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Part one: Goodbye

By Zandermon

A loud cheer tore from the lips of the five children and there digimon as the apocalyptic monster was finely forced back behind the wall of fire. After much time and effort they had won, and nothing else mattered. The blackness in all directions faded and once again they stood on the porch of gennai`s house. The digimon returned to there rookie forms and either celebrated with there partners, began searching for food, or went strait to sleep

Of the five humans and there digimon, two seemed rather less exited. His name was Haruo Hashimoto, though he preferred the nickname `Hash` he was tall and lanky with greasy black hair and eyes to match. It wasn't that he wasn't happy at there supposed victory, quite the contrary... but... he took a sidelong glance at his partner. Tsukaimon, the purple and cream rodent with bat like wings for ear`s and a slightly cruel personality... or rather... it had been only slightly.

He had been much like his human partner in the beginning, but slowly he had seemed to become darker... and darker, without end. It worried hash, and he couldn't shake the feeling that... "Hey! Hash, what`ya doin! We should be celebrating and there you stand like a wet blanket" Hash shook his head and turned his attention to Taro, the leader of there group.

Taro Yamada was about his age with dark blond hair in a spiky style and bright green eyes. Beside him stood his girlfriend Hiroko Suzuki, a small playful girl with strait hair dyed white [although the original colour was beginning to show at the roots after months in the digital world] and blue eyes that where always alive. The girl's partner, a subspecies of Biyomon that was a little smaller than average with white feathers, perched on her shoulder with her head cocked to one side.

Taro`s partner, a blue lizard-like creature called veemon, was already off raiding Gennai`s kitchen. Hash sighed and apologised "Sorry taro, i don't mean to bring anyone down" Hiroko`s little sister, Akiko, barely six years old pocked her finger into his thin, bony legs "You always sad! Humph... you need lighten up" the little girl`s partner, Hawkmon [who was taller that she was] heartily agreed, though he was much more polite about it and apologised for Akiko`s rudeness.

Midori Ogawa watched quietly, she kept her face calm but her hazel eyes showed that she was brimming with excitement, she couldn't wait to get home and show Armadillomon to her parents. She ran her fingers through her short red hair; it was her way of calming down. Midori`s glasses [rather than making her look like ugly betty] gave her face an attractive look. `Which Hash constantly fails to notice` she thought to herself eying the lanky boy with annoyance `what`s his problem`

"Children" gennai`s voice said from the house "I`m afraid it`s time to go home... so..." he sighed "So you must make you goodbyes to your digimon... quickly" the balding man turned and walked back to the house with a sad expression. The bottom fell from all of there hearts and all things good slipped through the hole.

Akiko broke down in tears and almost suffocated her partner with the tightness of her hug. While midori tearfully tried to wake her sleeping partner and Taro went in search of the greedy veemon, hash eyed his partner worriedly "how would he react if i hugged him"

Tsukaimon`s expression hardly changed as he turned his gaze to his long time partner and friend "Goodbye Haruo" Tsukaimon had been the only one who refused to use his nickname "I will miss you" he didn't look as if he even cared.

Nervously, Hash nodded his agreement and risked a smile... it was received with a blank stare. There last few minuets with there partners where, for most of them, extremely special, and would be remembered for the rest of there lives.

All too soon gennai called for them, and expressed his regret at them having to leave. On the inside each of them was hurting, but tried not to show it for the sake of there friends. The weather was in complete contrast to there terrible moods, there was not a single cloud in the sky and the sun shone brightly.

Gennai led them to the back of the house where two large pine trees crossed each other in a giant X formation. In the space between them the air shimmered like the surface of a pond. Occasionally it would flicker like the screen of a television during a storm.

"This is why it was so important for you to come quickly" gennai said to them, gesturing to the air as it gave a particularly large flicker... as if it were dying "This thing is experimental... and its... sort of the first time its worked" he coughed nervously "So you may want to take a running jump"

Always the brave one, Taro went first and Hiroko followed close behind. The shining air swallowed them like the waters of the sea, closing over the head of a drowning man. Akiko went next with a little encouragement from Hawkmon and midori.

When it came to Hash`s turn midori clung to his arm with a half panicked look on her face. With just one last look at his unconcerned partner the boy stepped through the air with his jaw set. The shimmering light slid over his skin like warm comforting fingers, and comforting was what he needed.

Tsukaimon watched without feeling of broken attachments as the other digimon did, if he felt anything it was only a very small sense of... relief? "Thank godramon for Demidevimon gift"

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