To sum her up I'd have to say; Geek. But I would only ever say that around her. Or Kevin. Just who does he think he is anyway? Flirting with her all the time and smiling at her like he's her boyfriend. I swear if I ever find out I would just leave. And I know exactly why I would too. I figured it out along time ago. And I've made peace with it. But every single time I see them sitting together I want to get between, and just stop whatever might happen. They don't know how annoying it is to constantly feel like the third wheel all the time! The leader, the hero, the only thing that keeps them from slobbering all over each other. The person that gets in the way of their stupid damn lovey dovey acts. I can't stand it! I just want to tell her, but I can't. I can never tell her. I know she likes him. Hell, with the way she looks at him sometimes it seems that she loves him. It's always, "Stop arguing with Kevin" or "I think Kevin has a point" or the one I hate the most "Why can't you be more like Kevin". Yeah right; I am going to be like an ex(?)-psychopathic idiot who tried to kill me, her, and my Grandpa for a stupid alien watch latched to my wrist for all eternity! No. It's not gonna happen. I know they both like each other, but if they ever go out, I'm gone. Hell, what do they need a freak like me or? I change to aliens. Big whoop. If I ever lost my watch they would both ditch me so quick I wouldn't see it coming. And who can blame 'em? Without this- this- thing on my wrist I'm no use to anyone! But the point of this writing here is for me to get my, thoughts, yeah thoughts, out. Because tonight I'm gonna tell her how I feel, and I won't care if she rejects me or not. Forget my parents, I don't care what they think. And then, I'll deal with what happens next.

Tonight's the night.

It's now or never.

Had to do it. Just felt like it should be done. Later. Chapter 4 here I come!

P.s. Please don't flame