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The middle section of the T-Ship cut through the clouds high above like they were little pockets of mist and there hadn't been any other traffic in the way of planes or birds for a good hour.

Since he'd made sure beforehand to say goodbye to Batgirl before leaving, Robin only felt that Alfred had deserved the same and he'd contacted him over the ship's radio. But that was several minutes gone by and presently only two colors existed in that very high altitude: the bits of indigo sky and the misty clouds covered all the rest both above and below.

From the cramped seat in back Beast Boy gave an animal-like snore.

"My sentiments exactly," Robin murmured even though he'd be received with no reply.

Sure the deep shade of indigo, the twinkling stars and clouds would be a breathtaking sight to any that had not flown in a jet before but those same things continued to run on a never-ending film strip and the clouds didn't seem inclined to thin out any time soon.

Robin flipped the radio on like he had on his previous trip, not caring to adjust the volume when Beast Boy could sleep through a Level Five tornado and wake up hours later bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

He continued to man the jet while from the back "Beast Boy" really wasn't sleeping at all, just waiting in way unmoving and with such endless patience that it was uncharacteristic of him.

The android had his orders from above but still it would have been far too easy for to unhook his seatbelt, come up from behind the pilot and hook it around his neck. An android's life was nothing but to take down the younger half of the Dynamic Duo was a feat so many villains across the galaxy could only dream of. If Robin couldn't breathe he couldn't fly and the droid glanced to the nearest mountain with the thought of how little a dent in it the explosion of the jet would make.

It would be quite an ironic way to send the boy into the afterlife, thinking his friend had betrayed him, never knowing why.

So easy…

Metal digits disguised beneath green skin itched to do it and they twisted the belt in his palms. He neared Robin with cruel desire in his artificial eyes and the boy never thought to look up from the dials or away from the night skies.

He pulled the belt taut. It could've all been over in one swift movement.

But the android returned the belt to his side. Its AI was a strong force but its programming had been wired to always be stronger and it could never disobey orders. As it was there was one Titan down. It was not cursed with the human fault of impatience and so could pass this opportunity to fell another Titan in favor of tumbling the whole team at once like a stack of cards.

Beast Boy's presence so close behind Robin would be noticed in only a couple seconds the way a person's extrasensory perceptions worked and the android was prepared, making its presence known before Robin could detect that it was really awake.

"Could you change the radio station?" the android asked, putting a sugary sense of innocence into Beast Boy's borrowed voice.


It was well past three in the morning when the jet at last reached the familiar sights of the outer limits of Jump but the city did not welcome them back when all of its dark lumps and bumps of buildings invoked the image of a sleeping giant…a little giant anyway. Jump wasn't the largest city for the teenage superheroes to patrol, not when there were the big names of Metropolis, Central City and Gotham.

The dark buildings were indistinct but recognizable to a resident as the local pizza place or the dance club but no building was as familiar as the T-shaped one that stood alone on a tiny island on the bay.

"Home at last," Robin said as though he'd never thought he'd have missed that tower so much when the alternative had been the academy.

From behind, Beast Boy mimicked his smile and stretched it a little wider. He erased it from his face as soon as they'd landed in the garage and pulled it back into a grimace, like he was still feigning sickness and depression over the missing students on top of it.

"Do you think you can walk okay now?" Robin asked in concern, going straight to his friend instead of the luggage. "It's been a couple hours."

Beast Boy nodded and it was much too easy to fake Robin out with all information he had absorbed about the boy's real friend that had to be half a galaxy away by now. He pretended to be strong, knowing the Titan leader would eat that up, supporting himself on passing objects like a toddler learning to walk.

Robin retrieved the luggage but he still stayed in close range should anything happen.

They'd gotten home at a rather late time of the day and while sleeping hours didn't much matter for Cyborg, who only needed to recharge his battery pack, it wouldn't have been an ideal time to wake the girls when it could wait for morning. The boys retreated to their separate rooms for what was left of the night.

For a while Titan Tower was the same sleeping building as all the rest. The peace spanned for a good two and a half hours but, as though the city itself had only just become aware that its team was back up to full set of five again, the sirens went off for trouble.

Any normal teenager would have been exhausted going on only a couple hours of sleep but Robin was the first one out of his bedroom and into the hall like the fatigue had no claim over him whatever. Two of the Titans soon fell into line behind him.

