"Oh shit!" I hissed as continued to watch her.

Apparently, she was running after Altair, for what reason, I could not find out because of the shortage of time, and Altair had come over to look.

"What is it?" he said, before freezing in half-step as he saw the computer screen.

"Uh, nothing. I just couldn't find the area where I could take him out." I lied.

He took a moment more before replying. "Mmm, ok, but hurry up. Dr. Vidic could come at any time." Before he turned away, I could swear I saw him blush, and then I felt sorry that I even looked at it. So I put the other page in front of it so I could stop the Animus.

After a while of fiddling around with nonsense that didn't matter on the computer, I managed to get Desmond out and awake. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, looking miserable and exhausted.

"What is it, Doc?" he said. "Why are we stopping so early?" He stopped rubbing his eyes and saw who was really behind the computer. "Wha-Where'd you come from?"

"Uh, the vent." was all I said before he jumped up out of the Animus.

He looked up to see the vent, surprise covering his face. "Whoa, it's up there pretty high." he said.

"Mmm, no trouble-"

"Except for you shaking 'til your bones would rattle out." Ezio said playfully.

"Oh, shut up!" I said back.

"Well," Altair said, "now that Desmond's out, can we go?"

I looked at him mischievously before saying, "Not quite yet. You two still need your weapons, do you not?"

"Yes; what do you sudjest?" he said back in a tone of 'I'm gonna do anything to make these bastards pay'.

"Well, let's search Desmond's room and fling things around while looking around, then flip off the cameras and shut them off after the destruction. Then we could do it to another room as well." I chuckled a little, and then raced into the room of Desmond's.

After me came Desmond, saying "Hell yeah!", Ezio, sniggering as he ran in, and finally Altair.

The first thing to go was the desk next to the bed, then the stuff in the cabinets, thrown all over the room, including the bathroom, the bed, being tipped over, and the soap dispenser and toilet paper. The soap was all over the sheets of the bed and the cabinets, with toilet paper finishing the redecorating. We were all huffing after the throwing, and once I regained my breath, I ran to the door that went into the area that had a giant glass window on its wall. Surprisingly, the door wasn't locked, so I started to destroy that place as well, with the help of the others.

I found the weapons in a case of glass, apparently for showing.

"What the hell?" I said at the ridiculous thing they had done with the weaponry.

Altair walked over, saying, "Well, well; they just keep getting stupider and stupider."

Desmond then took a chair and walked over. "Stand back." he said. He raised the chair above his head and practically threw it onto the glass. It smashed and glass went flying into the air. One piece flung into the lower part of my arm. I screamed in pain, and then looked down at it.

"AHHH!" I yelled at the sight of a piece of glass sticking out of my arm. It had gone through some of the muscle, which hurt really, really bad, and scraped my bone; I could feel it.

"OH SHIT!" Desmond yelled and came rushing over to me. "Are you okay?"

"NO! I'M NOT! A piece of glass is stuck in my ARM!" I screamed.

"Uh, Desmond, you're gonna have to hold her down while I pull it out." Altair said

"WHAT!?" I yelled. I tried to squirm away, but Desmond had already taken hold of me. "Damn you! I'm ain't gonna feel any better, you fucking bastards!"

Altair ignored me and ordered Ezio next. "Ezio, you're going to have to keep this cloth on the wound while I pull, ok?"

"Sure," Ezio said, "but what about her jerking around?"

"That's why Desmond's going to hold on as tight as he can, no matter how much it hurts her." Altair gave him an expectant look, and for a moment Desmond looked surprised.

"Ready?" Altair said.

Both Desmond and Ezio nodded their heads, while I yelled, "Wait, NO!" Altair swiftly pulled it out, sending gushing amounts of blood pouring out.

"AH, FUCK! THAT HURT!" I yelled, and then felt waves of pain rush through my arm, causing me to scream in agony. I tried to put my hand on it, but Desmond was practically cutting off the circulation of my hand he was holding me down so harshly.

"Hold onto the cloth very tight Ezio." Altair said.

"Okay," Ezio answered back.

Altair took out a piece of leather and wrapped it around the cloth with lots of pressure. "Ok, now we need to get outa here with her." he said. He went over to the case of weapons and took what was hid to put on, then took Ezio's and brought them over to him.

"Thanks," Ezio said as he grabbed his things.

After a while of Desmond holding my arm and Ezio and Altair putting their stuff on, Altair picked me up and carried me with him. We were all completely silent from then on, and we raced out of the building, stopping only for the doors that acquired cards and pass-codes and to hide from the guards. Once during the run, Desmond called Lucy for help.

Once we were out, Desmond immediately spotted where Lucy was hiding the van and we ran over to her. We all got into the van and they began to drive away from Abstergo. I felt faint and flushed because of the blood-loss I had experienced back there.

"Uh, I don't feel too well..." I said.

"Oh God," Lucy said, "what happened to her?"

Desmond looked at her pitifully before replying. "I, uh, smashed some glass and one piece got stuck in her arm."

"Des-mond!" Lucy said. "How could you be so careless?"

"Ya know, this girl has a name..." I said. "It's Theo; Theo Vile."

"Oh, well, Theo Vile, you'll just have to hang in there until we can get good treatment for you." said Lucy.

Then, right there, I had a feeling of what was coming next. Death. "Uh, I'm feeling like a dead person right now..." I managed to say.

The last thing I saw was Lucy trying to keep me awake by shaking me. "No, don't go. Stay here!" she yelled.

And then, I was gone, seemingly in darkness...