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/ Chapter Four \\ Harmonious Battle /
Like water does your body move to melodious song that is this battle.

The bright light from the Chaos Control had deposited the crimson streaked noir hedgehog a good distance from Knothole city, which was a good thing for the currently seeking Chaos Emerald hedgehog. He was about 30 miles or so away from Future City, his destination. That distance could be covered in an estimate of 45 minutes if the Ultimate Life Form traveled at a decent pace, a third of that time if he traveled at supersonic speed. Yes, Shadow would travel at supersonic to reach the city. He had to make it there before his competition.

He began at a small jog before he sent chaos energy down to his chaos powered skates and widened his strides, picking up speed dramatically. A grin tugged at the side of his muzzle, it felt so good to run, it was one of the main reasons he never backed down from one of the blue blur's challenges. He felt the tug of the opposing jet stream as he sped into supersonic, light life squawking at the loud boom it had created. Most of that was silenced by the sound of the wind as it tunneled around the hedgehog.

Sure, it was amusing to see the blue blur become agitated when the black hedgehog wouldn't agree right away. However, that did not deny the fact that Shadow did enjoy racing against the blue one. Not only did it allow him the chance to run, letting the earth around him falling into a silent world with only the whistling wind as the only melody, but it also gave him the chance to expanding his skills. It just so happened that his blue rival was somehow able to beat him in his challenges. It surprised the Ultimate Life Form, and left him often wondering if Sonic was indeed the true Ultimate Life Form. Sonic the hedgehog was a normal Mobian hedgehog and yet he could run at speeds of supersonic, endure more than most other Mobians, and save the world on multiple occasions. And yet still the blue one continued to adapt, change, and become more than himself.

The Ultimate Life Form tried to push his thoughts of the blue blur aside and focus on his task, but it seemed every time he tried to push himself life this he enough wondered why it seemed his rival was just one step ahead of him. Sonic was always just a bit faster, but that was it. Shadow was always the strong of the two and more advanced in his skills. Shadow the hedgehog was still the Ultimate Life Form and that's all that mattered.

The sense of another Chaos Emerald stirred the ebony hedgehog out of his thoughts. He let himself slow down, decreasing his speed just enough so he was no longer running at supersonic. He continued with his run as he entered the city, which considering the hour was still busily alive with lights and LED screens. The hedgehog hopped from a few buildings till he stopped to rest on a rather tall one that over looked the bright neon lit city. He sighed lightly and raised his arm and glanced down at the screen. The indicator GUN had given him seemed as though it was not working, he figured it was because of all the interfering radio waves and electric information signals interrupting the small signals from one GUN's satellites.

The fact that he could not rely on GUN's locator made no difference to him. He was a being born to harness and control Chaos Energy, sensing it was an easy task. The dark hedgehog broke into a run again, searching the city for the Chaos Emerald. Unlike most regular Mobian born hedgehogs, or even ones like Sonic the Hedgehog, the artificial life form, Shadow had inhuman endurance and could still continue to do whatever necessary after exerting himself running at supersonic speed.

He jumped from another building, smoothly gliding through the air toward his target land. His crimson eyes flickered in the direction of another hedgehog shaped figure. "Hmph" He twisted his body easily to avoid the incoming punch and landed awkwardly on the building he had been aiming for. He fixed his stance as he prepared for the tin can copy of his blue rival joined him on the roof top. "You never give up do you?"

Metal Sonic came up on the opposite side of the round building landing just on the edge. It seemed as though the dent Shadow had left earlier on the side of his head had been relieved to an extent. It was easy to tell that area of metal was now considerably weaker now, however hitting that spot again would be difficult. His eye computerized eyes glowed hauntingly as he stared down his opponent.

Shadow cocked an eye ridge. This was a first, the robotic copy of the blue blur usually headed in for an attack. However, this time it seemed as though it was planning its attacks out. If that much was so, then the Ultimate Life Form was sure his previous attack patterns would be pointless. A boastful smirk edged at his mouth dangerous. It was planning to have fun tearing this piece of junk part by part. He removed the red Chaos Emerald from his quills holding it tightly in his grasp, eyes never leaving his robotic adversary.