"Robin, you have returned!" And with a skip in her step, Starfire hovered behind him and pulled him into a hug. He didn't let it slow his pace but still a warm smile came to his face and he let himself be held even in front of one of his guy friends.

"Hey, Star…"

"Aww, man, I gotta go back to being second in command again already?" Cyborg griped, his eyes rolling skyward. "Couldn't you have stopped some mad scientist in some city you passed along the way so Star and I could've had time to make that chili-cheese volcano that-"

"That was going to devour the unfortunate citizens of hot dog whom did not make proper sacrifice to their gods?"

"Yeah, that's the one, Star." His face suddenly turned goofy. "Gotta be some divine retribution if the hot-dog people are all disrespecting the volcano gods like that."

"I don't want to see the den," Robin said in the mere thought of just the few things that Raven had described, how much of a wasteland it had to be at present. "I really don't. Just know that once we get back you two are confined to that room until it's clean enough to eat nachos off the floor."

"Man, you only just got back and you're already barking out orders at us." Cyborg sighed now that the rules of the tower were back to normal. "How about "Nice to see you guys," or "I've got such awesome stories to tell 'bout my mission," or something?" Cyborg looked round when Robin was never the one to ask about stories. "Hey, where's B? He was with you that whole time, wasn't he?"

"He's not in top form right now," responded Robin, leaving it at that at present. "I'm letting him take a break until he is. What about Raven?"

"Whew, girl's wiggin' out something fierce from all that overtime she's been putting in wanting to get away from us and all the fun we were having. Rae's hours have been kinda weird lately so don't know if she's sleeping or what but if she's not responding to the sirens we'd better leave her alone."

"I will agree with Cyborg," Starfire pitched in a little timidly. "I would prefer to remain in good and working condition if at all possible."

Their voices traveled down the halls and Beast Boy listened behind the door as they grew further and further away. When he couldn't hear them anymore he switched on the intercom at the tower's front door to relay that they were gone and that he had free reign of the tower.

He left his room with a swagger in his step, far from the stiff models of early designs.

Metallic tendons pulled away on his forearm to reveal a screen that detailed the layout of the tower and he steered himself away the room he'd heard Starfire exiting from, her room just as useless as the real Beast Boy's. The first point of interest was of course Cyborg's room when the technological warehouse contained many similar blueprints to the android's own. They were similar but superior in several ways and with flashing eyes the droid scanned the print for the Sonic Cannon, committing it to memory.

"That would be a nice little accessory," he commented aloud, flexing his fingers where the cannon could be.

There were too many blueprints, sketches and notebooks to scan in the same way so the android detached a zip drive from one of his tendons and hooked it up to the motherboard. Cyborg's life's work would take hours to download and would most likely fill up more than one drive so the android set it to work and proceeded to Robin's crime lab to do the same to his computer.

He would be back to collect them again before either of them ever knew that they'd been hacked.

Unable of course to feign superpowers, the droid had had to work fast when he would only be granted sick time for so long. He only took care to thread past Raven's room lightly when at any moment her door could slide open.

He heard not a sound from her room, even with his extrasensory radar so much more sensitive to vibrations than a human ear, but the two birds of the Titans operated quietly and that could've meant that they were up to many different things other than sleeping.

Whatever it was she was up to, whether it was reading, sleeping or meditation, Raven felt no need to investigate the slight pair of footsteps that skipped past her door.

Everyone's room save hers was soon rigged with explosives under each of their mattresses. However, when they were all teenagers and their schedules were erratic sometimes with especially late nights, Robin rising much earlier than the others, Cyborg not really requiring sleep at all, it might've taken some doing getting the whole team in one place all at once to detonate the trigger.

There would only be one chance to pull this off so the android detached its full set of bombs and set about the tower planting them in the den, at the base of the tower and anywhere else he could think of that would make the most damage.

While he was at the base he removed and hid the keys to all of the vehicles. That took care of the non-flying Titans at least if they were ever to make it to the garage in one piece. The seeds were sown and his alibi would be set as soon as he returned to his room on the top level where he would remain for the rest of the day, that last day that the tower still remained standing.

When the android was only a fraction of the way up the stairs however its receptors suddenly picked up something that it should not have: a group of voices going off in mild annoyance about how their number was only supposed to be used for emergencies, how Old Mrs. Jenkins's cat getting stuck in a tree didn't qualify no matter how very tall and sinister-looking that tree was.

