Prologue: Abintra*

They turn your eyes away from the lies and deception and let their bodies be tossed around

She ran with all her might, trying to escape the demons that plagued her. Her long legs, scarred from the many thorns and bushes she encountered over the years, trembled at the strain of carrying her weight at the speed she was going. Her heart was palpitating like a thundering drum in her chest, alerting her of her fatigue.

Heavy footfalls and angry grunts alarmed the young teen that her pursuers were hot on her tail.

"You can't keep running forever ragazza*! The dark demons Agramon* and Vetis* have already got a hold of your heart, and the holy beings Derdeka* and Amatiel* cannot save you this time! Just turn around and give us your money and we'll leave you be!"

"Vatenni*, I don't have what you want!" the girl cried out angrily. She then stumbled on a sign that read 'Clockwork City' and hissed at her own fall.

'I'm out of time.'

Nobody knows when, where and by whom their prayers will be heard

He glared at the silver-haired man before him. His blue eyes burned with contempt, anger, and resentment. His grip on the large, key-like weapon tightened. He wanted his freedom so badly, but this- this idiot had to take it away from him.

Black spots began to dot his vision, and he knew his time was up when his limbs grew limp. The large weapon slid out of his hands before the silver-haired man let him fall to the world of darkness.

"I've accepted it."

Do not be afraid of the cold, the pain, the goodbyes and the tears

The boy floated seamlessly through the sky above the sea, the almost transparent chains surrounding his body waving softly in the wind. His eyes were closed as if in a deep sleep and his breathing was soft and rhythmic.

And for a moment, all was right.

Awaken your life, carve out some proof that you were born in this world

The red-haired girl stared longingly towards the horizon where a small tropical island lay. She clutched her bag closer to her heart as if it held all the answers she was seeking.

Why did it feel as if she had an aching hole in her memory? Try as she may, she could never find the answer.

So she'll wait by the beach like she's always done.

If you want to find your true self and future, then take the cold, the pain, the goodbyes and the tears…

The petite blonde had no idea what would happen to her after she finished linking the past, present, and future of the key. She fiddled nervously as she brainstormed the possibilities before picking up a blue color-pencil. Immediately, as if to soothe her thoughts, she colored in a vast blue sky on the parchment she held.

Would she disappear forever, or would she become whole?

As she contemplated a thought of resignation crossed her mind.

No matter what happens to her, at least she'll get to finally meet him.

Smash them with your hands, and trample them under your feet

"Stupid ragazza, had you listened to us earlier, then it wouldn't have had to come to this." A deep, baritone voice spoke from behind the fallen teen.

She cursed silently at her luck before she was forcibly pulled to her feet. Her demons had finally caught up to her.

"Now, where is the money? And don't play stupid with me, bambina*. We saw you walking out of the Basilica* with a suitcase before you ran." The man's comrade took his place in holding her in place while he began his interrogation.

"I don't have what you want!" She spat back, trying her hardest to cover her fear. Though she was skilled in combat, she was not able to summon her weapons to her side, as her hands were literally tied.

"Mentire*! And for your insincerity, you will be punished in darkness!" The ring-leader's voice echoed in the abandoned streetlight.

Without warning, a pool of black, ink-like clouds swept over the ground and headed to where the girl stood. Her eyes were wide with terror now and her limbs were locked in place with shock. The two men stepped back and cackled with satisfaction as the tangible darkness licked at her legs.

Slowly, the black umbra crawled up her knees and then with a sharp tug, she felt herself sink. There was nothing she could do to save herself and with a soft prayer to Derdeka, she closed her eyes to her world…

…with only the hope of one day returning.

Even if your eyes dry up, in the raging storm, the desolate earth…

The peaceful town was illuminated with the soft hues of the setting sun. Quiet good-byes were exchanged as the citizens headed off for their homes after a grueling day at work. None noticed the cloaked figure watching over them, nor the body he had slung over his shoulder.

Without a word, the shrouded man opened up an inky portal and stepped through.

search for the sun setting in the darkness


ragazza: Italian for 'girl'

Agramon: Demon of fear in the Christian religion

Vetis: Demon of corruption in the Christian religion

Derdeka: Female Angel of salvation, known as Supreme Mother or Drop in the Christian religion

Amatiel: Angel of the season Spring, plants seed of hope, rebirth, new beginnings, and positive expectations in the Christian religion

vatenni: Italian for 'get lost'

bambina: Italian for 'little girl'

mentire: Italian for 'lie/you lie/to tell a lie'

Basilica: (from thefreedictionary . com)1. a. A public building of ancient Rome having a central nave with an apse at one or both ends and two side aisles formed by rows of columns, which was used as a courtroom or assembly hall.

b. A Christian church building of a similar design, having a nave with a semicircular apse, two or four side aisles, a narthex, and a clerestory.

2. Roman Catholic Church A church that has been accorded certain privileges by the pope.

Abintra: Latin meaning 'the voice within/to express oneself'