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Chapter 1

It Can't Be

A man in a cloak stood next to a large ship, docked in the port of a well fortified town. He sighed, his eyes closed, as he faced the open ocean in front of him.

The figure, sensing someone approaching, opened his hazel colored eyes. He turned, to see it was a woman who was coming towards him. She wore an elegant dress, which covered most of her form. Her skin was dark, and her hair was long and black, set in a braid. Around her head was a gold tiara with a single diamond set in the center of it.

"I wish you would stay." She said, watching him. The man shook his head.

"I have nothing left here. No reason to stay." His said, his voice weighed and full of sadness.

The woman sighed. "What about your cousin? Or successor? They need you. And I need you, to help me." She said softly. The figure closed his eyes.

"No... you're a strong leader... and my successor will serve you well. As for Roran... he'll be fine. As will you Nasuada." With that, the figure walked past her, and up the gangplank of the ship, which was ready to make sail. As it pulled away, Nasuada, former leader of the Varden, and now, Queen of the Men of Alagaesia, watched in sadness, as one of her greatest allies, and closest friends, left this land, forever.

"Goodbye... Eragon Shadeslayer." She said softly, turning away.

164 years later, in Fire Country

"Ero-sennin, I need some help with that new version of the Rasengan we talked about!" Naruto Uzumaki, blonde genin of Konohagakure no Sato, yelled to his sensei. The blonde 14 year old genin was wearing a black and dark orange jacket, with matching pants, and a black clothed headband. An improvement over his previous clothes, of bright orange and blue. He shifted his back pack, and scratched one of the six whisker like scars on his cheeks. The whisker marks were a sign of Naruto's status as the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the demon fox that had attacked Konoha 14 years ago, on the day of Naruto's birth, October 10. The Yondaime Hokage had given his life to seal the demon in Naruto.

The man he was talking to, Jiraiya of the Sannin, was an elderly man. He had long white hair, that was spiky, and reached down below his waist. He wore olive grey jacket and pants, with a mesh shirt under the jacket, gauntlets on the arms, and a red vest over the jacket. He also had wooden samurai sandals, a head band with a double horned metal plate on it, with the kanji for 'oil' on it.

Jiraiya was one of the three legendary Sannin, the three shinobi trained by the Sandaime Hokage himself. He was also the legendary Toad Sage, and author of the Icha Icha series.

The old man sighed. "Gaki... I have a name. It's Jiraiya. Say it with me... Jiraiya. If you can't call me sensei, then at least call me that!"

Naruto crossed his arms. "Not until you stop peeping on girls!" He said. Jiraiya sighed.

"Kid, I'm an author. I need to do research for my books!" He yelled. Naruto snorted.

"What, you can't write real stuff? I mean, you have me edit some of those rough drafts, and other then the large amounts of smut, they're actually good. Why don't you actually try writing something real?" He said. Jiraiya just sighed.

"I tried that once. The book didn't sell well." He said. Naruto sighed.

"Fine, fine. I won't bug you about the books. But when you stop peeping on girls, I'll call you Jiraiya-sensei." He looked around the forested path they were walking along. He stiffened, as he saw a small flash of movement. He glanced at Jiraiya, who nodded. They kept going until suddenly, they came under attack.

Jiraiya pushed Naruto out of the way, while jumping to the other side, as a kunai with an explosive tag landed where they once stood. The explosion created a massive smoke cloud. At that moment, dozens of shinobi appeared, dividing into two groups to deal with their quarry. The smaller group headed after Naruto.

Jiraiya grinned at the shinobi, but it sobered when he saw the symbol on their headband. It was a musical note, stating these shinobi were from Otogakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Sound, and home to Orochimaru, the rogue Sannin of Konoha. He growled at them. "What are Oto shinobi doing in Fire Country borders?"

"We're on a mission for Otokage-sama. And you don't need to interfere." With that, they attacked.

Naruto found himself being attacked by four Oto shinobi. He growled, as he pulled out a kunai. "You serve Orochimaru, don't you?" He said. The lead shinobi chuckled.

"Yeah, so?" He said with a sneer. Naruto growled even more.

"Where is he, so I can kick his ass!" With that Naruto attacked.