The yellow emerald in Metal Sonic's chest illuminated as the robot rose from the ground using the Chaos Energy to power his rocket booster. He levitated in place for a few moments as he widened his arms and legs, entering a mid-flight offensive stance. Shadow's assumption had been true; Metal has tactfully decided what he would do in this battle based upon the dark hedgehog's past battle tactics. The robot knew Shadow would not make the first move so he started in quickly, moving quicker than expected since he was drawing upon the power of the Chaos Emerald.

The Ultimate Life Form had only enough time to side-step and threw a kick at the mechanical hedgehog's right shoulder. Shadow noted that this only stopped the metal replica from landing the first hit. With timed precision he threw up an arm to guard a punch being thrown at the side of his head. The dark hedgehog jumped back to avoid a 'cheat shot', as Shadow had dubbed it, namely because he most did not notice it. He rolled forward to the balls of his feet to avoid plummeting off the building in the effort of dodging the last attack before he moved to Metal's side and moved to a wider area. Once the red streaked ebony hedgehog moved to better vantage point he dashes in toward Metal Sonic, red light shinning from the emerald in hand. He silently uttered the words as he began bombarding the replica with a flurry of punches and kicks.

The clang of Chaos Skates against the metal body of Metal Sonic was harmonious as the metal copy tried his best to block most of the barrage. The robot's body moved with accuracy, knowing when he where the next punch would be, having he had seen this attack thrice before. He was doing quite well moving his limbs to halt each movement. Shadow's fist made one last impact with Metal's hands, feet planted firmly on the ground to attempt to stop the force of it. He pulled back once it start to force against his hands, caving the metal there slightly. He slid back a few feet, slowly raising his head again to meet the dark hedgehog's fearsome gaze.

Shadow was happy with this fight so far, there was nothing to worry about other than his opponent, and the fact that he was extremely close to gaining another Chaos Emerald. When he had changed positioning on the building he had caught sight of the Chaos Emerald several feet down held within a contraption powering the city at its heart. The best way to do this was to stagger the mechanical hedgehog again and head for it, once the emerald was his he could decimate this trash can with little effort. That's not saying the Ultimate Life Form was confident he couldn't do so without it, he just wanted to show the replica the true power of Chaos before he went offline permanently.

Ruby eyes narrowed on the metal copy of Sonic the Hedgehog, as he tightened his grip on the Chaos Emerald again red Chaos Energy began to seep through his fingers. Chaos skates quickly glided across the ground as Shadow moved in, swinging from side to side. Once he was close enough he raised a hand, in front of the replica. Red light emanated and exploded against the robots forearms.

The metal hedgehog was able to block the chaos burst without much trouble; sliding back a few inches and taking on a few minor breaks in his metallic form. Metal Sonic had been misjudging the dark hedgehog's strength since the beginning of their fights. Even with Robotnik's constant repairs and enhancements, he was slowly breaking down. Metal focused his sensors on the Ultimate Life Form; he was determined to continue until his goal was achieved. When Shadow moved in again to throw a regular punch at him he shifted out of range and countered with a punch of his own.

Metal's fist made contact with Shadow's stomach, and stumbled backwards. He stopped himself and regained footage. He was peeved a bit, and went in throwing at kick at the replica's head; however it made contact a metal claw and was halted.

Metal had the advantage now, or so he thought as his change grip on the hedgehog's ankle and drew him in closer. This caused the darker hedgehog to stumble forward in an awkward position. Metal Sonic did not expect it when the Ultimate Life Form turned this normally perceive inescapable hold into an action of his own.

Shadow pressed his shin against the metallic hedgehog's chest and forced himself away in a back flip of sorts. At the very last second possible, the leg that had original propelled his body into this action connected with Metal's chin, cocking the robot's head back. He landed back on his feet perfectly and moved in twisting his body with deadly speed with a chain of punches and kicks, until he had knocked the robot back a few feet.

