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There were many things Zexion hated. Talkative people? Definitely on the list. Peppy atmospheres? That was a big one. Of course, neither of those could even compare to how ticked off the Nobody got when someone interrupted him during his reading period. And none of those could even come close to how much displeasure a certain food caused Zexion. Candy, specifically.

He absolutely hated it.

The thought of all that sugar and junk rotting away on his teeth day and night was enough to keep the Schemer away from anything sweet, sour, or packaged in a bright wrapper for his entire non-existent life.

So when Demyx can home from a "mission" one night with a bag overflowing with the stuff, his blue-haired companion was not exactly pleased.

"Hi-ya Zexy!" The bubbly musician yelled out to his fellow Nobody, slamming the large door shut tightly before swinging the bag over his shoulder and striding over to the couch where Zexion was currently seated.

The quiet Nobody could only stare as Demyx sat down next to him and dumped the contents of the bag onto the glass table in front of the two.

"...where did you get all of that... junk?"

Demyx, innocently as he could, turned his head towards Zexion and pointed at the large heap of sweets on the table.

"You mean the candy?"

"No, the couch. It's a lovely shade of white, wherever did you get it?" Zexion smugly thought to himself, rolling his eyes at the Nocturne's intentionally obvious question.

"Oh, well... it's this tradition that some of the other worlds celebrate once a year. It's called Halloween. Everyone dresses up in scary costumes and then they get to go around getting free candy from houses! It's so much fun!"

Zexion sighed and rested his head on his arm, once again using his vast intelligence to his advantage.

"Yes, Demyx, I am well aware of the humans' celebration of what they call Halloween. Might I remind you that I have been assigned missions in Halloween Town?"

"Oh," said the musician, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, "sorry, Zexy, I forgot about that. Guess I should've asked you first, huh?"

The Schemer just sighed once again as Demyx began to dig through the large pile, the many assorted wrappers rustling against each other, causing Zexion's visible eye to twitch in annoyance.

"Must you make so much noise, Number IX?"

"Yes, Number VI," replied Demyx, mocking Zexion's serious tone of voice, "it's kinda impossible not to with all of these wrappers."

Demyx's eyes suddenly lit up, and he smiled towards his companion, the energy practically emanating from his entire being.

"Hey, Zexy," he proceeded to ask, "what's your favorite type of candy?"

The combination of the Nocturne's innocent smile and the energetic room almost caused Zexion to lie and say lollipops, or something, just to satisfy Demyx's curiosity.

Almost. But not quite.

"Frankly, Demyx, I despise any type of sugary substance, and that most definitely includes candy."

The musician could only stare at the Schemer, until he finally closed his gaping mouth, only to open it right back up again and shout back a shocked reply.

"Seriously? I knew you were kind of a downer Zexy, but a candy hater? That's like, really depressing. And I mean, really, really, really, depressing."

"Demyx, the thought of all that sugar rotting away your insides does not disgust you at all?"

The Nocturne dug through the pile and proceeded to unwrap a blue lollipop and stuck it in his mouth.

"Hmm, nope. Not at all."

The mischievous part of Demyx's brain began to kick into gear, and he looked at Zexion with a look of determination in his eyes.

"Don't worry, Zexy," the Schemer then raised an eyebrow at the Nocturne's sudden cheerfulness, "I'm sure there's at least one type of candy out there that you like. We'll just have to find it!"

He then began to rapidly throw out random types of candy at the Schemer, still seated on the couch.

"Demyx," said Zexion, just barely avoiding the wrath of a spinning Ring Pop flying towards his head, "what are we going to achieve from this?"

Demyx came and sat next to him once again, his arms full of candies of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

"Well, I'm going to prove to you that you do like sweets, and even if it takes a really long time, so be it! I shall never give up!" Demyx replied in a dramatic voice, raising his hand to emphasize his point.

"Oh," retorted the Schemer, "how lovely. And what makes you think that I'll play the role of the willing participant?"

"Okay Zexy," said the Nocturne, ignoring the Schemer's question, "try this first."

Several painstaking hours later; the Schemer's taste buds on the verge of dying, Demyx was almost ready to call it quits.

Everything he had tried to give Zexion ended up being called either "disgustingly sweet," or a "junk load of sugar."

But Demyx still had one more trick hidden up his sleeve.

"Alright, Zexy. You've rejected, like, a ton of my favorite candies, but I'm sure that this one you'll like."

Demyx pulled a strange package from the very bottom of the pillowcase he had originally filled, and ripped the top off before shaking the contents, which sounded very sugary, in Zexion's opinion.

Zexion eyed the strange bag in Demyx's hand; black with the words "Pop Rocks" written on the front in green.

The Nocturne opened Zexion's hand and tilted the bag until the contents poured out; small, crunchy looking pink flakes that seemed suspicious to the Schemer.

"Why are they called-"

"Don't talk. Just try them."

Zexion looked at the musician directly in his eyes.

"This is the last thing I am trying tonight, Demyx, understand?"

"Yeah, yeah, just try them."

Zexion sighed and reluctantly brought his hand to his lips and poured some of the strange flakes into his mouth.

"... so?" Demyx asked curiously, "what do you think?"

The Schemer waited for the horribly familiar sweetness to assault his taste buds, but this time, a new flavor unknown to the intelligent Nobody washed over his mouth.

Demyx gasped, "Zexy... you didn't freak out like when you tried the other stuff! Does that mean you like it?"

Zexion without a doubt, still despised sweets. This new flavor however, he actually quite liked.

"Demyx," he managed to say, enjoying the bubbly fizzing and popping in his mouth, "this isn't sweet, what is it?"

Demyx gasped once again, "Ah-ha! I knew I could find something you liked, Zexy! And what do you know, it's the only non sweet thing you've tried so far. I guess you're more of a sour person, huh?"

Sour, eh? Zexion had never heard of the word, since his culinary and food skills were not that great, considering the fact that Nobodies technically didn't have to eat to survive.

"Well," said Demyx, exhaling a relieved sigh, "my work here is done."

He rose from the couch, gathering up the contents of his bag and heading towards the stairs.

"'Night, Zexy."

"Wait, Demyx," called out the Schemer.

"Hmm? Yeah Zexy?"

Zexion for once froze up, until he remembered his small question.

"Next year... can I come with you? For Halloween, I mean?"

The Nocturne was quite surprised at the quiet Nobody's question, but wholeheartedly flashed a big smile at him and shouted back at the smirking Schemer.

"You bet! And next year, we can even wear our own costumes!"

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