"Get uuup!"my Mom yelled as she shook me.

I slowly regained my senses from sleep and groaned. "I'm up..." I said in a sleepy voice.

After I sat up, I saw my Mom go over to my sister and shake her awake. Golly! I thought. I hate it when she does that! Once my sister sat up and my Mom left, she fell back to her pillow. I wonder why she can't get up and I can. Maybe it's just her choice. I got out of bed and put on my shirt on, followed by my pants and my green hoody with a sunset pattern on it. I then went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. As usual, I was the first one there. I sighed, knowing I would never really get to have a sit-down breakfast with the whole family when we need to get ready for school.

Pushing the thoughts to the back of my head as usual, I got a bowl from the 'pantry' and poured some raisin bran into it, then I poured the milk and sat down at the table. Eating my bowl of cereal, I watched as the rest of the family got ready. My Mom was scurrying around and doing what she usually did in the morning. My brother was getting his stuff together, and texting his girlfriend. And, well, my sister got water poured on her for not getting up when she was told.

After I was done with eating, I got my stuff together and told my Mom that I was going to put my stuff in the car. As I was walking down the stairs, the thought of my cat came to me. I wonder where he is...? That poor fat cat (about twenty pounds) was no where to be seen.

Just as I was about to take my last step on to the the bottom of the stairs, he shot out around the corner, his eyes wide with fear. I scared the shit out of me and I wobble a second before falling. Luckly I fell back on the steps, so I was ok. "Shit, Tiger! What the hell?" That was when I looked at his face more clearly. I could see the fear in his eyes, and knowing him, he was a baby. But some how I just knew it wasn't something I didn't care about. Slowly and causiously, I put my stuff next to me and slowly slid over to the corner. As I got right up to the corner, Tiger rubbed up against my leg, frightening me enough to jump scream a second. Looking down at him, I saw how he was seemingly conserned, and I knew how he felt, being a cat and all. Slowly peeking my head out, I look around quickly and moved away from the corner. "Sheesh, Tiger. What were you so worked up about?"

"Meow meow me-ow!" was his reply. He was a very loud, talkative cat, too, so he talked a lot.

I walked toward the place he had come from. Once I got there, I checked everything and made sure it wasn't anything that fell. Suddenly, I came to a spot in the dirt where it looked like someone had just walked in the mud. Must've been the neighbors, I thought. Turning around, I heard a rustle in the bushes. Glancing back, I thought I saw some one looking at me. Shaking my head and rubbing my eyes, I looked again, but it was gone. I felt a bit uneasy and walked back to my stuff a little more quickly.

After I got my stuff into the car, I walked back to the area where I saw the person. I started to look around in the bushes where I saw him. Come on, Theo, I thought, get it together. It was only your imagination. I didn't find anything suspicious, so I ran back to the car in an atempt to be in it before my Mom or siblings came out. Just as I got in, my Mom came out yelling at my bro and sis. They all rushed down the stairs and flung themselves in the car.

Finally I was at school, and I wasn't late, like always. The Principle went through the anouncements and stuff, then the bell rang and I went to Geography.

It was a normal day at school, at least that's how it started. I was in first period doing my work as usual, thinking about my favorite video game characters, Altair and Ezio (well, two of them). Usually, I usually would just push the thought to the back of my mind to concentrate, but this was not leaving me alone this time, and I couldn't help but daydream about the game. It made me happy whenever I played it, and I surprisingly learned some stuff from it as well. Like the fact that the templars and assassins were real back then and they really did fight.

Suddenly, there was a loud, ear-splitting noise, making me nearly jump out of my seat. It was a defining sound that made me cover my ears and cringe. A weird glow came from a spot in mid-air, opening a hole that was weirdly shaped and distorted that kept swaying and made me feel sick just watching it. Then, it happened. There they were, standing at the front of the room, Altair and Ezio, along with Desmond. Two dangerous assassins and a bar tender were in my classroom. I was both astonished and frighten. It was so amazing to have these two awesome assassins in the same room, at the same time, with me, but it also scared the living soul out of me; two well armed, well trained assassins that were not easy to predict.

I jumped up in joy, screaming at the realization of it all, seeing them standing there. Knowing how an assassin would react to a scream, not to mention how fast they would, should have told me to stay putt, but my excitement took over me and my brain was working a bit slow that day. In seconds, Altair was holding me down with my back on my desk, his hidden blade at my throat. It began to cut the skin, shaking me into reality; I was going to die. What was even worse was that he wasn't just going to kill me right then, he was waiting. Waiting for what, I thought. Everyone was staring at me and the assassin that practically held my life in his hands. I closed my eyes tight and waited for my blood to come gushing out.