The metal hedgehog was slower in reaction time after the kick to his chin. The robot did not expect such a flourishing move, Shadow was a skilled enough fighter to counter a usual thought of losing position. He blocked the first few attacks with a bunch of punches and kicks of his own. Once he made his distance he shift to a different area like Shadow had done earlier to avoid falling off the building. The robot's sensors were spazzing again; the jolt to his head had cause the early damage to go awire again.

The ebony hedgehog noticed the robot's sudden slowness, this was his opportunity. "Chaos Control." He quickly teleported down by the generator at the heart of the city and went for the purple Chaos Emerald seated within the generator. Second Chaos Emerald in hand Shadow turned to face the metal blue hedgehog who had followed him shortly after. "Looks like I beat you to the prize this time." The Chaos Emeralds in each of his hands levitated in the air and began to swirl around the crimson streaked black hedgehog as he stepped forward. A menacing sounding laugh rumbled in the back of the hedgehog's throat before echoing in the large empty generator building. A reddish aura emanated from his body surrounding him like flames, as he enter a heighten state called Chaos Boost.

His ruby eyes glittered dangerously, as he drew upon the increase in Chaos Energy. He raised a hand and pointed a finger at the metal replica. "Chaos" The aura about the dark hedgehog swiftly removed itself from his body in a space just between them before formulating itself into white bars of pure Chaos Energy. "Judgment!" Shadow blared as the bars rained down on the metal hedgehog. When one would miss another would simply strike down until the target was completely destroyed. It was a devastating new Chaos Power Shadow had only just got the hang of, but he was pleased with the results. One thoroughly trashed piece of junk.

The red highlighted noir hedgehog moved over to the metal copy and bent down to pry the yellow gem free from its chest cavity, finally putting it out of commission and offline for good. Shadow valiantly stepped over the metal copy and out into the now darkened city. Shadow didn't seem to mind, the city would not have to find another energy source, and that was none of his concern. He smirked slightly, besides he preferred the city this way, it was much quieter. The ebony hedgehog walked on with no set destination in mind, he would decide once he knew what to do next, or more precisely where the next and last Chaos Emerald was.

Shortly after the Ultimate Life Form's departure Robotnik returned to the scene to retrieve his thoroughly destroyed creation. No matter, he would create another Metal Sonic. And that one would be better than its predecessors. However, the data that the robot had collected on the hedgehog would prove even more so useful in the creation of his next invention. Scraps in hand he returned to work on his next invention.

The squirreled exhaled tiredly as she sat back in her chair, the coffee Bunnie had prepared for her had been ineffective. "So your saying that even with the power of two Chaos Emeralds, the Canon could still completely wipe out one city? But because of the amount of energy that is needed to power the canon, much like that of the Eclipse Canon it can only fire every 3rd hour." They had discussed the details Rotor had found out from hacking into GUN's database, with Nicole's help of course. It seemed the Doctor had created a smaller version of the Space Colony ARK on the moon along with a Canon that was much like the Eclipse Canon.

The portly purple walrus nodded at this statement, as he placed his now empty coffee mug down on the table. The caffeine obviously had more of an effect on him as he was still running at full brain power. "Exactly. The Canon is still dangerous no matter how many Chaos Emerald's Doctor Robotnik has."

Sally blinked sleepily at the walrus, unsure how he could still be awake at this hour. Bunnie and Anton had already gone to sleep while she and Rotor had decided to stay away and discuss Eggman's newest base and weapon of mass destruction. "Then our best plan is to sabotage the canon as soon as possible. Sonic and Shadow would be the best team to take care of that, considering they took care of the Doom Laser a year ago."

The walrus couldn't agree more as he smiled. "We'll tell Sonic in the morning, you look like you could use some sleep too Sally."

The squirrel nodded slightly in agreement. "Good Night Rotor. See you in the morning."