. I took his hand and he lifted me out to the crowd of onlookers. After the sign in we made our way to our first class, History. That subject should defiantly not be difficult.

Everyone was staring and not that it wasn't new but they weren't like my old friends back home I sort of miss them but I had the Cullen's now. The classes sort of went through a daze. I was in a state of just taking in it all I suppose students in this generation thought school was useless and un-necessary but this was all new to me.

The bell had rang signalling lunch so Edward and I walked to the lunch room together. Before we went inside Edward stopped me and kissed me on the lips.

"Edward why did we stop here to do that?" I asked politely.

"Well, the girls in there they kind of have crushes on me because I was always the single one and I don't want them taking it out on you that I finally found someone." He smiled before pulling me into the big dining hall.

Don't you want them to know were together? Are we? I asked sort of pained not wanting him to answer encase I didn't like the outcome.

"Of course I do and we definitely are together I just don't want to make them angry at you." He replied to my thoughts.

Ok, I answered.

We went into the lunch line and Edward picked up a few things to make him look normal. I grabbed a drink called coke, a salad and a slice of chocolate cake. Edward, like a gentleman paid for our things.

We made our way to the Cullen's table. They told me no-one ever came up to them because no-one dared to. I sat down and opened my drink before taking a sip. It was surprisingly good and I found myself wanting more. I was sad for the stupid reason that I finished it all too soon.

"Here, Alice told me you would need it" Edward smiled as he handed me his can.

I laughed, "Thank you I really like this coke drink." I replied.

The whole family laughed and I started eating my salad. I glanced around the room to notice a lot of people staring back. A few weren't staring though, they were more glaring...The girls were all in a group table and they put all there energy into making what they thought was the scariest glare alive. I had watched enough reality television to know what I would do.

I smiled back at them, angelically of course. The glaring continued but I didn't care I just continued eating. After I finished I got up to throw out the trash. I made my way over to the bins next to those mean girls.

"Wait Alison!" I heard Alice yell.

I turned around to face her but then I felt something cold rush down the face to my legs. I turned around to see one of those girls standing up with an empty cup over me. I was really angry at her and in a fit of rage I dumped my leftover cake onto her hair and pushed it into her dyed roots.

"You bitch!" She yelled at me.

"That really isn't a nice word but I'll let it slide because you really aren't a nice person and with the dyed roots and heavy make-up you really don't have a nice appearance." I smirked.

I then dumped my lunch in the bin and turning back to my table. Emmett was laughing and clapping like a baboon. Alice quickly got up to apologise and took me to the bathroom to get another outfit because surprisingly she had another outfit in my size. We came out just as the bell rang to signal the end of the lunch break. Alice had told me those girls name was Tanya (the one that spilt her drink on me) and her followers Lauren, Jessica and Angela.

The day passed and I eventually got home with the Cullen's. I understand why people thought this generation of school was boring now. I don't know how Edward does it I laughed mentally, he must be really smart.

Edward was suddenly by my side on the couch with his arms around my shoulders and waist. I leant over to kiss him on the mouth and I held on for as long as I could. I grasped his hair with my fingers admiring the soft feel of it.

We had to break apart when Emmett came through the door of course.

"PDA! PDA! PDA!" He shouted sort of jumping slash skipping around the room.

Ugh, He needs a life. Edward laughed when he heard that I guess it is true. I smiled before leaning in to kiss him again.