Some of you (mainly my old readers) may be wondering why I decided to do this all of the sudden. (Newer readers can just skip over this and go straight to the next chapter if you'd like.) You see, my writer's block has come to the point where I'm irritated at everything I'd written. I just couldn't move on from the place I was stuck at. So then I went back and re-read my stories.

I'm not satisfied with them at all.

Yes, I like the over-all plot I had planned, but there were missing pieces that were vital to get to the plot… On top of that, I would have had to put this in the cross-over section for Bleach and KH! I also don't like my lack of character development for Hoshi and find that her name kind of doesn't fit with the over-all game. Think about it: Only Sora, Kairi, Riku, Yuna, Yuffie, and Rikku (did I miss anyone?) have legit Japanese names out of the fifty plus characters in the over-all plot. But eh, when one's unsatisfied: change. Then again, I might just modify her name like I'm doing with the chapters…

The changes aren't too major, but they are centralized around Hoshi (now Vitalia Jophiel). She's coming from an original world this time, and certain other things will be edited as well. Fear not though! The chapters will be similar to the originals yet~!

I'm already working on a new prologue and it should be out sometime this or next week.

Thanks for sticking with me for this long, but the change was long over-do.

If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them as soon as I can!


As of today (December 14/15, 2011), the prologue and chapter one have been replaced with the newer chapters. Chapters three and four should be coming in sometime this week or the next.