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Chapter 32


It had been three days since the end of the war. Iwa was back on its feet, none the worse from its temporary occupation by Madara, Sasuke, and their Zetsu clone army. The mass of dead clone bodies had been piled and burned, while the dead of the Shinobi Alliance were preserved to be buried in their respective villages. Kurotsuchi, the newly proclaimed Yondaime Tsuchikage, formally surrendered Iwa to the Shinobi Alliance, to end the Fourth Shinobi War. Then she held a special memorial to honor all those who had died to liberate Iwa.

Afterwards, a grand festival was prepared to celebrate the end of the war and the liberation of Iwa. Shinobi from across the world helped prepare the village for the festival.

In private, Kurotsuchi met with the other leaders of the Shinobi Alliance, as well as Naruto and Hinata, though Naruto was still under the guise of his alternate persona.

Naruto entered the office of the Tsuchikage with Hinata behind him, to find all the leaders already present. He bowed to Kurotsuchi. "You summoned me, Tsuchikage-sama?" He asked.

The newest Kage nodded. "I did. Tomorrow's festivities will begin with a special ceremony honoring those in particular who helped Iwa in her time of need. You and your apprentice are among the foremost to be honored. But…..I would like to be able to present the person behind the armor of Oni," she said.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, though the action was hidden by his helmet. "You want me to reveal my identity?" He asked calmly, while glancing at Tsunade. She shrugged quietly, telling him it was his choice.

"I understand your desire to remain anonymous. It helped to protect you from those who would wish you harm, by going after those close to you. But considering how many of the shinobi villages owe you deeply, I think the reason is now moot?" Kurotsuchi said, before she quickly added, "Of course it is your choice. If you do not wish it, I will not press."

Naruto glanced at Hinata, who simply told him with her eyes that she trusted any choice he made. He then turned inwardly. 'Kyuubi? Onyxia? What do you two think?'

Onyxia answered first. "I think it is high time we stopped hiding. The world should know who to thank. And they should know of the one who will watch over them," she rumbled softly.

Kyuubi just huffed. "It doesn't matter to me what you do. Tell them, keep it a secret, it all means the same to me. Though it might be nice to have them appreciate the fact that it was my jinchuuriki who saved them all," she said with a satisfied smirk.

Naruto took a deep breath, before nodding to Kurotsuchi. "Very well," he said, as he began to undo his helmet strap, and slowly slide it off. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

Kurotsuchi's eyes widened, as did many of the leaders in the room who didn't know it was he. Only Gaara and Tsuande remained unaffected.

Shibuki's eyes widened before he grinned. "Naruto! You're alive!" He said as he hugged Naruto. "It was a sad day when we heard you were dead. All of Taki mourned the loss of the genin who saved our village."

Naruto smiled. "It's good to see you too Shibuki. I'm sorry I couldn't reveal myself earlier."

Kurotsuchi blinked as she looked at Naruto. "How ironic," she said softly. "The son of the man who devastated Iwa during the last war is the one who saved us," she said with a small grin.

Others chuckled at the irony of that, while Tsuande crossed her arms. "I hope there won't be any Iwa shinobi looking for revenge for what his father did," she said.

Kurotsuchi shook her head. "If there are, they will be dealt with, I promise you. Iwa owes Naruto more than enough to overlook what his father did to us."

Naruto smiled. "Then I look forward to tomorrow. I think it's about time I stopped hiding as Oni, and let my true name be my only one," he said.

Kurotsuchi nodded. "Till tomorrow then. Good day."

Naruto bowed and put his helmet back on. As they left, Hinata moved closer to him. "What happens afterwards?" She asked softly.

Naruto glanced at her as she elaborated. "The war's over. What will we do now?"

Naruto sighed as he looked up at the sky. "I'm afraid we can't stay in Konoha," he said quietly. "Our power is great. If we stayed in one village, it would seem we were favoring them. It could cause distrust, aggressive actions, and other things that could lead to war. No…..we'll need to establish our own home. And possibly….begin building our own Order."

Hinata sighed quietly, until Naruto gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "That does not mean you can't visit your family, Hinata-chan. I would never ask you to sever all ties and connections to them."

She smiled softly at that. "Good," she said. "But where would we go? There isn't a place for us, is there?" She asked.

Naruto smiled. "I've actually already taken care of that, to a degree. I sent a shadow clone to The Land of Iron, to talk to them about possibly letting us set up shop within their land. It's a neutral country, that has almost nothing to do with the outside world beyond some trading and acting as neutral ground for negotiations between warring and aggressive factions. If anything, it is perfect for us."

Hinata nodded. "Let us hope they agree then," she said, as they returned to the building they were being quartered in, along with quite a few other Leaf Shinobi.

