Larry walked into the foyer of the museum as the sun was setting. Keely was sitting in his shirt pocket, looking out over the top, waiting or something to happen. The sun past beneath the tree line, and very slowly, the museum started showing its first signs of life.

Rexy roared, causing the whole building to shake and Keely to squeal and hide in her pocket. Rexy ran off as all the other exhibits started awakening.

"Hey, Teddy!" called out Larry. Keely saw a tall man with big moustaches and glasses, riding on a white horse. He got off and greeted Larry.

"Lawrence!" he boomed as he grabbed Larry's hand in a firm grip. "A pleasure to see you, as always. And who is your pocket friend?" he asked, noticing Keely's face poking out from her hiding place.

"Oh, Teddy, this is Keely," said Larry, taking Keely out of her pocket and placing her on his hand. Larry had given her one of his old T-shirts, and during the afternoon she had been busy making herself a new outfit. Instead of the tatters she was wearing before, she now had on a red top with long sleeves that went over her hands, and brown overalls.

Teddy looked at her standing in Larry's palm. "Hello, Keely and welcome to the museum. Excuse me for sounding rude, but Larry what is she?"

Before Larry could answer, Keely piped up angrily.

"She doesn't like being referred to in the third person!" She crossed he arms and glared at Teddy. Teddy laughed.

"Well, Lawrence, you've certainly found someone with a lot of fire in her," he said in his usual high spirits. He leant down towards the sulking little figure. "Miss Keely, I am sorry if I have offended you in any way, please accept my apology."

He extended his finger for her to shake. Keely smiled and shook it.

"Now, may I be permitted to show our guest around?" Teddy asked Larry. Larry shrugged.

"Be my guest." Very carefully, Keely was transferred from one hand to the other and Teddy began his tour, while Larry wandered off to do his job.

Keely's eyes grew and grew the more they saw. She had never seen such a big place, filled with so many interesting things. She saw the cavemen, trying to set fire to a soccer ball they stolen from the huns, the lions prowling around the bars of their cage, the Huns looking for the cavemen, and the civil war dudes still fighting.

Teddy was talking all the time, but half the stuff she didn't hear. In fact, almost all of the stuff she didn't hear. Teddy realised after a while that she wasn't listening, and just decided it was better to shut up and let her look, merely pointing out where they were once in a while.

As they were walking down the corridor to Akhmenrah's exhibit, a remote controlled car zoomed out in front of them. Teddy jumped to get out of the way, managing to drop Keely in the process. The car crashed into the side of the corridor.

As Keely was falling through the air, all manner of thoughts went through her head. The most prominent one was Great, first day out of that box and I'm going to die. Unbelievable! However what she didn't was that her fall would be cushioned, by one of the men walking out o the car

Octavius got out of the car, coughing his guts out in the process. Jed walked over to him and kicked him on the shin.

"Ow! What was that for you crazy cowboy?" the Roman screamed.

"That was for crashing the car and almost killing both of us! See, this is why I don't let you drive, you crash into every available surface!"

Jed and Octavius argued for a few more seconds before a big thing fell right on top of Octavius, knocking him onto the floor. Jed looked at Octavius and Keely lying in a crumpled mess on the floor, then up at the sky to see where she had fallen from. All he saw was Teddy looking down at them in a very concerned manner.

"Keely! Octavius! Are you two alright?" he asked.

Octavius tried to get up, but it was rather hard with an unconscious female lying on top of him. He looked desperately at Jed.

"Jed, what's on top of me?" To his surprise, Jed started laughing.

"C'mon, are you that pathetic, it's only a girl!"

Octavius glared at Jed, while he tried to get up again. This time he succeeded by dragging his legs out first. When he was finally standing again, Jed was still laughing. Trying to pull a dignified face, Octavius walked over to him and punched him right on the nose.

"Octavius! What the hell was that for?" Jed yelled, clutching his nose. Octavius kneeled beside Keely and lifted her up.

"That, my friend, was for not helping either me or the girl," he said, walking away from the complaining cowboy. "Come on, Jed. We need to get her some help."

"I would be happy to give you a lift, if you need it," Teddy said, still standing above them. Both men looked up at him.

"Would you? That would be most helpful, thankyou," said a grateful Octavius. He bent down to pick Keely up. Even though she was smaller than him (and that's saying something!) she was heavier than she looked. It took Octavius a while to realise that this was because she wasn't made of plastic.

Teddy lowered his hand, and Jed, Octavius and the unconscious Keely climbed on, and made their way to the hall of miniatures.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the storerooms of the museum, something was awakening...

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