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'Doesn't this situation seem familiar, now?'

The hallway was basically a wreck, splinters everywhere, two doors broken down, singe marks in the doorways, and the things in the bathroom and rooms were thrown about, as an after shock to the ever so pleasant transformation thanks to Benjamin's watch.

'Dammit Ben.'

Yeah, just great. Just like a certain situation five years ago, involving valentine chocolate, mints, ice cream, milk, and grape pop.

And who in god's name was going to clean this up?

She was. Of course she was. She always ended up cleaning something he left behind! Even his room, which had it's closet stuffed to the cracks, and nearly drown her when she opened it. Of course… Not all of the stuff in there was for kids… There were a few, magazines so to speak that were rather, adult, and mature for someone like Ben. Oh she could only imagine what he did with those!

Well, her inner curiosity, anyway.

Just what in the name of normalcy was he doing with the New York times and National Geo graphics anyway?

That side of her grew to fill the space that he left behind, empty. She became what he was, in his absence: loud, goofy, and naïve. But that's not to say she wasn't still smart, she was just a little rusty in the knowledge in that area, and, a little more…. Stupid than she was before. She tripped often, or stared out into space frequently. On top of that, she forgot what she would say right before she said it nearly everyday, her memory was shot so to speak, and Gwen grew a fetish for milkshakes. Now what does this have to do with the mess in the hall? Well, most of it is irrelevant at the time, but the fact that her memory was shot was a good enough excuse to do something else and forget about the whole thing.

It was best solution to any problem she had. Make the dweeb do it.

The teen just loved the feeling of wind in his hair. It was just so, refreshing to him, like a breath of life that you could get high on in the best kind of way. It eliminated his insecurities, his inhibitions, and any negative thoughts that occupied his ever so useful roommate that was his brain. And right now he needed it, because something was troubling the poor boy.

The dweeb…et.

As he passed buildings and fields with people none the wiser, and making papers from newsstands go everywhere, she was on his mind. It was bugging him to no end! He couldn't figure out what was wrong, and it was frustrating.

He always did this when he had problems like these. Where the answers were just a centimeter length out of his reach, so he couldn't get to them. That only left him more questions, naturally. In the summers, he used to visit Bayville, stopping around for two or three days before going back to New York for the rest of the vacation, not bothering to see his family. He knew he came there for a reason, yet, he didn't know what that reason was.

Maybe he was really that absent minded.

All he could hear was the whooshing sound of the wind blowing past his ears so fast he could see it to an extent. If he were still himself, he wouldn't be able to breath, but thankfully XLR8 was not normal by regular standards. In his time that is.

Being incredibly murky and gloomy outside made it perfect for him. This was his favorite type of weather and he knew the perfect spot to be in his situation. There was this tree, right by a hotel that he stayed at once during his little trips back home, paid courtesy of the plumbers. The hotel in itself was not that big, just a wide, three story building, with the typical tan-apricot and burgundy paint. And right next to it, on the end of the street, was a tree. This tree was perfect for shade, and to get away from cold whether while in the branches, or to protect you from the rain. In essence:

It was an awesome place to be lazy and sleep.

Going back to his normal self with the regular blinding green flash, he grinned and stopped outside of the hotel. He hadn't been there since after his first year away, but knew he was always welcome there. He left quite an impression on the buildings owner, and her daughter too. He could only imagine just what they would look like when they saw him. 'Well, only one way to find out!'

He opened the door silently not wanting to make his dramatic appearance known. If they even recognized him at all that is.

Girls love the heroically cool entrances right?


Some tears fell from her eyes, barely allowing her to see where she was going. Her hair cascaded in front of her face, obstructing it from view as she walked through the hallways of the house, all the while shining bright against the lights. The girl felt like she was going to cry at the moment, and bawl right then and there. Reading romance novels on a slow day always did that to her.

"Romeo, oh where art thou?" She asked to no one, cupping her chest and raising a hand, looking out into a non existent horizon. "Where art thou my precious prince? Respond so we may live happily ever after as I, your Queen, and you, my King!"