The Next Day

The Shinobi Alliance and citizens of Iwa had gathered together in the village's arena, used for their Chuunin Exam Finals. Today though, it was being used to honor those who had fought to defend Iwa.

Kurotsuchi, in the robes of the Tsuchikage, stood on a platform with the other leaders. They had already honored quite a few shinobi who had distinguished themselves in battle. Iwa had also honored each village that had come to their aid, via their head shinobi and Kage.

Now, Kurotsuchi knew, was the moment of truth. She looked overall those present. "We have honored many brave people today. But none more so then the one who truly ended the threat to our village and the world. It was one man who fought the leader of our enemy. One man who freed the minds of our shinobi and citizens. We are here now to honor that man."

She gestured to one side, and the armored figured of Oni mounted the platform and came up to her bowing. She bowed back to him, smiling.

"Oni, you were once an enemy of Iwa. You had fought our people in the past. But in our hour of need, you came and helped us, and saved our people and village. For that, we wish to honor you now. Before we do, would you please allow us to know your true identity?" She asked.

There were quite a few gasps of surprise, and murmurs of conversation as people began to look eager.

Oni slowly scanned the arena, before looking at her. He then slowly removed his hood, and lowered the chainmail coif from his head. People gasped as they saw the spiky blond hair. Kurotsuchi smiled at him.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, also known as the famed Demon Dragon Rider, I, the Godaime Tsuchikage of Iwa, award you this medallion, forged specifically for you. It is known as the Elemental Star," she said, holding up the medallion. It was shaped like a star, with the emblems of the five major villages arrayed at each point of the star. In the circle surrounding the star were the emblems of the other Shinobi Villages. "This medallion shows that you are a hero to all the Elemental Nations. With it, we all honor you for what you've done. Take it, so all may know what you have done."

Naruto bowed his head, allowing her to slide it over his head and around his neck. When it was on, he raised his head. Kurotsuchi smiled as she raised her arms. "May I present the Hero of the Elemental Nations!"

There was quiet murmuring, especially from the Iwa shinobi. Naruto's grin faltered slightly, until one grizzled Iwa shinobi stood and started to clap. There were soon several others, followed by more and more. Soon the entire crowd was on their feet, clapping. Their voices rose up as pone, chanting "Naruto! Naruto! Naruto!".

Naruto grinned, as he raised one hand, waving as the crowd cheered even more. He smiled as he continued to wave.

Konoha, two weeks later

Naruto stood in the backyard of the Namikaze Estate, watching the sun rise in the east. As he did, he sensed a presence behind him.

"Beautiful morning, isn't it?" Kushina asked with a smile.

Naruto nodded, his arms crossed. "It is," he said quietly.

Kushina moved next to him. "… something wrong?" She asked him softly.

He sighed quietly. "My clone finished negotiations with the Daimyo of the Land of Iron. They've agreed to let me and Hinata establish ourselves in their land."

"And that means it's time for you to leave, doesn't it?" His mother asked sadly.

Naruto nodded quietly. "I wish I could stay. But if I do…..I could be putting Konoha, or the Elemental Nations in danger. People out there could see me being here as a sign of my allegiance to Konoha. And people in Konoha could try to manipulate me to use me against the other Nations. There's always another Madara, or Danzou, waiting to enact their plans."

Kushina hugged him. "We could come with you. Me and Tayuya."

Naruto smiled quietly. "I know. But that would be asking Tayuya to be separate from Shino. And you've seen the way they look at each other. I couldn't separate them. And I can't separate you from her either."

"But I can't be separated from you either!" She said, turning him to look at him. "I lost both my children, and now I have them both. I don't want to lose either of you," she whispered.

Naruto hugged his mother. "You're not going to lose me. I'll come back to visit you, and Tayuya."

Kushina hugged him tightly, sobbing a bit. "Promise me you will. Promise me," she said.

He nodded. "I promise Mom," he said, as he held her.

She shuddered, as she slowly let go. "I'll expect you to come back home for the holidays, and birthdays," she said. "And you better let Hinata do the same for her family."

Naruto nodded. "I had planned to. And who knows? Maybe I'll learn dad's Hiraishin, so I can come visit anytime," he said with a smile.

Kushina smiled weakly, rubbing tears from her eyes. "I'll be expecting you to," she said, before hugging him again. "I love you Naruto," she whispered.

"I love you too Mom," he said, as he held her close. He sighed, as he didn't want to let go. But eventually, he had to. "I'm going to go tell Tsunade. Let her gather together friends and stuff, so we can have a proper farewell party. Me and Hinata will be leaving tomorrow or the day after, depending on how things go with her family," he said.

