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In the universe there are several and many strange artifacts that have mysterious, indefinite, and infinite powers. Some of which were created by the gods, or rather, the creator of all, the creator of the universe and everything in it. Among some of these artifacts are several impossible powers known as Chaos, embodied into seven small emeralds and one large jewel who would serve as the master of the other seven.

"The serves are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power. Power is enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos."

In simpler words, the seven Chaos Emeralds serve the Master Emerald. The power that these emeralds hold is infinite. This power can be enriched by the heart of the user (be it good or evil). And thus the one that uses this power can unify the power and use it to his/her own advantages.

However this is only one interpretation of many. The simple purpose of these emeralds is anything but uncomplicated. These emeralds are far more intricate for any one creature to truly understand.

The Master Emerald endows as a catalyst for the smaller seven Chaos Emeralds or can completely negate their power, thus making the Master Emerald an indefinite source of energy. This Emerald is probably more powerful than any solar system, any galaxy, any star, any supernova, and will always continue to be for it is indestructible. It is also said, or hinted at by the guardian of the Master Emerald that this jewel can project three-dimensional holographic images within itself, thus it is possible that this emerald is in fact a sentient entity, one that can predict its own future and those around it and in turn challenge and change fate in its favor.

The smaller seven emeralds, known as the Chaos emeralds have their own mystical properties and abilities much in tune to the Master Emerald; these seven emeralds are the servers of Chaos. With all seven of these gems in one's possession they can utilize and harness their awesome powers to transcend into a 'super form' and perform teleportation by warping the reality about themselves and shifting space and time, a power fit for a god. Each emerald is composed of both positive and negative charges thus giving them the ability to levitate in mid-air on their own.

However since the seven small Chaos Emerald are composed of both negative and positive energies it is possible to say that their powers can be used in a fashion of both constructive and destructive ways. If used positively the user shall achieve a 'super form', golden in color. If the negative energies of the Chaos emeralds are drawn upon the user can control Chaos, prefect Chaos; or even achieve a 'dark super form' and act upon their darker wishes. Thus the existence of the Master Emerald is extensile; so that it can be used to counter react the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

The negative energy in the Chaos Emeralds can increase over time with the awakening of something tragic time and time again. With the build of negative energies it can become easier for the user to draw upon the darkness within the jewels, or even give birth to a creature of infinite dark chaos. If such a thing is to happen, someone must draw upon the positive powers of the Chaos Emeralds to obtain a 'super form' and subdue the darkness in order to maintain a balance between chaos and order.

"The Chaos Emeralds were never meant to be used for righteousness. No, something much different."