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Important Note: We actually have rehearsed this (As we're going to try and put it on Youtube) so everything either works, we made it work, or is just hilarious in it's not working-ness. So suck it.

Tell Him It's Magic

Tell him it's magic
Tell him that he is a wizard
And I will see him in a magic place
Where hope is always new

Their's was a short time
Their's was a love that never bloomed
Yet in that love there lives
A brand new hope
A calling out for you

Its call is soft and gentle
Tame and fine
It's docile and benign


A magic Dumbledine
What can I say? Our walls greatly adorn
Our ghosts are all forlorn
There is no time to mourn

You're not a muggle-born.

Hagrid (Spoken):
You're not.

Harry (Also Spoke):
"You're not a muggle-born"? What did he mean by that?


You're a wizard Harry.

What do you mean a wizard? Like—A wiz? A wiz at what? And who the Hell is Dumbledine?

Wait! Wait, please. There's more. He said...

Tell all the Dursleys
Tell them to go and fuck themselves
Tell them we'll fight for
What we know is right

The future's rather bright
I see for houses
I see them standing in hand in hand


I see them standing hand in hand
and cheek to cheek and gland to gland
There still is hope, I see it, in this school.

If we-


If we-!


Bring the boy.

Harry: And THAT'S how it happened!

Seamus: Really? I just got a boring old letter!

Ginny: Why does it sound like a dying song?

Ron: Stupid sister! Dumbledore's never gonna die.

Hermione: Even Dumbledore pronounces his name wrong? Honestly!

Fred & George: Told you he'd think it was funny.