The leader, a jounin chuckled, and blocked the kunai strike. Naruto attacked with a punch, but the jounin blocked again, and kicked at him. Naruto was thrown back into a tree, which broke under the force. He groaned out, before poofing into smoke. At the same time, a hail of kunai and shuriken fell on them from the trees. The jounin and two of his sub-ordinates jumped out of the way, but the fourth was pierced by the weapons, dropping him in a spurt of blood. Several Naruto's appeared from the trees, and attacked the three Oto shinobi.

Jiraiya had easily dropped several of his enemies through taijutsu, and ninjutsu. But the sheer number kept him distracted, from finding Naruto. He growled, before planting his fist into one Oto shinobi's gut, sending him crashing into two others. Hold on a bit more, Naruto, Jiraiya thought, as he ran through several hand signs, before unleashing fire balls at his enemeis.

Naruto found himself being pressed back. Despite his ability to summon clones, the three Oto shinobi were out maneuvering him and his clones. The two chuunin used weapons, and the occasional jutsu to clear out Naruto's clones, while the jounin mostly focused on driving Naruto back.

Naruto ducked under a punch, and went for a leg sweep, that jounin jumped over. Naruto was forced to jump back, as one of the chuunin threw a kunai at his leg. He landed, only for the jounin to land a harsh kick to his chest.

Naruto exploded from the trees, and hit the ground, rolling towards a canyon. He stopped, and got up, looking as two of his clones were thrown from the trees, and poofed out of existence. He growled, and unraveled a scroll, summoning a giant shuriken, which he threw, just as one of the Oto chuunin came out. It ripped into his stomach, almost ripping the shinobi in half. His blood and guts splattered the ground, and the other chuunin who came out of the trees. He yelled in disgust and anger, before growling at Naruto. "I'll kill you for that!" He shouted.

Naruto grinned, and summoned an army of clones. "Oh yeah? Well just try! I won't stop till I've fulfilled my dreams and promises!" The chuunin just laughed, as he held up several kunai in each hand, with explosive tags.

"SAY GOODBYE!" He yelled, as he threw them, just as the jounin appeared.

"NO DON'T!" The jounin yelled, but it was too late.

Jiraiya had finished the last of the ninja that were attacking him, and was now headed to find Naruto, when he heard a series of massive explosions. He stumbled, before looking up, to see a plume of smoke.

"NARUTO!" He shouted, rushing off in the direction of the explosions.

In a cave in the canyon below, a seated figure looked up from the scroll he was reading. What is that? The figure rises to his feet, grabbing a sword in a blue scabbard, and leaving the table he had been at.

The Oto jounin grabbed the chuunin. "You fool! We were supposed to capture him!"

"I don't care! He killed my brother, and- gurk!" The ninja stopped speaking, as a kunai pierced his throat, spraying the jounin's face in blood. Jiraiya was on him in an instant, knocking him down.

"WHERE IS HE! WHERE IS MY GODSON!" He shouted, shaking the Oto jounin. When the jounin didn't answer, he punched him unconscious, then rushed to the cliff side of the canyon.

There were a few half craters along what was left of the edge of the cliff. But what Jiraiya focused on were the shreds of orange and black cloth. Then, a dull glint of light caught his eye. He rushed to it, and dropped to his knees, crying, when he saw what it was. Naruto's headband lay there, the cloth ripped, the metal plate tarnished and damaged. He shook his head before standing up, and looking over the edge.

Down below, he could see debris from the explosions. He jumped down, using chakra to jump and stick to the walls, before landing on the bottom. He quickly rushed through the debris, frantically looking for any sign of Naruto.. All he came up with was a few more scraps of cloth, and blood near the river running along the bottom of the canyon. He shook his head, before summoning an orange and black toad about his size, with a blue vest.

"Gamakichi, I need you to look for Naruto. He might be seriously injured, or worse. Find him, and fast." The toad, usually talkative, nodded, and headed in one direction, while Jiraiya headed off in another direction. Neither of them noticed the cloaked figure watching from a cave about ten feet above the ground. The figure watched them, then turned back to the cave, and went inside, muttering a word in a foreign language, and causing a massive boulder to roll into the mouth of the cave, sealing it.

Konoha, 3 days later

Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konoha, cursed her luck. The blonde Hokage was swamped with paperwork, which she had been neglecting for some time. She sighed, as she finished sighing a form, and moving onto the next one. Why am I doing this again? Why did I accept this boring job? She thought.