Kushina nodded. "Then we're going to spend as much time as we can as a family, until you leave," she said. "In fact, I think we should have my special Uzumaki Ramen for dinner tonight!"

"Minus the aphrodisiac this time?" He joked, as Kushina pouted, arms crossed.

"You're not going to let that go, are you?" She asked, as they headed inside. Naruto stopped for one moment, looking over his shoulder towards the Hokage Monument. He smiled, seeing his dad's face up there, before heading inside.

The rest of the day was spent with family and friends. Hinata had told her father, sister, and cousin about what she and Naruto had to do. They were unhappy to say the least, but after Hinata explained it all, they agreed with her and Naruto's choice. They joined Naruto and his family, as well as Tsunade, Jiraiya, Teuchi and Ayame, Iruka, Anko the rest of the Konoha 11 and their sensei's in a daylong celebration at the Namikaze Estate. Tayuya nearly beat the crap out of Naruto when she learned he was going to leave, but eventually Shino calmed her down.

The party lasted into the night. The next day, Naruto and Hinata spent it with their respective families.

Eventually though, the time came for them to leave. Naruto and Hinata met each other and their dragons at the main gate. There, those who wanted to wish them a final farewell had gathered.

Naruto and Hinata shared goodbyes with their friends, shaking hands, hugging their friends. Naruto stopped at Shino. "Take care of my sister man. Or else I'll kill in the most painful way," he said.

Shino nodded, before Naruto turned to Tayuya and hugged her. "Don't drive him crazy. And make sure to give me some niece and nephews," he said.

She smirked. "I could say the same to you," she said, nodding to Hinata. "Take care shithead," she said.

"You two red," he said with a grin. He went to Jiraiya and Tsunade. Tsuande was crying a bit while Jiraiya grinned softly.

"You be careful Gaki. I'll be coming to visit you when I'm not busy with my spy network," Jiraiya said.

Naruto nodded. "I'll look forward to. And hearing that you finally got baa-chan to go out with you, Ero-Senin," he said.

"Like that will ever happen," Tsunade said. She hugged Naruto. "Be careful Naruto. I'd hate to hear something happened to you."

Naruto nodded. "I will baa-chan. I can't disappoint you," he said, tapping her necklace, which was still around his neck.

She smiled at him, as Naruto then met with Iruka and Anko. "You'll be here for the wedding, right? I'd love for you to be my best man," Iruka said.

Naruto grinned. "Of course ni-san. I'd never let you down," he said.

Anko smirked and kissed his forehead. "Thanks gaki, for helping me get Iruka back when I screwed up," she said.

Hinata hugged her sister quietly. "I don't want you to go nee-chan," Hanabi whispered. "Can't you stay? Please?"

Hinata held her close. "I wish I could. But Naruto's right. I can't stay. It'll just cause problems. But I'll be back to visit, I promise."

She lifted Hanabi up, and wiped her tears away. "I'll be counting on you to unite the clan," she said.

Hanabi nodded. "I will nee-chan! I promise! I'll be the best Clan Head!"

Hinata smiled and kissed her forehead, before turning to Neji.

"It will be hard with you gone, Hinata-sama," Neji said, bowing his head.

Hinata smiled. "Please, ni-san. Call me imouto?"

Neji smiled. "Very well, imouto-chan," he said. Hinata giggled as she hugged him.

Hiashi looked at her. Hinata stood before him, as he tried to speak. Finally, he took a deep breath. "I know that I….I haven't been the best father. I failed you miserably, Hinata. But I want you to know that…..I am so incredibly proud of you. You have done things I never thought possible. And I know your mother would be proud of you as well."

Hinata smiled, as she hugged her father. "Thank you tou-san," she said. "I love you."

"And I love you, my daughter," he said, as he held her.

Naruto smiled at his mom. "Promise to give them hell from me. Can't let the Uzumaki pranking streak die out," he said.

She giggled. "You got it. Soon they'll be begging to throw me out," she said, before hugging him. "I love you sochi. I always will," she said.

Naruto smiled. "And I love you mom," he said. "I'll be back to visit before you know it."

She nodded, as she kissed his forehead. "I'll be waiting."

Naruto smiled as he turned to Hinata. She nodded, as the two walked to their dragons.

The two dragons kneeled down, allowing their riders to board. The two waved to their friends and family one last time, before the two dragons leapt into the air, and began to fly away, heading off to their next adventure.


