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"This isn't fair." the she-cat said.

"But you can't change what our leader has ordered." her friend said, hoping she wouldn't try anything too regretful.

"Wildpaw, I shouldn't be punished for something I haven't even done! I was merely doing what my mentor, Foxpelt, was telling me to do." she retorted. "I thought you agreed to stay with me on this one Wildpaw!" she hissed desperately.

"Don't drag me down with you and make me feel bad, Hawkpaw. It isn't fair for you to do that..." Wildpaw said.

I know I know... I'm just in a bit of pressure, that's all. I guess I just have to deal with it later. See ya' later, Wildpaw."

"See ya'..."

Hawkpaw went back to the apprentices den to rest a while, when someone called for a meeting on the Highledge. She groaned, stretched, and then went out to find two dead cats in the middle of the clearing. Their names were Lionpaw and Heatherfoot. She was Lionpaw's mentor, Heatherfoot. One of her best friends, Lionpaw, was now dead.

"Wha-what happened?! Who did this?!" Hawkpaw yelled, desperate to find out. "Why would someone do such a thing to an apprentice? Who would be so cruel as to-"

"Hawkpaw stop it! You're making a scene. We're all just as upset as you are." Foxpelt said, softening her voice as she began again. "Listen, I know you loved him very much, but things happen, and sometimes you just need to-"

"No! This isn't just one of those things. He wouldn't be so careless as to just die! Something must have happened. Does he have another Clan's sent on him?"

"No." A flame pelted tabby with black spots, known as Spottedfire, came from the shadows of the warriors den. Hawkpaw guessed he had carried him in because he wasn't close to warrior's body to know that. "But he does have..." he paused, looking uncertain, as if he wasn't sure if what he would say was ok.

"Well, go on! Tell us!" A voice came from the back of the crowd of cats. Even thought Hawkpaw was too far to see the cat, she recognized Scarstorms' voice, and wasn't all too surprised. Scarstorm was impatient most of the time, and it could get annoying sometimes.

Another cat stood up and looked a bit annoyed. "Be quiet and listen, ya' big fur ball!" Hawkpaw knew that voice anywhere. It was Bluesayer.

"Silence!" The Clan leader, Firestar, had suddenly appeared on the Highledge, his yell jolting her, making her jump. "I want to hear what Spottedfire has to say about this."

As Hawkpaw looked back to Spottedfire, she noticed he looked a bit nervous. She knew why. He was aware to all eyes staring towards him and usually got nervous at that. Hawkpaw never found out why, because she never had the chance to ask his mother. She had died from a freak accident, StarClan knows how. Some cats would say it was dogs. Others would say it was the lake that had swallowed her body into its depths. This was not RiverClan, so there was no way they could swim in that lake. I know that nether of those are true, but how did she die?

Spottedfire was beginning to talk once more, interrupting her thoughts "Well, as I was carrying him back, I had a whiff of... Of twoleg sent."

"Impossible! They were at the training ground! How could they have been near twolegs?" a cat called out.

"I bet they weren't really training. I bet they were lying when they said that!" another cat shouted. Yowls of protest were followed by this accusation.

"Enough! Spottedfire, where did you find the bodies?" Firestar was getting impatient with the ones who were yelling and making quick accusations about the problem. His tail was twitching irritablely.

"In the training area. The clearing was covered in blood, but when I got there, they were still alive. It amazed me at the sight of so much blood..." Spottedfire said in a hushed voice.

Then, Firestar stood up. "Thank you, Spottedfire." he said. Turning to address the ThunderClan cats who had out yowled earlier, he added "Does that satisfy you now, ThunderClan? I expect to hear no more of these false conclusions and what not. Carry on with what you must." And with that, the meeting was over.

As Hawkpaw was about to go to the apprentices den, she heard Spottedfire telling the whole story to a group of cats, staring in aw as he talked. Luckily when she quickly began to walk over, he had only just begun his story.

"Like I said before," Spottedfire continued, "they weren't dead when I got there. I will begin at the point when I was half way there. I found them while I was taking my apprentice, Nightpaw, out for a training session, when I stopped to ask her what she smelt. 'Blood' was her answer, and I smelt the faint trace of it as well. We were well away from it, and as we got closer, I thought I was going to drown in the stench, when I broke through the leaves and saw the two on the other end of the clearing, lying in their own wet, disgusting, smelling blood. I raced across the clearing, thinking that they were dead, but as I was about to grab the scruff of Heatherfoot's neck, she spoke. 'Don't hurt me!' she said 'I don't want to die!' I tried to calm her by saying who I was, but she was too delirious of the amount of blood she had loss. Then my apprentice set her tail on my shoulder and said 'Look, Lionpaw's alive too'. By that moment, I crouched down to hear what he said, barely able to make out the words mumbled out of his mouth. 'Spottedfire,' he began, 'there were twolegs here, playing in the sand.' As he spoke, I could hear the amount of blood in his lungs, choking him. It hurt to watch, but I had to listen to what the dying apprentice had to say. He continued to talk. 'When we got there, Heatherfoot said to stay putt in some bushes. I heard her hissing and screeching, so I looked out and saw her standing there, the look of triumph in her eyes. Later, as we were practicing combat, the twoleg came back with more. As I looked at the first one that came out, I noticed it was a kit. It was pointing at us, yelling something. Then, more came out, and one had a stick. I was scared, and Heatherfoot rushed in front of me, trying to protect me. We fought, and then the stick came down on me. I don't know what happened after that, and when I woke up, Nightpaw was standing above me.' Then he moved closer and said something else, something, he said, was for only one cat to hear. The rest must go do something helpful."

Hawkpaw was disappointed in that. But if was privet, she thought, then I mustn't interfere.

Once again, she remembered how tired she was and began to walk slowly to the apprentices den, slowly forgetting her troubled thought as she thought of her bed area and sleep.

Once again, she was interrupted, but this time, by a whisper of her name. "Hawkpaw!" a cat hissed, making her jump in surprise. She whirled around to find herself face to face with Spottedfire.

"What? Cant a cat get some sleep around here?" she hissed, suddenly noticing how he winced at the comment.

"It-its important." he stuttered, whispering more quietly as he continued. "It's about what Lionpaw said, when he said no other cat should hear what he says."

Hawkpaw was suddenly happy again, wanting more info on what he said. "Well, what about it?"

"I can't say anymore until we're out of camp where no other ears can hear."

Hawkpaw was so exited. She was really eager to hear what Lionpaw has to say to her. She had already guessed it was for her.

As they walk out of camp, many eyes were staring. Lots of them were merely curious, but some were hostile.

By the time they were well away from the camp ground, she was itching to hear the news. Then Spottedfire suddenly stopped, almost making her crash into him. She nearly let out a yowl of surprise, nearly.

When he turned around, he commandingly said "Sit." Hawkpaw was infuriated by this sudden command, but she obeyed anyway, thinking it was best.

"Hawkpaw," he began. "Lionpaw told me you might need to hear this. He wants you to know that his mother, Runningleaf, came to get him and bring him to StarClan."

At first, Hawkpaw was astounded that he wanted her to know. "He-he wanted me to know that...?" she said in a hushed voice.

"Yes. He also said he always saw the way you looked at him. Hawkpaw, you meant a lot more to him than you thought." His voice kept getting quieter with every few words. "Hawkpaw, Lionpaw said he loved you."

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