Then her eyes landed on a picture on her desk. It showed her standing next to a 13 year old Naruto, in his blue and orange track suit. She smiled, as she remembered the day they took that picture. That's right... because the son of a friend of mine made me believe again. Still, poor gaki is going to hate me when it comes time for him to take over.

Tsunade giggled, and went back to work. However, she was forced to stop when Shizune, her assistant, burst into the was the niece of Tsunade's dead lover Dan, and had been her apprentice for many years now.

The black haired jounin was distraught, as she stumbled to Tsunade's desk. She was holding back tears, as she stopped at Tsunade's desk. Tsunade looked at her questioningly. "Shizune, what is it? What's wrong?"

Shizune sob, as she just stood there, before looking at Tsunade. "J-J-J-Jiraiya... Jiraiya-sama is... is here..." She broke down into tears, and dropped to the floor, breaking down, and sobbing.

Immediatley, Tsunade moved around her desk ,and hugged Shizune. "Shhh, it's okay... what about Jiraiya? He's supposed to be on that training trip with Naruto."

"I was." Came a very somber, almost dead sounding voice from the doorway. Jiraiya slowly walked in, his clothes and hair dirtied, torn, and ruffled. He grabbed a bottle of Sake from Tsunade's secret store behind her book case, and instantly downed it. Tsunade looked up at her friend, and teammate.

"Jiraiya? Where's Naruto? What's going on?" Tsunade asked, fear evident in her voice. Jiraiya just looked down at the bottle, before dropping it, and grabbing another one. He slowly pulled something out of his pocket, and tossed it onto her desk. Naruto's headband clattered, as it landed.

"We were ambushed... by Oto shinobi. I learned that Orochimaru sent them to capture Naruto... for experimentation. One of his ninjas... blasted Naruto off a canyon cliff. I... I looked for him for two days... " He downed the bottle, and dropped it. "I sent the only surviving shinobi to Ibiki, when I got in."

Tsunade slowly reached out, and touched the headband, tears streaming down her face. "No... Jiraiya, no... he can't be... he can't." She whispered, looking at him. JIraiya just sighed, before sitting down.

"All I found was blood, and some scraps of cloth... nothing more. I think... he fell into the river at the base of the canyon... and drowned." He closed his eyes. "I... I never got to tell him... how much he was like his father... how much... I cared for him." Jiraiya broke down as well, sobbing into his hands. "I never told him anything... I'm a failure. Orochimaru was right."

Tsunade was still weeping. "How... how could this happen? I... I thought he was the one..." She grasped her neck, as if she was grabbing at a necklace.

Two years ago, a priceless necklace hung around her neck. It had belonged to her grandfather, the Shodai Hokage. She had given it to three people in her life: her brother Nawaki, her lover Dan, and then to Naruto. Each had wanted to be Hokage... each had taken the necklace... and now, each of them was dead. She had thought Naruto could break the curse on the necklace. But she had been proven wrong.

She slowly stood up, and went to her desk, slowly moving, almost limping. She sat down, and picked up the headband. "I...I can't believe he's dead. I'm going to send two ANBU squads, our best trackers. When they come back with their report... I will make an announcement then." She said, her control barely there, as she trembled. Jiraiya slowly nodded.

"I'll... I'll wait by the south gate for them..." He turned, and stumbled out of the office. Tsunade sat there, before slumping into her seat, sobbing her heart out.

"Why... he didn't deserve this... oh Kami-sama... why?" She fell to the desk, crying her heart out.

Unknown location

Naruto slowly opened his eyes, and blinked. His eyes roved the area, but everything was blurry. He slowly tried to move, but screamed in pain. His whole body felt like one massive container of pain. A darker blur suddenly appeared above him, and his hand glowed, as it went to his head. A voice echoed through his mind, as he began to fall unconscious. Sleep.

The figure moved back from the unconscious boy, and sighed. There was only so much he could do. When the explosion had occurred, he had left the cave that had become his home. What he found was a 14 year old boy in partially destroyed clothing, with several broken bones, and open wounds, including the bones of his right arm sticking through his flesh. Immediately, he had done what he could for the boy at the moment, before moving him inside the cave. Just as he had set the blonde on the floor, red energy had seeped out of him, and covered the boy, healing him.

