Here's just a short drabblish one shot while I work on the next chapter of Thrust Into Insanity. This just popped into my head a few nights ago. Try to see how long it takes you to figure out whose point of view it is (without going straight to the end, that is). (:


I don't own Superjail. But you knew that already.

Daddy Doesn't Love Me

Daddy doesn't love me

And I can't figure out why

He's always too busy with work, it seems

He barely pays me any mind

I'm just trying to help

Daddy knows that

He just doesn't care

That makes me sad

But can he not read my patent emotions?

It would seem he cannot

Why, Daddy, why do you not love me?

After all I do to impress you

All I do to show you love

You ignore me, and go off to work on your brilliant prison

Would it kill you to love me?

Your only child?

Your loyal, caring child?

Your… Jailbot?

Alright, admit it: how many of you thought it was about the Warden at first?