Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Neon's Twisted Abyss! Back from her one-year vacation! Well, actually, I've just been to lazy to post anything. That, and the fact that I have no confidence. And I changed my pen name! Ok, sorry for ranting. Now this collection will just be a bunch of short stories (under 1,000 words) revolving around Zemyx! No likey, no ready, get it? Ok, well enjoy!

"Hey Zexy?"

The Schemer reluctantly glanced up from his latest novel, eyeing the grinning Nocturne with the one eye untouched by his cascade of slate colored hair.

"To what pleasure do I owe this meeting, Number IX?"

"Do you know what today is?" He asked, standing up on the balls of his heels.

Zexion sighed, closing his book with a gentle slam.

"...what day is today, Demyx?"

The Nocturne gasped in excitement, then proceeded to reach into the pocket of his signature coat and pull out a small, thin box.

"Happy Birthday, Zexy!"

Said Organization XIII member raised an eyebrow at the grinning musician, who held out the small box and urged his companion to take it.

"Number IX," Zexion said, with a slight tone of annoyance, "it's not my birthday."

"Oh, I know Zexy, but Xemnas never really gave us real birthdays," said Demyx with a sad expression, "and when I was on a mission in Twilight Town I saw a birthday party... so I decided to pick out one for everyone!"

Zexion sighed, his eyes resting on the small box still clutched in Demyx's hand.

"I'm assuming that's for me?"

"Well, duh, silly! Of course!" He pushed the box into Zexion's hand, and took a large (and to Zexion, quite suspicious) step towards the door.

The Schemer eyed the box with uncertainty, but still proceeded to tear off the wrapping paper and gently remove the cover.

"Demyx...where did you...?"

But the cheerful Nobody was already gone, prancing down the many halls of the castle.

Zexion glanced down to the gift once again; what lied in the box was quite special indeed; a handcrafted charm bracelet bearing one half of a heart, brilliantly sparkling under the dim lights of the library.

The quiet Nobody removed the bracelet from the box as if it would shatter in an instant, then carefully fastened it around his right wrist with a soft click.

As the charm's diamond-like surface shone in the dim lights, the Schemer's lips curved ever so slightly into a small smile, and he gently cupped the charm in his palm, silently thanking his musical companion.

With his back resting casually against the library's door, Demyx smiled softly, gently rolling up his left sleeve to reveal a bracelet nearly identical to Zexion's, the only exception being that his included the left side of the heart charm, unbeknownst to the Schemer.

He fingered the small charm, gazing softly back into the library.

"Happy birthday, Zexion."

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