The boy should have died less then an hour after whatever caused those wounds. But that energy... whatever it was... it's kept the boy alive, and is healing him, far faster then normal healing. The figure moved to a desk, and began mixing herbs, before looking back at the boy. He was covered in blankets, bandages, and splints. The cloaked figure sighed, before finishing what he was doing, and exiting the room he had carved from the rock of the cave. Suddenly, he doubled over, coughing. He leaned against the wall as the coughing fit overtook him, and he hacked some blood onto the floor.

When it finally subsided, the figure stood up. I haven't much time. I need to find someone to take care of them. The figure entered another room, and stopped, as he looked at the center. A large pedestal, carved from a stalagmite, stood there, with a cushion on top. And on that cushion were two large stones. One was deep blue, the other jet black. He sighed, as he ran his hands over the stones. Maybe he can take over for me.

Konoha, two weeks later

Tsunade closed her eyes, as she exited the stairway leading up to the roof of the Hokage's Tower. In her hands was clenched an item that had not left her person or sight for over two weeks: Naruto's headband. Even now, she clenched it to give her strength for what she must now do.

All of Konoha was gathered to hear this announcement by their of them were confused, a few excited.

Standing amongst them was a girl of 14 years of age. She had pale skin, hidden under a large coat of white and lavender, black capric pants, a headband tied around her neck, and shoulder length indigo hair. Her eyes were an interesting sight, as they were pure lavender, with no pupils. Her name was Hinata Hyuuga, the eldest daughter of the head of the Hyuuga clan, and heiress to that position.

Hinata sighed, as she gently leaned back against the wall of a building. I wish Naruto-kun was here. She thought to herself.

Ever since their Academy days, the Hyuuga Heiress had a strong crush on Naruto. But she hand't been able to tell him, as she was a very shy girl, and lacked confidence in herself. After they had graduated, they had worked together on a number of missions, even if they weren't on the same team. During a mission to recover a rare insect, and another mission that had them escorting a daimyo's daughter, she had realize that it was more then a crush. She truly loved that blonde, despite the fact that he had barely noticed her. That latter part had improved though, and he had actually told her that he cherished her as one of his closest friends. That fact had left her speechless for over an hour.

She sighed, as she watched Tsunade stand up. All she wanted was to get back home, and get back to her training. Her father and Neji had both began helping her. But she was still considered weak by the Elders of the Council. She had to become strong, so they wouldn't convince Hiashi to mark her, and put her in the Branch. If that happened, she would never be able to change her clan.

Tsunade closed her eyes, as she took a deep breath. "People of Konoha... I have an announcement to make. As many of you know... Naruto Uzumaki left with Jiraiya on a three year training trip one year ago. Over two weeks ago... Jiraiya returned to Konoha. He and Naruto... were ambushed, by shinobi from Otogakure no Sato."

There were murmurs throughout the crowd. Most of the shinobi in the crowd were worried, as well as a good portion of the civilians. All of them had taken time to at least learn more about Naruto, and found themselves wondering how anyone could mistreat him.

Others sill hated the boy convinced he was the Kyuubi, or simple wishing to use him for an outlet of their anger, fear, and grief. These people muttered angrily.

One person in the crowd was angry as well, but for different reasons. Orochimaru, you bastard. You promised me you would leave the Kyuubi brat alone!

Hinata's full attention was on Tsunade now, her hands clasped in fear.

Tsunade closed her eyes. "Naruto Uzumaki... was blown off a canyon... and his body was not found. It is presumed... that he is dead."

There were gasps, and talking. Meanwhile, Hinata's hands had fallen to her sides, and she fell back against the wall, shaking her head.

However, suddenly, a cheer broke out from one civilian, and soon, others were joining in, both civilians and some shinobi. Tsunade growled, and snapped her fingers. "ANBU! Detain those people!" Immediately, dozens of ANBU were dropping on the cheering people, and securing them. "HOW DARE YOU CHEER THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ONE OF OUR SHINOBI!" She shouted, her killer intent pouring over the crowd.

"Naruto Uzumaki was a hero, and none of you fools could see that! He protected this village every damn day of his life! And you all treated him like scum on your shoes!"

