The two girls walked and walked, without ever seeing the end…

- I'm done, I can´t stand it anymore, - said one of them, letting herself fall onto the snow, without wanting to know if she was alive or not, at least not anymore.

- We can't stop now Inês! If we stop, we fall, if we fall, we die, and if we die, the world is doomed!

- Then you go on!

- I can't leave you, you know that without you I'm useless!

- You can always pass the message, you dont need me for that!

- I may not need for that, but I need for the rest!

- No... – said Inês weakly, almost losing her senses.

The other girl looked like she would start to cry soon, but instead of letting her fall on the snow, like she would do if she could, if she didn't care, she picked up Inês, carrying her in her back, and continued walking, step by step, really slowly.

The figure that observed them in the shadow of the forest snorted, mad...

It taught that had finally succeed and made them give up and die, but no, they had continue.

"Aff", it taught, "if you want the job done, go do it yourself, or better... Get someone doing it..."

- DemiDevimon – he called – I've got a little job for you...

A fur ball with wings and scars flew to him.

- Say master, say.

- They aren't going to give up. Go to them, and do what you need to do. But remember, they cannot die. Got it?

- Yes master, of course, you're totally right, don't worry!

And it flew to near them…

In the meanwhile, T.K. was trying to set is new idea to tell Kari that he loved her... He didn't knew if she liked him, but he knew she wasn't seeing anyone... But he couldn't think in any way to tell her that he loved her.

But is biggest problema, aside of his lack of courage (hei, he had the crest of Hope, Tai had the one of Courage, and T.K had Hope), was the lack of privacy... With the others 10 DigiDestined and 12 Digimon in only one house, rarely was a moment when he could be alone with Kari... Fortunately, he had reminded of such a brilliant idea, that it couldn't fail. Unless is courage did.

The idea was to take Kari out, on a walk to see the montains, the surrondings...

And it was going well so far. They were far enought that you couldn't see Mimi's huge holiday house, were all of them were, but close enought that you would still see the enormous lake, frozen at that time.

They walked a bit more, and, when they were near the beggining of the forest, T.K. spoke up.

- Haaa, Kari?

- Yes?

- There was a reason that I brought you here, I mean, a reason that I decided to take a walk with you and, well, haaa, what's going of is that haa...

He was starting to stutter...

- Yes, what's going on T.K.?

- Is that, well, I love...


- What is?

- Look!

He turned around, and saw what she was looking for.

Two girls lied on the floor,unconscious.

- Kari, stay with them, see if they are alive, ok, whatever! I'm running to bring Joe.

- Ok...

DemiDevimon was about to leave the forest with a Monochromon when he heard Kari screaming.

- Crap, I go back to bring something to carry them, and they show up! Couldn't them go make out somewhere else?

He had accomplished the first part of the job, and, for what it looked like, to do the second one, he needed something to carry them. When he went back to call that Monochromon, T.K. and Kari had showed up.

- Look at my luck... Now my master is going to kill me... At least I did the first part of what he told me to, so maybe I'll get another chance...

Who was he talking to, no one knows... But he was into the deeps of the forest once again...