Zandermon: well then, this story is in another universe separate from the others, as you may have picked up i intend to write a story for each season [or universe depending on your point of view] of digimon.

Ranamon: and a new story needs new commentators

Tommy: that`s why we`re here

Zandermon: guardian has me angewomon and lady devimon, keepers has me angewomon and terriermon, so this kinda makes sense... to me anyway

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Note: when reading this story please imagine the original Japanese voice actress for ranamon... i didn't like the English dubbed voice. Also, she will not say `sugar` sue me, don't flame me.

Frontier: Spirit evolution [A Prologue]

Digital world: The western quadrant: Unknown time and place

The water rippled in the deep cool water of the pool, it felt fresh and pleasant against her blue-ish skin. Surrounding the large, oblong, pool was an array of stone columns holding up the roof of the oddly shaped, hollow mountain.

Ranamon swam nonchalantly in the slowly moving water, deep in thought. In some small way, she felt… unsatisfied, there had always been a small flutter of dissatisfaction floating about in the corners of her mind. It reminded her, at times, of an insignificant yet impertinently annoying, fly.

Swimming usually served to settle that feeling, but today, again, it nagged at her, and nothing could help her be rid of it.

So when Grumblemon, an infuriating troll with a liking for dirt, decided to throw a petty insult in her direction while on his way to the meeting chamber, her patience was a distant memory. A javelin of water knocked his hat off and clipped him violently around the side of the head.

Grumblemon rubbed his ear, muttering childish curses under his breath. Ranamon clenched her fists and drew a shaking breath calming herself in the water. With a hint of a threat she said "Get out of here groundhog, I'm in a really foul mood"

In all honesty Grumblemon really did have the mental intellect of a groundhog, or at the least a dull teaspoon "threats mean nothing Grumblemon, Grumblemon strong, not lose to frog-lady" he chuckled, a grating unpleasant sound that made you want to stick a finger in your own ear and twist it about for a while.

She grated her teeth, there was not one of her teammates that she liked less than Grumblemon [although Arbormon was a pain in the ass] she did her best to ignore the frog-lady remark and lose herself in the water, she did not succeed, but just as she was about to slaughter the disgusting piece of bile that constantly insulted her he said "By da-way, tin-guy say lord Cherubimon gonna talk to us so be moving you blue-bottom or your gonna get it.

He laughed again, running toward the meeting hall and out of her range. But ranamon was no-longer paying attention to him, the uneasiness had returned ten-fold. She wet her throat with the crystal clear water and stepped out of the pool.

It was time to meet her master.

The warriors of water, steel, wood, and earth assembled before the flat, circular slab of stone in the centre of the hall. Ranamon shivered, a thing that always seemed to bother Lord Cherubimon was absence, if any of his subordinates had turned up late or not at all there would have been hell to pay.

She focused her eyes on the slab, mere seconds later, a shadowy hologram of there lord and master materialised above the slab. "Greetings my loyal servants, today, I have called you here to warn and prepare you, to prepare you for what is to come."

"And what is to come, my master?" Mercurymon asked respectfully "Forgive me, but all has been calm for much time, I do not foresee trouble befalling us anytime in the near future"

"Ah, Mercurymon, how little you know, `she` has been more active in her confinement, hope is still strong in her core, I believe we may expect company in this world… but do not fear, we may soon receive a new comrade in arms"

The thought disturbed ranamon, but she smiled and pretended to be pleased like the others, Cherubimon seemed to notice her lack of sincerity but did not pick up on the detail. As the audience continued Cherubimon received there reports on the territories under his control which was in fact the entire digital dimension.

Nothing seemed to surprise him, and it shouldn't have, none had stood against Cherubimon for centuries. After giving her report on the status of the oceans, ranamon returned to her thoughts, returned to contemplating the dissatisfaction and uneasiness that nagged her mind.

"Damn" she thought "why"

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