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She was shocked when she heard that he loved her. Wow, she thought, he felt the same way. I wish I had known...

Spottedfire spoke, jutting her out of her thoughts. "Uh, Hawkpaw? I have wanted you to know this for a while now... I... now that he has... left for StarClan, I think you need to know this..." He paused, giving her time to think again. Oh no. Is he going to say something bad that he did? She looked up at him; see that he was staring at her with sparkling eyes. What is he happy about? "Hawkpaw, I have been needing to tell you this since a week after you were apprenticed. I need to tell you this now. Hawkpaw..." He stopped, looking into her eyes as he saw confusion in them. "Hawkpaw," he continued more strongly. "I love you too..."

At first, Hawkpaw couldn't say anything. "Wha-what?" she gasped. "Is that true?'

Spottedfire paused, unsure if she would turn him down. "I know your love has just died, but I had to say something." he meowed desperately.

"Spottedfire, I'm ok with it. I never realized it though, so it was shocking to me." How could I have missed that? she thought. Well, I did spend most of my free time staring at Lionpaw... "Ok. But for now, just keep it on the down-low, ok?" Hawkpaw saw his eyes light up it happiness, and her tail curled up in amusement.

"Ok. I promise I will. Don't worry about it."

"Hey, shouldn't we get back to camp? It's getting late."

"Yeah, good idea. I was supposed to get the body later and bring it out to burry." As they left, Hawkpaw leaned on Spottedfire's shoulder, and felt warmth and comfort all over her body.

When they got back to camp, a meeting had been called to the Highledge by Firestar.

"As you all know, Hawkpaw has been an apprentice of almost five moons now and has worked very hard on training her warrior skills."

Oh, she thought. I had forgotten about my warrior ceremony! Even though she had gotten in trouble that same day, Firestar didn't hold her ceremony back a day, but she did get punished for it.

"It's not my fault!" she wailed to Firestar who had been obviously annoyed with it. "Foxpelt told me to follow the ShadowClan patrol! I knew it was a bad idea, but I didn't want to argue, so I did it." She had been nervous at the time, and knew he could smell it. "Before I realized it, I had crossed the border. That was when they caught me sneaking and took it as an ambush."

"We'll just see about that. Foxpelt!" Firestar was clearly trying to find out why Foxpelt had ordered her apprentice to do it instead, and why it had to be done in the first place. Hawkpaw told Firestar that she didn't know why Foxpelt told her to do it, and Firestar was clearly suspicious.

A lovely rusty-colored cat, with a white under belly and muzzle, walked through the bracken. "Yes, Firestar? What is it?" It was Foxpelt. Amusement flickered in her eyes as she saw who else was in the leaders den. "Well, isn't this a surprise?" she said. "Hello, Hawkpaw."

At that point, Hawkpaw felt a bit uneasy with the tone in Foxpelt's voice, and Hawkpaw felt that Foxpelt knew exactly what was going on.

"Foxpelt," Firestar began. "I hear you sent Hawkpaw to follow the ShadowClan patrol, and she had crossed the border. Why was it so important? Did they do anything bad?" At that point, Firestars' neck fur began to bristle at the thought of ShadowClan invading.

"Well, I wanted to make sure that they weren't doing so. That is why I sent Hawkpaw, so I could get fresh kill. I hadn't eaten that morning, and I was very hungry, you see. But when I looked back to see if anything was wrong, I saw that Hawkpaw had already crossed the border. I wanted to warn her, but thought that the other patrol would hear me."

Firestar looked a bit unconvinced, but Foxpelt either hadn't noticed or she was just ignoring it. "Ok, I see. Hawkpaw, I will have to punish you for this."

Hawkpaw had spent the next hour picking ticks out of the all the elders' fur.

Lost in thought, Hawkpaw had missed her name being called from Firestar for her to come up and receive her warrior name.

"Hawkpaw?" Firestar called out. She then felt embarrassed and raced over to him, calling out her arrival. As Firestar stood in front of her, she felt small, like when she was a kit. "Hawkpaw," Firestar began, "do you promise to up hold the warrior code and protect you Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Hawkpaw was suddenly shivering at the thought of her being a warrior. "I do" she said in a firm, proud voice.

"Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. From this moment on, you shall be known as Hawkfire. StarClan honor your ability and strength."

Everyone cheered her name in approval. "Hawkfire! Hawkfire!" Hawkfire! My new warrior name. I can't wait to talk to Wildpaw and Lionpaw... Then she stopped her thought. Lionpaw was dead. Oh, right...

Suddenly she heard a cat yell behind her. "Warrior!? You never told me! How could you?" Feeling a cuff around her ear, she whipped around to find Wildpaw standing there with happiness and humor clearly showing in her eyes.

"Oh, hi Wildpaw. Sorry about that. It must've slipped my mind."

"Nothing to be sorry about. By the way, where did you go after Spottedfire was done with his story?"

"Uh..." Remembering what had happened in the forest, she didn't want to tell it to her, so she lied. "I went to get some fresh air for awhile."

"Ok... Hey, speaking of Spottedfire, don't you wonder what Lionpaw said to him after he died?"

Hawkfire wanted to avoid that conversation at the time. "Yeah..., well, I never really got that nap of mine, and it is getting dark, so I'm gonna go do that now, ok?"

"Yeah, I'm bushed as well. It'll be a bit lonely without you there, though. I'll see you in the morning, Hawkfire."

What? I'm goin' to sleep too, she thought. Oh yeah! I'm a warrior now! I get to sleep in the warriors' den. Trotting over to the warrior's den, she couldn't help stifle a smile. Walking in, she found a comfy spot near the back and made a nice nest by bedding down. Seconds after, she felt another cat curl up next to her. She wanted to lift her head and ask what the big deal was, but exhaustion took over, and as she drifted into sleep, she was horrified to smell Spottedfire's sent. I hope I wake up early enough to get away so no one sees me...

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