In the crowd, Hiashi Hyuuga, head of the Hyuuga clan, sneered. He and the other Hyuuga's hadn't cheered at the news of Naurto's presume death, but they were just as happy. As far as they were concerned, Naruto was a slap in their clan's face. He held the creature that had caused the death of a number of their clansmen, as well as the death of their greatest ally, and Hiashi's friend, Minato Namikaze. Not only that, but he even looked like Minato, adding insult to injury. Hiashi had led several secret attacks against Naruto disappearing before they were discovered

Tsunade growled at them. "14 years ago, the Sandaime Hokage made a law, concerning Naruto. This law was made shortly after the Yondaime Hokage defeated the Kyuubi. However, what you all were told was not the truth. The Yondaime didn't kill the Kyuubi. No mortal could. Instead... he sealed the Kyuubi inside of a new born baby. The only baby born on October 10th."

Immediately, those who did not know the truth all ready put two and two together. Naruto being hated and ignored. The fact that his birthday was October 10th. Why he had whisker marks, and strange chakra. Many of the younger generation began talking amongst themselves, until Tsunade's voice echoed out.

"It was the Yondaime's wish that Naruto be seen as a hero, for containing Kyuubi, and keeping him from being able to destroy Konoha! But many of those here were unable to tell the difference between a container, and it's contents. So, the Sandaime passed a law saying no one could talk about, or they would be put to death! However, that didn't seem to stop you old goats from telling the younger generation to hate and ignore him! Why?!"

The crowd murmured, as they looked at each other. Tsunade just closed her eyes in exasperation.

"Did none of you even think, that if you had made his life a living hell, he might actually become what you thought he was!? That maybe he might turn on the village?! Naruto loved this village with all his heart, and was willing to die for it! And you all spat upon him for something beyond his control!"

Most of the crowd looked down guiltily. Even if they had warmed up to Naruto recently, that didn't excuse their previous nature. But others sneered at Tsunade, most of them from the Hyuuga clan.

Tsunade finally decided to reach her point. "In truth, if the Yondaime knew how you all would treat Naruto, he would have let the Kyuubi destroy you all."

At this, protests arose from the crowd. "The Yondaime wouldn't care about some orphan brat!" One civilian shouted.

Tsunade glared at him, her KI so focused on him, that it caused him to soil his pants, before fainting. "You fool. Do you really think the Yondaime would use some orphan to be this villages savior? NO! The Yondaime was selfless! And the proof is in who he chose to be the Kyuubi container! Naruto Uzumaki was the son of Kushina Uzumaki, and Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage!"

At this, there was dead silence. Hiashi stared at Tsunade, his eyes wide. "N-no! It's not true! You're lying!" He shouted.

"Am I, Hiashi-san? I have here certificates stating Naruto's true birth parents. A sealed letter from the Yondaime, meant for Naruto when he was 18, or a chuunin. There is also a list of those who were supposed to care for Naruto, if his parents died. Top of the list is Jiraiya of the Sannin, followed by... Hiashi Hyuuga, Tsume Inuzuka, Teuchi Ichiraku, and lastly, Hiruzen Sarutobi." She looked over them all. "My sensei, though I seriously question his choice, thought it would be better to keep Naruto's heritage hidden, to protect him, and Konoha from Iwa. This was a foolish mistake, in my opinion."

Neji, who was standing nearby, looked at his uncle, who he was standing near. Hiashi slowly sank to his knees, shaking his head. "N-no... it can't be true... it can't be." He kept whispering, as tears fell from his eyes.

Tsume was shaking in sadness, and rage. Kushina had been one of her best friends, and she had been delighted to hear Kushina was pregnant, thinking their children could play together like they once did. When Kushina had been reported dead, and her son no where to be found, she had mourned for months. Naruto, she had treated with indifference. She didn't hate the boy, but she didn't like him either, because of what he carried, which took her happiness away. "Sarutobi." She whispered in anger.

Tsunade looked around. "I hope you all realize what you've done. You all abused the son of our greatest hero's. And here... Konoha is supposed to be the strongest and most civilized of the villages." She said. "My grandfather and granduncle would be ashamed, knowing their village has fallen to this." With that, she turned away, and headed back inside.

