I had decided that I would go back to the woods were the incidents occurred. Young vampires tend to stay in hidden places if they believe that that's were the humans are. So I traveled over to a well used camping ground when it started storming. It was so sudden, that I instinctively tensed and grabbed my sword. I'd neglected to check the weather, not that I could have because I neglected to buy a television or a computer that wasn't designated for security. I would need to get those things tomorrow, but right now I was on the hunt and though I was at a slight disadvantage because of the rain I would not let this get me down.

It wasn't long before I saw red and blue lights up ahead; racing towards it I feared that I had been too late and that another family was dead. When I got there I gave a mental sigh of relief, but cautiousness filled and made me listen intently to what the people in front of me had to say while I hid in the darkness.

There were about six families out here tonight, all plainly shaken but unharmed. The police were asking questions about what happened. I listened to what one of the mother's was saying.

"I don't know what happened…at one point we were surrounded by these ghostly pale human monsters and the next they were being tackled by these flashes of white. It was just so fast…I couldn't follow but I guess the things collided with the trailers at some time. It was terrifying! The trailers just burst or moved on their own!"

She was becoming hysterical but I didn't need to hear any more. I had all the information that I needed. The vampires had been here, ready to attack and their numbers were far bigger than normal, but something had intervened.

The way she described the intruders was similar with other vampires, but that's impossible. Vampires don't protect humans from other vampires. There had to be another explanation. Maybe an unauthorized Valagran?

Some how that theory is just as bizarre as the blood suckers attacking one another.

Urgh! Nothing was fitting, and I didn't like it when nothing fit nicely in my puzzle.

So I began to investigate. Not only did I need to find the unusually large gathering of vampires but the mysterious saviors were needed to be under the spot light, especially since this is my territory.

That's when I heard it. While I was rambling on in my head I heard the slight difference in the sound of the thunder storm. I strained my ears and listened harder blocking out all other sounds except the thunder.

I heard it again and I rushed to the sound. I knew the sound very well; it was the sound of a vampire fight.

Running towards the sound midway I lost it. That could only mean that the fight was over. I strained my senses desperately trying to sense something out of the ordinary.

My nose twitched to the beautifully sweet smell that wafted very faintly in my direction. Without hesitation and fear of losing them I raced forward. They had a bigger advantage than I, they were very far ahead of me, but I had a scent tracker. The tracker worked very much like a dog would, catch a scent and leading me to it; only this device is more reliable. Not only does it not get confused by other disturbances but it also shows other threats without losing track of the source.

Racing forward I finally came to a stop. I had found the vampires. But I was in no way happy. The vampires were all dead, dismembered bodies roasting in a controlled bonfire. But I was not their exterminator and neither was it a fellow Valagran. Something was happening in Forks. Something bad.