Borrowing History

Chapter One

Disclaimer - I do not own any Night at the Museum characters, only the ones that i make up with my own mind. Rated K+ cause i dont know what will happen. Set after the first movie.

Larry arrived at the museum five hours before his shift. McPhee was waiting for him impatiently, tapping his foot in the echoing entrance while Larry walked over to him.

"Your late Mr Daley," he said in his matter of fact way. Larry looked at his watch. He was late by 1 minute. There was no use in arguing with the annoying Englishman, so he simply rolled his eyes and followed him to the store room.

There were boxes covering the whole room. McPhee turned to Larry.

"Right, because of all the cutbacks we have had, we have to hire only one person to unload the new exhibits and they only come once a week. So we have to improvise," he said.

Larry shook his head to show that he didn't understand, and McPhee sighed in exasperation.

"Basically, all I want you to do is unload everything from the boxes and put them o the shelves. Wear gloves, and … yeah," he finished and walked out. Larry ooked around for a moment before calling out to the retreating McPhee.

"Do I get paid for this?" he asked. McPhee turned on the spot.

"Did you not hear the part about cutbacks? If I can't afford to pay someone else to do this, what makes you think I can afford to pay you?" And with that he left.

Larry sighed. "Well at least I tried." He put the first box onto the workbench and began the long task in front of him.

After about to hours into the job, Larry was exhausted. He couldn't remember how many boxes he had unpackaged, and his arms were aching from lifting all the artefacts inside them onto the shelves.

He started to unload another, when he heard a small cough come from inside the box. Thinking it was just his imagination, he went right on unpacking. Another cough came from the very bottom of the box. Larry was really spooked now.

He pulled out all the artefacts and white stuff that they inevitably fill boxes with. Right at the bottom of the box, lying in a clump in the corner was a girl about the same size as the miniatures.

Larry jolted away from the box in shock. When e had fully recovered from his fright, he went over and looked in the box again.

She was lying in a little crumpled heap, her clothes were almost worn through and she looked like she hadn't eaten anything for at least a week. She coughed again and noticed Larry looking at her.

"Could you stop staring for a moment and get something to drink?" she asked with an English accent that was all cracked and croaky.

"What are you?' Larry said instead of doing what he had been asked.

"Could we not have interrogation at this point in time when I've not been in this box for at least a week, without an food or drink and I am therefore starving and – " she stopped coughing to an enormous coughing fit before collapsing into unconsciousness.

Larry teared his eyes away from her and ran into the corridor, almost colliding with McPhee.

"Mr Daley, may I ask where you are going?" he said in his nasally accent. Larry panicked and started blubbering.

"Dr McPhee! I was just going to get a drink. You know, it can get awful hot working in that store room and I have been working for about two hours, you know. Lifting and carrying all the stuff in the boxes, not to mention the boxes themselves, which can be quite – "

"Mr Daley, stop dithering about. I came here to tell that you are allowed to have a break now, but while you are gone I shall be checking on the progress you have made." McPhee tried to make his way to the door, but Larry jumped in front of his way.

"You don't really need to do that, do you Dr McPhee? I mean you know me you can trust me, you don't really need to go and look at my progress."

McPhee looked at him suspiciously.

"On the contrary, Mr Daley. You have just assured me that I have to go and check on what you have been doing." And with that, he walked into the store room.

Larry sighed and slowly followed him.

Ok, so first chapter here, introducing my OC and not much else. You can sorta see where this is going to go.

So yeah, enjoy and even if you don't i'll keep writing.