It was a dark and stormy night, a man with white hair walking around the city.

He jumped when he saw a car drive past him.

And thought what a hell was that.

scared he ran towards the park.

And hought wher am I?

Bakuras Pov

Where is this place?

This place cante be Egypt, Epypt is hot and have a lot of sand.

But this place is cold and gray and the ground is black.

And this strange structure I newer never seen anything like it.

It's so cold here I have to find shelter and continue tomorrow.

I found some bushes and crawl in,it was stingi but it gave me some protection.


I find my self in some sort of garden when I caught sight of my mother which is impossible.

But I decide to take a closer look.

But I was wrong it was not my mother it was a boy that just look like my mother just paler and a lite boyer.

I decided to go up and say hi becours maybe he could help me on where I am.

I walked up to him and he looked frightened out and said Bakura.

End of Chapter 1