The crowd dispersed, many of them now depressed, and horrified at what they had done. They had disgraced themselves, the memory of the Hokage's, and their greatest hero. One ninja, a tall man with gravity defying silver hair, a face mask, and his headband covering his left eye, turned, and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

He reappeared near a large stone, with hundreds of names carved on it. He stood there for a few moments, staring at it. Then, Kakashi Hatake, the legendary Copy Cat ninja, and son of the White Fang, dropped to his knees, and burst into tears.

Hinata, in a state of absolute shock and despair, was guided back home by her cousin, Neji Hyuuga. Upon arrival, he led her to her bedroom, and set her down on her bed. She fell over, her eyes wide, tears streaking down them. Neji closed his eyes, before turning, and heading to mourn the loss of the man who had changed his life for the better.

3 days later

Naruto groaned, as he slowly stirred from unconsciousness. He cracked his eyes open. W-where am I?

"STUPID MORTAL! You almost got us killed!" A demonic voice from inside his head roared. Naruto winced, as he found himself suddenly dragged into his mind scape. There, he found himself in a sewer like environment. IN front of him as a giant sized cage, with the doors sealed, and held shut by a single piece of paper.

Behind those barred doors, a pair of blood red eyes, with black slit pupils glared at Naruto. "You STUPID INSECT! You could have gotten us killed! Remember, what happens to me, happens to you!"

Naruto was stupefied, as this was the most the Kyuubi no KItsune, the demon fox before him, had ever spoken to him. The Kyuubi snarled at him, breaking him from his trance.

"Hey, easy there, baka fox! In case you forgot, there was a bunch of explosives thrown at me! How was I supposed to escape that?" HE yelled back at the fox.

Kyuubi snarled. "By using my chakra! Or better yet, ripping this seal off my cage, and letting me free!"

Naruto shook his. "Not going to happen. Now just shut up, and heal me!"

The fox was about to retort, when a voice echoed through the halls of the sewer. My... this is most interesting.

Suddenly, a cloaked figure appeared. The hood of his cloak was up, but the lower part of his face was visible, revealing a greying beard. His lips were in a slight smirk, as he looked up at the Kyuubi, revealing a pair of hazel eyes. "So... this fascinating boy I have found contains much power in him." The man said.

Naruto growled. "Who are you? And where am I?" He demanded.

The man tilted his head, as he studied Naruto. "Well... perhaps if you had been a bit more pleasant, I would have told you my name. And as for where we are... your mind, of course."

Naruto growled in anger. "That's not what I meant! Where are we?!"

The man didn't move, but suddenly, Naruto felt pain rip through him. He fell to the ground, and surprisingly, Kyuubi did too, both of them screaming in pain. Just as suddenly, the pain left.

Both the container, and the contained, slowly got to their feet, as the man looked at them. "Right now, I can see your every memory. I can easily force you to do my will. I could even crush your mind, and the spirit of this fox, with a single thought. Don't test me."

Naruto growled. "What do you want?" He asked softly.

The man smiled. "To know more about this boy, who I have discovered, and am trying to heal. Please... tell me what your name is."

"Naruto Uzumaki. Genin of Konoha, and future Hokage." He said. Behind him, Kyuubi snickered at that. Naruto glared at him, while the man nodded.

"Hmmm... Hokage... Hokage... ah yes! They're the leaders of that large village a few hundred miles to the southeast of us, yes?" He asked. Naruto just nodded, and the man smiled. "That is quite a lofty goal. Especially considering that you are still a genin, which your memories tell me is the lowest rank in your military."

Naruto glared at him. "Hey, why are you going through my memories!" He shouted. The man just laughed.

"Because you were unconscious, and I couldn't contact you at all. Now, to introduce myself. I am Eragon. That is all you need to know." With that, he turned, as if to leave.

Naruto rushed up. "Hey wait! I have questions!"

Eragon turned, and stopped him with one hand, shoving Naruto onto the ground. "Questions come, when you are healed enough to walk." He said, before disappearing.

Naruto jerked awake, and looked around, spying a cloak leaving through the doorway of the room. "WAIT!" He shouts, sitting up, only to yell in pain, and fall back down. He lay rigid for a few moments, before finally unclenching. Guess I'm stuck here, till I heal. Naruto closed his eyes, wondering what has happened to him.

