As Leia, Captain Virgilio, and a very disoriented Fey'lya exited the Quenfis, they were surrounded by holonet reporters, all demanding to know what had taken place in the space battle. Fey'lya, of course, played the martyr, telling about how he had been dishonorably removed from command all because of a "simple misunderstanding." He said that the redheaded crewmember should be brought up on charges, while Captain Virgilio should be commemorated for his skill during the attack.

"Councilor Organa-Solo, do you have any idea who this mysterious crewwoman is, who stepped out of the shadows and defied the chain of command?"

Leia worked hard to maintain her composure. "I have no knowledge of her identity. As for her preventing the Republic from a very costly mistake, her compensation has yet to be decided. If you'll excuse me, I need to find my husband."

Protected by a security team, Leia made her way through the throng and out the hanger doors to the med center, where the members of Rogue Squadron were being checked for injuries. Upon seeing her, Han leapt up from the examining table and embraced Leia. Then he kissed her, all the while, the med droid was protesting about how he wasn't finished with Han "I was so worried," Han whispered. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Leia responded. "And you?"

"Same. And the twins?"

"I think so. I suppose I'll need to be examined too, won't I?"

"Count on it," Han said firmly. Then he turned to the droid. "You almost done with me?"

"Yes, Captain. Your vitals appear to be stable, and you only have surface wounds. Your current state proves so."

Leia almost laughed. Han hated it when droids got snappy. "Fine, fine," he said. "So you can take her now?"

"Well, there are other patients that need to be checked out"-

"Oh, but she's next in line," Han said, menacingly.

"Well, alright then," the droid said, offended. "Please sit down on the examining table." He took Leia's pulse, heart rate, and temperature. "You appear to be functioning normally."

"What about the twins?" Leia asked anxiously. "Are they alright?"

"Your unborn children are fine, Councilor. You are free to go."

"Thank you," Han said, guiding Leia out the door. "Are you hungry?"

Come to think of it, she was. "A little bit," she replied. "But Han- we have to get back to make sure Fey'lya doesn't misinform the entire galaxy, not to mention Mon Mothma."

"It can wait. Come on- he won't be able to tear himself away from the reporters anyway."

Reluctantly, Leia allowed Han to guide her to a shuttle. Han told the shuttle driver to take them to one of Leia's favorite restaurants, a place where they specialized in Alderaanian foods. Once they were there, Leia began to recount what had happened on the Quenfis. When she was done, Han shook his head in disbelief.

"Unbelieveable. And what was her name?"


Han's head snapped up. "Jara? A girl, right?"

Leia nodded sullenly. So he seemed to recognize her- maybe it was an ex after all.

Han stared off thoughtfully. "Well, I knew a Jarik," he said sadly. "But a guy, not a girl. And he died when he was fifteen. You said she looked to be at least eighteen."

A shiver of recognition went down her spine. "Yes… but she mentioned a Jarik. She said she was named after him because…" she paused. "Well, she didn't know why. But her mother named her for a fifteen year old boy who died while fighting for the rebellion."

Han's face darkened. "No kidding," he said sullenly, although he didn't say any more. "Leia… do you know anything else about her? Her last name, her rank?"

"Well, let's see. She didn't tell me her last name- she didn't even want to tell me her first name- and I think she was wearing a stolen uniform." She gave Han a basic description of her appearance. Red hair, brown eyes, about 5'6. She started to say something else, but then she stopped.

"What is it?" Han asked.

"It's nothing. It's just that- well, she kind of reminded me of you. When she refused to tell me her name, I told her I'd have to call her 'Hanna.' She got really mad, and started cursing, saying how I was never to compare her to you, how she was nothing like you." Leia shook her head. "You certainly have a way with people. What did you do to get her all riled up like that?" She smiled ruefully.

Han smiled back. "I knew I'd rub off on you someday, Princess. It was only a matter of time." Frowning, he shook his head. "No, I don't think I know her. I certainly don't remember doing anything to gain such a bitter enemy," he shrugged. "Most people seem to like me."

Leia grinned. "No, I don't understand why either," she teased. "You certainly aren't very likeable."

Han leaned over the table to kiss her, expelling just enough heat to make Leia shiver. His lips were soft on hers, reminding Leia that she was not alone. "Come on- let's go back to the Falcon," he whispered.

Leia pretended to yawn. "I don't know, Han- I've had such a traumatizing day. I've had an awful lot of excitement."

"I'm probably all the excitement you can handle, sweetheart."

Laughing, Han and Leia walked out and caught another shuttle. By the time they got back to the hanger where the Falcon resided, the place was almost completely quiet, except for the soft footsteps they heard coming from the other side of the Falcon.

"Chewie? Is that you?" Han called out, grasping Leia's hands.

The footsteps stopped, than ran into the Falcon. "Stay out here," Han ordered. "I'm going to see who it is."

"Han"- Leia said, but he cut her off.

"I'll just be a minute," he replied.

"Be careful," she warned. She had almost lost him once today, and wasn't pleased with the thought of endangering his life again.

He grinned at her. "Hey- it's me," he assured her.

"Old habits die hard," Leia muttered. Han was still just as reckless as ever.

He disappeared into the Falcon. After a couple of minutes, he still wasn't out, so Leia drew her blaster, and went in after him.

She got as far as the main hold, when she heard an all to familiar voice. "Drop your gun and come in with your hands up," she heard Jara's voice say.

Leia complied, and decided to kick her gun over without being asked, just to instill some trust in Jara. "I was looking for you," Leia said cautiously.

"You know her?" Han asked.

"Yes. Han- this is Jara. The one who kept Fey'lya from leaving you and Rogue Squadron to die."

"No need for formal introduction. I'll be on my way." As Jara moved her blaster from Han to Leia, Han's sharp intake of breath warned Leia that the threat on her life might push him over the edge. Please don't do anything rash, she begged him silently,

Jara gestured with her blaster, indicating that Leia should move out of the doorway. "Over there. By him."

With her hands up, Leia took a step towards Han. "Jara, why did you risk your life for Han?"

Jara laughed. "You're pretty determined to find out, aren't you? Fine. You really want to know? It's because he's my father," Jara said.