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85. Spiral

"You look a might bit nervous, Miss Juliet." The Captain said as he clapped a large, rough hand on her shoulder.

"Well," she cleared her throat and began reassembling her gun, "this is my first bank robbery."

Mal let out a long, low whistle. "You hear that, Zoe?" He called over his shoulder, "We got two newbies on our hands today!"

"Two?" Juliet asked. "Who else is-?"

"River?" Simon asked his sister as he helped her climb up onto the mule skiff they would be flying once they reached Lilac, and their intended target: an Alliance payroll.

"I know." The real psychic replied with her usual simplicity. "We're going for a ride."

Juliet swallowed audibly. Mal didn't remove his hand from her shoulder; in fact, he tightened his grip as he spoke to River. "Hey little one. Understand your part in all this?"

"Do you?" River replied ominously.

"This is what I do, darling." Mal said to both of his new accessories to grand theft. "This is what I do."

Juliet rolled her eyes and rubber her shoulder once Mal finally let go. "This isn't what I do. Did."

"Come to think of it, Miss Juliet, you never did tell me what it was you did for a livin' back on Earth-That-Was."

Juliet strapped on another gun. A big one. "I was a cop." She mumbled.

"I'm sorry?"

"I said I was a cop. Police."

"Hot damn!" Jayne exclaimed. "You was a Fed, Julesie?"

"Jayne, the Alliance didn't exist five hundred years ago." Zoe said dryly.

"Oh. Right." Jayne extended a hand to Juliet and helped her up onto the skiff as well.

"Anyway," Juliet declared. "That doesn't matter anymore. Now, I'm one of you guys."

Jayne put a hand on her knee. "Well, Fed or not, we like havin' you."

"How's it feel to be on a downward spiral?" Zoe asked over her shoulder.

Juliet thought about that for a minute. "Not bad, actually."