That's it; she couldn't hold her laughter in anymore.

Stifled giggles and snorts along with gasps for air escaped her as she crumpled against a wall by the lobby, her face red and tears cascading down her face. "What the- Oh What did you do now Kate? Stub your toe? Hit your head on the door or bathroom sink again? Or did you fall down and make a boo boo?"

The said girl looked up to see her mother, clad in a tacky pocca dotted yellow shirt and blue jeans, smirking down at her. "NO! I just… I was laughing." Her mother rolled her eyes, snorting at the girl who had just got up looking indignant. Well, as indignant as she could for someone who made an idiot of their self in public, laughing like a total doofus. She would have protested, but her mother put a finger on her mouth just as the clattering of dishes and cups sounded from the kitchen. Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal, as hotels had employees and cooks that generally worked in the kitchen, but they were all home today, and that meant one thing:


If there was one thing that Kate and her mother couldn't stand, was some cheap tacky bastard who didn't have enough brains to go to a well fare office and decided to break in some innocent persons house. Her mother pitied the fool who did it on her watch, because she would most likely beat them to a pulp with a pan or chair or anything else she could get her hands on before the cops got there. She had this obsession about being a hero or helping people and would go on a rant every once in a while about her hero. Her mother could only shake her head at that knowing the girl was having a crush.

Being as quiet as possible, the took separate paths to the kitchen, rounding the corners and looking through the doorway at the perpetrator who was going to get a good free can of high quality, non perishable-kung fu-whoop ass. The said person even looked like some one capable of such stupidity. He was wearing a black jacket with white stripes along the arms and stone jeans, just sitting down at a table, eating a sandwich like all was well with the world and sported a goofy smile because of it.

Ben was nearly laughing out loud with glee. He could barely keep his strange sense of humor to himself as he imagined the gob smacked looks on the owners of the hotel. Not only had he got in without no one seeing, or hearing him (or so the impressionable teen thought), he had enough time to make a sandwich! The day could get better of course, with a little sumo slammer marathon here, some smoothies and rootbeer there, and some laziness under his favorite tree, hanging out with one of his true friends.

The fact that he hadn't seen them in nearly three years also added to his excitement, and he wondered if the would recognize him from the slightly under average 14 year old he used to be. He was taller, his hair was longer and a bit shaggier, and he got rid of the horrid bright green jacket that Kevin would always say screamed, 'Fruit salad'. Being as clueless as he was, he still knew what that meant and it still got on his nerves. He could only hope that they recognized him or else-


Ben look down at his plate to see his delicious sandwich all crushed and ruined with mustard and mayonnaise spurting out of it. "What the fu-" Yet again, WHAM! You see, luck was never ever ever ever a million times never on his side. Most of the time. This was a theory only supported by him, who thought that a sick outer force got kicks off of seeing his misfortune in the most humorous ways possible. He supported it so much that eventually it became a reality.

From Max's apparent normal cooking of shrimp turning out to be the beast from the black lagoon, that was still very much alive I might add, to ripping and loosing his most prized possession, his teddy! He could not catch a break at all!

Every time he brought it up Kevin could help but snicker behind his back before plotting the next prank on the Troublesome tracking Tennyson.

"Who are you, you bum?! What are you doing in my house, eating my food, sitting in my table, in my kitchen-" Kateland Mesoly only found his eyes staring at her face, blankly. These weren't just any eyes however. They were piercing green, looking at her with curiosity, playfulness, mischief, and it got one thing out of her… embarrassment. "W-what are you looking at me like that for?! Answer my- Heeeey! Stop it!" Ben laughed out loud, fully knowing from the look of the crushed loaf of bread and confusion on her face that she didn't know who he was. And there only one way to remind her of who he was.

