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He tried to resist the commander of his prison. It was useless. The wand absorbed his power and used it to do his commander's bidding.

Vaati hated that.

He despised not having a choice. Here he was, a tool. This was worse then death.

The winds changed directon, he was positive of that.

It was terrible to have to not have control of your power, for your power to be weaker because of a prison.

That dreadful stick was taken out again.

"Wrong direction, master." Vaati spat out within his prison.

Not that the user heard him...

That same melody was played and he heard a soft voice ask gently for the proper direction.

"Oh don't give me that tone, you prick. It's not like I have a choice."

Already he began to feel weaker as it took use of his power. The wind's direction changed.

"Thank you." The same voice from outside, sounded pleased.

"Rot in hell."

The Wind Mage knew he deserved this. Why deny he didn't? What would the purpose be in that? No, no, he didn't regret what he did.

He just wanted out of that damn wand and show his true power. Not to mention, knock some sense into the person who used it all the time.

It was obvious it was a boy, the voice wasn't deep enough to be a teenager or adult. And it was definatly a foolish boy, Vaati was positive of that, for if he weren't foolish he would have realized a dark force from within his wand.

"And he would get his directions right..." He thought aloud.

All Vaati needed was to save up some energy and he'd find a way out. Yes, as soon as this annoying adventure was over he'd finish his plot and show that little brat what he was made of.

"And knowing my luck, it'll be an incarnation of that damn hero."

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