Okay well. This is my first time writing these characters let alone writing in the X-men universe. This small one-shot is set around the time the team that Stryker put togeter disbanded, after the mission ine Laggos.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Haha. If I did . This would have been in the movie with all the other slashy undertones.


The mutant rolled his eyes and turned to the man that he was walking away from, "What?"

"You work for me, now I want you to fin-"

"No. Actually, I don't."

Time passed and the hunter he was speaking to began to shift, then he moved to walk off, "I'll make you a deal." Stryker said suddenly, his tone was laced with subtle desperation but it was also reeking of confidence, he was sure that Victor would take it.

"What kind of deal?" He asked, arching a thick brow in curiosity.

"Find me this mutant, and the next . . . . Work with me. Partners." The Colonel paused; Victor knew it was to pull his interest . . . . It was working.

"Yeah? And What do I get in return? Hm?"

"You get what you've wanted all along." Another pause, the mutant suppressed a throaty growl. William made deals, lots of them and if he wasn't breaking them, he had Victor do it for him.


"You get Logan."

That was one deal he'd see to the end.

No matter what