"Stop tickling me you pedophile! I don't know you!" She said between laughs as he wriggled his fingers around her midsection, grinning like an idiot at the figure in one of the other doorways, who could only smile as she waited for her daughter to recognize who it was. But that would come before she turned red from laughing. "P-please… stop it… Have mercy…"He pulled her to the ground where she was in a fetal position, to overcome with laughter to do anything else. It was cute to him, how she seemed like a spit fire from hell before he got to one of her very exposable weaknesses and she became as helpless as a cute little kitten (Yay! Kitteeeeeeeeenns .).

"Really Benjamin was that necessary? You made her laugh nearly half to death!" A voice said from not far away. He grinned at the source. "Come on Lidia! Think of the poor defenseless bread that got caught in the crossfire! I say she deserved her punishment for taking the lives of so many wheat pieces that could have made delicious sandwiches for me in the future." Lidia, Kateland's mother, couldn't help but grin back at him as he picked her daughter up and brought her into the lobby. As he sat the barely conscious girl on a couch in front of a TV, she decided to get some questions answered.

"Finally back from the Toilet Plunger's? Or you just plan to stay for a few days and leave again?" A smile played on her face, but that's exactly what it did. It played, and actuality she felt like frowning at the thought. He was like a son to her, even though he stopped by once, she knew him all his life, and was like a little sister to his Grandfather. Her daughter, well… That was another story. She was pretty sure he had an avid admirer in her. "Nah, I'm here to stay. Well, at least for the rest of summer, then I go into hibernation." That answer was good enough for her as he chuckled, still grinning like a pot headed Cheshire cat who found an infinite number of mice to eat. Life was good for the fat cat.

But back to the point.

"You mind?" He asked, pointing a thumb to the TV in front of him. She smiled and hit his shoulder lightly. "Ben you know your always welcome here! Make yourself at home," He nodded and took the remote from a nearby table, and started flipping through channels faster than she could see, making her eyes glaze over trying to keep up. Seeing her expression he simply said, "Lot's of experience."

"Okay. Well, you hold the fort down since you're here and Kate is.. indisposed. I'll go grocery shopping I guess." Looking in the now slightly snoring Kate, he nodded, poking her head. "And Ben? Make sure to explain yourself for the love of god so no more wheat lives shall be lost!" With that she fell out of the doorway to outside in an over dramatic manner, the scenes of the two kids interaction playing through her head. She could already see her daughter reverting to a timid mess in front of the brown haired boy.

It was times like these that she wished she had a camera.

"Hey. Come here for a sec. I wanna tell you something Katii." She looked around, finding herself in a field of flowers with the sun setting in the most romantic way possible, and the flowers glimmering with celestial elegance of the receding light along the horizon. She smiled at him, his eyes glowing with brightness and love. It was directed at her. He was all hers right now, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Walking towards him, feeling the breeze brush against her skin and blow the white dress peacefully.

"I've wanted to tell you this for a really long time now.. and- well, I-" He was silenced by her finger on his lips. "Shush. I already know." He grinned at her, before saying, "Good," sounding like a child at Christmas. Pressing his forehead to hers, he closed his eyes, and started to closed the gap ever so slowly..

"You know Katii, I really lo-"

Kate stirred in her sleep, her hands reaching out grabbing the air and drool running down her mouth hungrily before bolting up, and looking around frantically. 'Dammit! Another dream! Wait…Oh no, he must have knocked me and mom out… Damn! I at least wanted to go out fighting! What would Benji think if he saw me now?' That thought along with her obviously fictional dream depressed her slightly as she voiced her inner thoughts aloud. "He would be disappointed in me.." Even though it was barely above a whisper, unknown to her, Ben heard it and looked from the TV in her direction. "Oh! You're awake! Finally."

Considering the fact that there was a robber in her house, and she was at his mercy, along with the fact that her dream was about to take a turn for the red light district and give consequences she could do one of three things:

1.) She could Make a run for it. (Classic)

2.) She could try to push him away and run for it (Movie Classic)

3.) OR She could try to beat the living shit… taki mushrooms out of him (The most absolutely stupidest answer that I don't even know why it's on the list at all.) (Mentally challenged resolve)

Raising her fist, she jumped on him before he could do anything, ready to punch his lights out.