The end of the Fourth Shinobi War brought about an unparalleled era of peace to the Elemental Nations. No country was eager to bring about the devastation of war and conflict again. The peace was further aided by the efforts of Naruto and Hinata, who acted as mediators and deterrents to military and aggressive options. The pair of them founded the Order of the Dragon Riders, a group dedicated to maintain peace and stability within the Elemental Nations. Multiple nations each sent a liaison to the castle where the Order dwelled, allowing them to send messages back and forth between the Order and the countries that might need aid.

In Konoha, Kiba Inuzuka ended up marrying Mina Mikon, the girl he had met in the hospital. The two of them lived happily in the Inuzuka compound, where Kiba eventually became head of the clan. His mother became his advisor, and his sister Hana became head of the Veterinary in Konoha.

Chouji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka ended up marrying, joining their two clans together. Ino managed to get Chouji to eat a more healthy diet of food, though she still allowed him to eat enough to maintain the figure he needed to perform his clans jutsu. Their teammate Shikamaru Nara ended up marrying Temari, the sister of Gaara the Godaime Kazekage. Despite his claims to her being a 'troublesome woman', their relationship turned out to be a very happy one.

Sakura Haruno, apprentice to Tsunade Senju, eventually agreed to date Rock Lee. The two of them were happily engaged and married within a year. Sakura managed to help reign in Lee's energetic nature, but she didn't truly dampen it. After all, he wouldn't be Rock Lee without it.

Hanabi Hyuuga made good on her promise to her sister, becoming the head of the Hyuuga clan and finally ending the division of the clan. With the help of Jiraiya of the Sannin, the branch members of the Hyuuga clan were freed from their seals. A new seal was put in place on all of the Hyuuga, one that protected their bloodline without the use of causing pain or enslaving those who wore it. Afterwards, Hanabi began to date Konohamaru Sarutobi.

Neji Hyuuga, freed from the enslaving Caged bird Seal, happily began to date his teammate Tenten. After four months of dating, the two were married. Neji became Hanabi's advisor, helping her to ease the last shreds of tension in the clan.

Iruka Umino ended up marrying Anko Mitarashi in a grand ceremony, made even grander by the arrival of Naruto and Hinata. Not too long after, Anko was pregnant with their first child. One who they planned to name Naruto or Naruko, in honor of the child's godfather.

Jiraiya of the Sannin finally managed to convince Tsunade Senju to go out with him, even going so far as to end his popular Icha Icha series and giving up his perverted ways. Their first date led to many, and soon a marriage followed. Jiraiya retired, and became an author full time, writing stories similar to his first story "The Gutsy Ninja", as well as a line of adult romance novels, based on love and romance instead of smut. His stories rose in popularity that easily overshadowed his previous works.

Konan and Itachi were married within two months of the end of the war. The truth of the Uchiha clan coup attempt was brought forth, and Tsunade proclaimed Itachi a hero. While not all in Konoha were able to accept the facts immediately, enough were able to adjust to this new information for Itachi to be able to move through the village freely. The happily wedded couple forgot their past lives as members of Akatsuki, and began their new job of re-building the Uchiha clan into something great.

In time, Shino Aburame and Tayuya Uzumaki Namikaze were married. A very happy Kushina immediately began planning for their grandchildren, while Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze teased his sister and brother in law. It was only the calming presence of her husband that kept Tayuya from sending her brother to Iwa via a high powered uppercut.

Shino Aburame was assigned a position as the Konoha liaison to the Order of the Dragon Rider, allowing him to move with his new wife and mother in law to the castle of the Dragon Riders. Both Tayuya and Kushina were ecstatic to be reunited with their brother/son.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and Hinata Hyuuga both continued their blossoming relationship, and eventually became as connected to each other as they were to their Dragons. They eventually married, and Hinata was soon pregnant with twins. Their dragons, Onyxia and Azuren, also soon mated, leading to a large batch of eggs. The birth of Hinata's twins coincided with two of the eggs hatching, and the baby dragons bonding with the twin children, and leading to the first of a new generation of Riders.

In time, the members of the generation before them, and many of their own generation died off. Naruto and Hinata, now masters of an ever growing Order of Dragon Riders, mourned the losses of their loved ones and friends. But they also celebrated in each new life, born to the grandchildren and great grandchildren of their family and friends, as well as each new dragon that was born, and each new Dragon and rider who bonded and joined their order.

Now, almost two hundred years after the Fourth Shinobi War, the Elemental Nations are no more. The warring Nations have set aside their differences, and joined into one glorious Nation, one glorious people. And as such, we have begun to explore beyond our boundaries. Perhaps one day, we will find the lands of Alagaesia to the East? Perhaps in time, we Riders will return to the birthplace of all Dragon Riders.

Excerpt from "The History of Dragon Riders"

Written by Eragon and Arya Namikaze,

Children of Naruto and Hinata Namikaze.

The End

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