Inside, Kyuubi is shocked, shocked that what appeared to be a mere human could invade Naruto's mind, and cause them both pain like that. The great fox slowly lays down. This is an interesting development.

Konoha, Hyuuga Compound

In the three days since Tsunade's announcement, the village of Konoha had been in a period of mourning, and shock. This was most evident in the Hyuuga Estate.

Most of the members in a state of depression. Those who had attacked Naruto, thinking they were avenging Minato, now sobbed at the fact that they had been attacking the son of their greatest ally, and leader. A few had even committed sepuku, believing their disgrace was too great to live.

Hiashi Hyuuga had locked himself in his study, where he had spent a whole day screaming about how he had 'betrayed him'. When he finally emerged, his hair had been cut short, his clothes torn, and his face pale.

HInata had left her room for the three days. As for as anyone knew, she hadn't moved form the bed where Neji had put her. Many were worried that she would eventually die of starvation, or thirst.

Neji stood outside Hinata's door, debating whether or not he should enter, or leave her be. He finally decided that her safety was more important, and raised his hand to knock, when the door slid open. Neji backed up, as his eyes landed on Hinata.

She stood straight and tall, clad in black pants, and a long sleeved shirt. Her hair had been braided, and weighed with a stone ring at the end of the braid. But her face had changed the most. Her face looked like I was set in stone, that it would never show another emotion again. But the eyes. Neji shuddered, as he looked into his cousin's eyes. Once, they were shy, timid, but showed kindness, and a hidden flame of strength, that waited to be fanned. But now, they were cold, and almost lifeless in emotion. The lavender had faded to a white silver like color.

Neji just looked at her. "H-h-hinata-sama?' He asked nervously.

HInata looked at him, and he shivered, as he felt that at any minute, she would kill him. Then her eyes left him, and she left her room, and headed down the hall, towards the center of the Hyuuga Compound.

Many members who she passed were also struck dumb by the change in her. She ignored them all, as she continued on to her objective: the Hyuuga memorial shrine.

Here, the names of those who were deceased were recorded, so future generations could remember them. Great heros of the Hyuuga clan were remembered with small shrines to them, containing articles of theirs that were personal, or made them famous. One such shrine belonged to Hitomi Hyuuga, who had been a great warrior in the Hyuuga clan.

Unlike the rest of the clan, Hitomi saw the value of branching out in her techniques. While the rest of the clan had settled on learning the Juuken, she branched out, and learned another form of fighting, using a pair of specialized swords. She used these weapons to great effect, even once slaughtering a platoon of Iwa shinobi during the Third War. After her death, about 9 years ago, her weapons and scrolls on her new fighting style were laid in a shrine.

HInata approached this shrine, and looked over the twin weapons lying on a stand in the shrine. Both weapons were thin blades, that had a large curved hook on the front, a blade guard that formed a rectangle from the top of the hilt to the bottom of it, and a small dagger like point on the bottom of the hilt. These blades were known as Hook Swords, for their hook shaped part at the front. The hilt on both of them was wrapped in blue cloth, with the Hyuuga emblem sewn on them in white.

Hinata gently ran a hand over then, before slowly picking them both up. She stared at them, before nodding.

"Hinata-sama! What are you doing?! You can't desecrate the shrine of Hitomi-sama!" A branch member, who was guarding the shrine area, came over. Hinata looked at him, her cold eyes making him back down. Hen she spoke, her voice colder then the most frigid winter.

"You forget yourself. I have come to claim that which is mine." She raised the swords up, seeing her reflection in them. "I, Hinata Hyuuga, daughter of Hiashi and Hitomi Hyuuga, claim my mother's swords and scrolls as my birthright!"She said.

The branch member paled, and backed down, as HInata gripped both swords in one hand by their hilts, and removed the scrolls from the shrine, before leaving.

"It is time. It is time for me to stop being weak. Stop chasing fruitless dreams, and actually do something." Hinata said, as she left the Hyuuga compound, and headed towards her secret training ground. "The old Hinata was too weak, too shy, and too feeble to do anything. I will no longer hesitate. I WILL be a shinobi of Konoha." She said. She looked at the swords, and then nodded to herself. "And these weapons... these will show who the new Hinata is." She said, before setting to work, a cold determination sweeping through her.

Soon, the Elemental Nations would quake, as a pair of 'demons' were being born.

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