Author: Riniko22

Notes: The Characters and Places within this story are not mine, and remain the property of their respected owners. As such, I do not own them, nor am I making any money off them. So sad, honored reader, this very tragic tale of penniless author that fell into the spring of drowned …

Chapter 3

After what felt like the longest most restful sleep that Ranma had ever had he began to slow drift towards wakefulness. He was sure that he had been dying after killing Saffron, had it all been a dream or had he somehow survived and been taken to a hospital. The last thing he vaguely remembered was hearing someone, maybe a doctor, telling someone that that someone's newborn daughter had died. He must have been in a nearby room when he passed out again from the pain and exhaustion, if anyone had had to die why did it have to be some poor woman's baby, why did he survive when all he had wanted was to die with his friends and family.

With these thoughts in his head, Ranma began to dredge himself up slowly from the depths of his slumber. He started by making a mental review of what his body was telling him. He felt weak; it was taking a lot of effort to get his arms and legs to move against the blanket that they seemed to have him wrapped up in. This in itself was strange to him; he expected to be in a lot more pain and could not feel any breaks or major wounds to his body. He could tell that he was in a bed that was obvious, and that he was tightly wrapped, probably to keep him from rolling out. He could also tell that he was in his girl form and only wearing what felt like very thick underwear. Was he wearing a diaper? This got him to thinking, just how long have I been unconscious, have I been laying here for months or maybe years. That would explain his weakness and lack of muscle control he thought. Fearful for the first time in his life, not that he would die, but that he would live out the rest of his life as an invalid he opened his eyes and tried to speak. Oddly or not so oddly with all the other problems he had it seemed like his vision was unfocused and he could only seem to get out an unintelligible garble of sounds.

Hearing movement and the soft sounds of a baby babbling behind her, Nurse Anko turned toward the newest member of her ward. "Well, it seems like someone is finally waking up again Mrs. Saotome? I bet she is hungry again, just like her little brother. Do you think you can handle both of them at the same time or do you want me to get her a bottle?"

"No, that won't be necessary Anko-san; I can take them both at the same time. Just bring Ranko over here while I move Ranma a little and get ready." Ranma heard a slightly familiar voice say, just before a huge shape came into his line of sight reaching towards him. Shocked into silence from all the weirdness, Ranma could only watch as he, or rather she was carefully lifted up and carried a short distance before she was laid down with her cheek against a strangely familiar feeling and smelling fleshly form. Afraid of what she would see, Ranma turned her head towards the sound and being that she could feel, just as her head fully turned her mouth opened fully in shock as she was moved into direct contact with what could not be, a giant breast.

"My, little Ranko is an eager little girl today Mrs. Saotome. I have never seen any baby open up so wide before in my entire professional career," was the last thing Ranma heard before her mind shut down and her body went into automatic.

Somehow, I think Ranma will be out of it for a little bit. However, do not worry she will be coming back soon and starting to put the pieces together, it will just be a question as to what she makes of them.

Still having trouble thinking clearly with my head all stuffed full of cotton, the medicine helps, but I want this cold to go away soon. Hope to be able to work on my other work then, when I can think without blowing my brains out in a massive sneeze.