At that moment, I was free. Looking at the reason for this, nearly dropping to my knees in fear for my life, I saw Desmond and Ezio holding Altair down while he squirmed in protest, shouting and cussing at his captors. It confused me as to why they cared so much if I died or not. I then fell to my knees in exhaustion, feeling so tired at the time.

Suddenly, he stopped all at once as Desmond whispered something into his ear. Then, Ezio and Desmond both let go of him, allowing him to get up. I was frightful of what he would do next, afraid of what he was thinking of doing to me with the weapons he possessed, if he might just come up to me and stab me for knowing what he was. He walked slowly towards me. By now I caught myself standing there, allowing whatever to happen next. I began to back away slightly faster than he was walking. Suddenly, he leaped forward and grabbed the left shoulder of my hoody. I was startled at this as he began to pull me toward the front of the room where Ezio and Desmond were standing. I screamed for help and tried to pull away from this firm grip of his. I knew this might tear my hoody, but I also knew my life meant more than that.

I couldn't do anything to stop him, so I sat down on the floor and stopped screaming. He stopped and looked back at me, frustration flaring in his eyes. At that moment, I knew that he was mad, so I braced myself for whatever would happen next. Then he grabbed my left wrist and began to drag me across the floor. I tried to squirm and pull away, but the grip on my rist only got tighter and tighter at each attempt to get away from the assassin. I felt so tired all of a sudden and gave up, knowing that it was no use in trying to get away.

Suddenly, he let go, allowing my face to slam the floor. As I got my now aching head up, I realized that everyone had left the classroom. I can see why. I got to my feet, only to be shoved back down again. Looking up, I saw Altair leaning slightly over me.

"Stay putt, girl." he said in a stern voice, sending shivers down my neck and spine. I shot him a defiant look, knowing that my fear was reflecting in my eyes. It gave away the fact that I was weak, and not very strong compared the three men standing in front of me. To my relief, only amusement flashed in his honey-brown eyes, followed by "Keep your mouth shut before I silence you myself.", and with that, he turn around to talk.

I putt my back to him and sat on my butt. It was then that I realized that they weren't watching me, so I looked for the door, happy to see it on the other side of the room and took my chance then and there.

I acted as if I was merely getting into a comfy position on the floor, and dashed for it. As I made my way through the door, I heard Altair say "What the hell..." and continued my escape. Seconds after I was in the hallway, I could hear sprinting footsteps just behind me. Even though I never looked back, I knew it was Altair, and that I was in trouble if he caught me.

I ran fasted, wishing the hallway had items to throw down in his path. I was in destress as I could practically feel his breath on my neck, and at that moment, I knew what was coming next. He landed on me, and I let myself fall forward, knowing how agressive he could be, and waited for the shink of the hidden blade in my neck.

What happened next was completely different than what I thought. It was Ezio (thank the lord or I would've died) who had landed on me, making me let out a puff of air, and seconds after, he merely grabbed both of my rists and dragged me back to Altair and Desmond. I wasn't as uncomfortable with Ezio dragging me as I would have been with Altair because he wasn't as rough as Altair and his personality was more gental. But when he was done dragging me, he threw my hands to the floor and said to Desmond, "There, I got her. Now what? Do we leave yet?"

Lifting my head and butting in, I asked "Where are you going? What will you do with me?"

All three looked at me as if talking was wierd. Yeah, I talk. Amazing, I thought. Then Altair reached toward me and shoved my head back down on the ground. "What the hell?!" I shouted, pushing his hand off my forhead.

"Shut up!" Altair yelled, making me shrivel up in fear at the sound of his angry voice. "No more talking, ok?!"

Too surprised, I shook my head in a yes, then sat up and curled into a ball, hugging my knees in an atepmt to cuddle myself into relaxation.

While sitting there, I heard the conversation going on at the time. "So, are we ready to leave already? I'm tired of fighting with her." Ezio said to Desmond.

"Yes, but this should be nothing compare to what you have delt with. Besides, I cant have her running off when we need to-" Desmond was cut off short by Altair.

"Are you sure we should be talking about this in front of her?" Altair said.

"Good idea. Altair, you can do the honners, since she gave you the most problems."

I suddenly was surprised by what they were saying, and began to ask what are you talking about, but Altair had already grabbed my shoulder to hold me still and turn me towards him, throwing a punch right on the side of my head, which caused me to black-out.