They'd returned far too early in the game and the android might have broken into a sweat had he had the required glands. He ascended the stairs with more speed than any human had and his feet barely disappeared to the next level before the Titans had gotten far enough into the entryway to spot him.

Though they were sure to have heard the tinkling echo of footsteps on the stairs, the android was out of their sight and it would've been easily assumed to be Raven. Still he knew better than to slow down when Starfire could simply forgo the stairs in eagerness to get back to her beauty sleep.

The droid was only familiar with the Titans through what limited memories he'd absorbed from Beast Boy but he'd managed to call that one on Starfire and she indeed flew past the steps to where her bed called so sweetly in the early morning.

Her voice loomed ever nearer, threatening to expose him for being up and about but Beast Boy's room was only a hallway away and once he passed through that door he'd be safe. It would be as if he'd never gotten up at all.

He rounded the final corner and barely came skidding to an ungraceful stop.

Raven stood alone an arm's length before him as though she was waiting for him. Her figure was small but her presence forced upon him so suddenly seemed to fill the whole of the hallway like a fog and bar his path.

The girl's feathers remained unruffled as she continued her steady pace down the hall and the only tick of expression that surfaced from her pale face was that an eyebrow rose a little higher on her forehead in distaste for him nearly plowing her over the way he had. Those mystic violet eyes pierced into the boy like she was piercing a hole through his body as he collected himself to continue to walk past her but Raven was the tower's expert at all the different variations of glares.

"Good morning," the android peaceably said to combat her glare.

She glared at him a few seconds longer before nodding it off and passing him by with a whish of her cloak. However the second after they passed each other was when Raven turned round like the crack of a whip and struck, blasting him up into the air in an orb of dark energy.

"You're not him," she croaked, rotating the imposter in the air so she could glimpse his lying face.

While most of the android was paralyzed under her control, Raven felt a flash of anger that this imposter dared to look like the spitting image of her friend. She drew her hands back and slammed him into the sliding door of the den and the noise quickly drew the rest of the Titans.

"Rae, what are you doing!?" Cyborg was to the front of the pack at once. "Whatever B did this time it's not bad enough to-!"

"Friend Raven, please do not injure him!"

But Starfire's words to restrain her simply passed straight over Raven's head like a gust of wind. The girl stormed into the den that was a wasteland of clutter and leftovers and she slammed the android into the wall again. "What are you!? Where is he!?"

"Get her off me!" Beast Boy yelled, his feet dangling uselessly. "She's crazy!"

"Raven, stop!" And Robin didn't just order her or try to reason with her like the others who remained tense and unsure. He jumped out and grabbed her wrist, pulled her back when her anger was carrying her off and away from anything else that wasn't that imposter in front of her. "Just calm down! What's going on!?"

"That thing," Raven breathed out slowly, never taking her razor sharp gaze off of her captive, "is not Beast Boy. Its mind is completely different."

There were a chorus of "Whats" from the three of them and suddenly their eyes of scrutiny refocused from Raven to Beast Boy.

"You're not really believing her, are you?" Beast Boy sputtered. "Her head has to be going all wonky from those psychic powers of hers, all those other auras and thoughts from the people in Jump, she can't take it! She's freaking out on me and you're going to take her side!?"

Starfire appeared conflicted. "I do not wish to side between one friend and another. Is there no way to remedy this situation?"

"Of course there is," Cyborg said, stepping forward and pulling up the scanners on his arm. "Rae and I scanned Robin the exact same way when we thought he was working for Slade, only difference is Rae's scanner is permanently switched in the on position."

Once Cyborg switched on his own scanners, waved them over the android's signature and waited for the results, the android knew it would be caught in only seconds.

The Beast Boy imposter hung his head to a side and gave a wistful grin before directing his gaze to Robin.

"You know, Robin," he said in a way darker than the real Beast Boy could ever pull off and as he spoke his lips pulled back further than they ever should in a metallic grin, "you should really pay closer attention to your friends."

Raven had snagged the imposter so rapidly that she had unintentionally missed entrapping a couple of his fingers. That was all he needed to direct a raging spark of electricity from his circuits onto her.

The girl screamed, releasing him and dropping to the floor in pain. Starfire went to her at once when Robin momentarily froze, disbelieving what his eyes were telling him.

The imposter touched down with the grace of an athlete and its metallic appendages unsheathed.

"You had the rookie bots last time," he said with a poisonous grin. "I'm from the expensive line."