Charmed Gilmore Fic

Sequel to Time Travel

Don't own TV or movie character's just my own.

Jack kept looking at the book for a spell. A spell to get back to Gabby, He couldn't find one. The one they used was a one time deal and he hated that. It's been three months since Lance died. Resa wasn't the same. He was the life of the party. They would bet and he would collect bets but after Danielle left he wasn't the same and he went after a demon by himself and got himself killed. That was the hardest part to contend with. He had to find a way to convince Gabby to come back to him. He had to bring Lance back for the girls and himself. He had to get Danielle to. He just shook his head. He didn't know what to do. He was about to leave when a floor board opened. He looked at something it was a note from Lance

Ask Victor to take you to Gabby.

Jack looked at it weridly. What was his cousin thinking. How can Victor take him to his Gabby. Jack shrugged his shoulders. He went to see Victor.

"Jack what a plesent surprise what can I do for you"

"I want to see Gabby I want to be with her"

"Son she's gone"

"Lance says you can help me" Jack says deseperatly

"I don't know what he's talking about" Victor says "But you better leave"

"No I'm not leaving until I can be with Gabby" Jack yells

Victor looked darkly

"If you son forget"


"be forewarned Jack if I do this you might not come back"

"I don't care"

"Yuo will when Princess Gabrilla doesn't remember you"

"She will" Jack says determinely

Victor could see the only way Jack would be able to know is if he went back

"If she doesn't remember you can't come back" Victor says

"So its true" Jack says

Victor nods

"I don't care I want Gabby"

"And if she doesn't want you"

"Then I'll live with the consequences"

"Then so be it" Victor says pointing his finger to the wall where it pulled Jack into a portal.

Jack fell onto the ground. He had to find his Gabby but first he had to change. He stole some clothes. he went to see Gabby. He witnessed her wedding to PRince Henry. He was laughing. Gabby turns and sees him and smiles. She runs to him giving him a kiss.

Henry just laughed. He got up from where he was and he told Gabrilla he knew how exactly how she felt then he left the church and went to go find Danielle.

The Year 2006

Rory saw her two friends "Where is Jack"

They shake their heads "We don't know"

"What do you mean you don't know"

"We don't know we looked everywhere he's nowhere like Lance"

Rory looked pale. Her phone rang it was her father

"Excuse me"

"Dad what's wrong"

"Its your grandparents Rory"

"What about them"

"They were in a car accident last night"

"Dad I'm sorry"

"They requested a small funeral and only the people mentioned in the will to be there"

"O are you one of them"

"As you are to"

"What about mom and my Gilmroe Grandparents"

"Just Emily"

"Why mom needs to be there"

"That's how they wanted i"

Rory frowns "When is the funeral"

"Friday they made the arrangments a week after they died they were to be cremated the funeral follows and the Will is read"

"Dad everyone will know now that I'm a Hayden"

"Is that bad"

"Dad my privacy will be no existent my life will be changed dramatically and the Huntzbergers ugh"

"So this about Logan"

"Yes and no'

"Rory what's so bad about being a Hayden its your birth right'

Rory frowns her dad didn't get it

Chris sighs "Rory be at the reading of the Will at least there is something you should know"


"About our family your mother doesn't even know"

"About what"

"Just be there"