A/N: So I started this new project so that I do a bit of writing every day. One of my prompts was energy and this popped into my head. I think it is funny and amusing to see our three detectives out done by a cup of coffee. I own nothing from Detective Conan, Case Closed, or Magic Kaitou.



Detective Conan Ficlet

(300 words)

Hakuba, teenaged detective, sighed heavily as he hid beneath the large table with Heiji Hattori and Conan Edogowa. Meanwhile their rival, the Phantom Thief, Kaitou Kid bounced off of the walls on a caffeine high. He was almost exploding with energy.

"Who thought giving Kid coffee was a good idea?" Hakuba grumbled glaring at the Osakan detective.

Heiji sweat dropped and put up his hands defensively, "oi, oi, you both agreed. It seemed like a good idea at the time!"

"I only agreed in the name of scientific experimentation," Conan muttered pushing up his too large glasses, "I told you not to give him a whole mug! But nobody listens to me, Just because I'm small." He glared at Heiji because the Osakan should no better than to ignore him.

"Hey! K- K- Conan-kun whose side are you on?!"

"Apparently Hakuba's this time." The shrunken Shinichi Kudo said bluntly.

Hattori grumbled for a bit then asked, "How long until he crashes do you think?"

Hakuba poked his head out from under the table. He coughed as one of Kid's smoke bombs exploded on his head. Heiji tried hard not to laugh as the Brit withdrew back under the table, his blond hair dyed pink.

"If either of you laugh, you die." Hakuba seethed, "We could be under this table for a very looong time." There was a long moment of silence as Kid smashed something. Kudo manor would be a disaster to clean up after this and Conan/Shinichi wondered why on earth he had offered to do it here in the first place.

"Sooo….. who wants to play Go Fish?" Heiji pulled out some playing cards. The other two sighed and shrugged.

Heiji dealt the cards.

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